Real Madrid vs Liverpool Prediction | C1 Cup | 04/06

Real Madrid vs Liverpool prediction – The opponent that Real Madrid faces in the quarterfinals is the Liverpool club. These two teams have a lot of debt in recent years. Therefore, no one wants to accept defeat in the first leg.

Real Madrid vs Liverpool Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00 pm on 04/06/2021
  • Event: UEFA Champions League
  • Stage: Quarter-finals
  • Location: Estadio Alfredo di Stefano


Real Madrid vs Liverpool Prediction




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Up to the recent 5 home matches, Real Madrid has brought stable results. Specifically, the number of victories that Real Madrid earned is 4, accounting for 80%. Notably, 1 is the number of draws that they have to receive.

Also in the last 5 away matches, Liverpool also has stable performance. The specific result of Liverpool is to get themselves 4 wins. In addition, this team only lost 1 time.

The Asian handicap set for the next match is 0: 1/4. The home team Real Madrid is more appreciated than the opponent, accepting Liverpool 0.25 goals. Players bet for Real Madrid to win when the home team has a final victory in the next match. Real Madrid’s win rate 1.8. For Liverpool, this number is 2.08.

Real Madrid vs Liverpool prediction: Real Madrid 0 : 1/4 FT.

Real Madrid vs Liverpool Prediction


Considering the last 5 home matches of Real Madrid: 10 is the number of goals that this team has scored. So Real Madrid’s attackers can play as expected when there are 2 goals/game. In terms of defense, 3 is the number of goals that Real Madrid has received. Calculate the handicap 2.5, 60% of the match wins Under.

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Considering Liverpool’s last 5 away matches: Liverpool has a worse attack than their opponent with 9 goals. The corresponding achievement performance is 1.8 goals/game. However, it should be noted that this team only lost 0.8 goals/game. With the handicap of 2.5, 60% of the matches won Under.

The odds of Over/Under that the house gives for the upcoming match is 2.5. Players who bet on Under will win when this match has at most 2 goals. Over will win at the rate of 1.81. In contrast, Under does at 2.01.

Select: Under 2.5 FT.


Real Madrid is a team that owns better results than the opponent in the last 5 encounters. This team has earned themselves 3 victories and lost 2 times. This result accounts for a 60% win rate. No match ended in a draw. The last time they met, Real Madrid won 3-1.

The odds that the European bookie sets for this match is 2.4 * 3.45 * 2.8. The above three odds will correspond to Real Madrid’s win, draw and loss.

Select: Real Madrid FT

Real Madrid vs Liverpool Prediction


According to experts, Liverpool has had a stable mentality in recent times. However, playing away, the first half is likely to have a negative result for Liverpool.

With the results of the whole game, experts believe in a victory for Real Madrid. The home team can win the final 1-0.

Real Madrid vs Liverpool prediction: Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool.


Real Madrid: Carvajal, Mendy, Courtois, Ramos, Kroos, Junior Vinicius, Rodrygo, Modric, Varane, Odegaard, Benzema.

Liverpool: Alexander-Arnold, Alisson, Phillips, Fabinho, Robertson, Jones, Henderson, Milner, Firmino, Salah, Mane

The above is information about the prediction of Real Madrid vs Liverpool in the match of the Quarter-finals round of UEFA Champions League on 04/06/2021 of CMD368 bookmaker.

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