Rennes vs Metz Prediction | 2020/12/23 | Ligue 1

Metz, in round 17 will be a very good opportunity for them to continue their momentum with 1 victory. Let’s follow Rennes vs Metz Prediction.

Welcoming the opponent who was not in good shape last time, Lazio in round 14, can they win to continue to maintain the current No. 1 position.

Rennes vs Metz Prediction


  • Match date: 6:00 pm on Wednesday 23rd December 2020
  • Event: Ligue 1
  • Stage: Matchday 17th
  • Location: Roazhon Park


Rennes vs Metz Prediction:

Asian handicap Rennes vs Metz Prediction:

Handicap Odds: 0.75

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  • Rennes vs Metz handicap for the whole match: -1.88 / 0.75 / 1.95
  • Rennes vs Metz handicap in the first half: -1.83 / 0.25 / 1.96

Rennes is still determined to continue chasing the top 5 on the rankings after a series of poor matches. While Metz is also working very hard to rise to the top half of the rankings.

After going through a series of very poor matches at the end of November, at the beginning of December, Rennes gradually regained their form with 2 consecutive victories. Thanks to these 2 victories, they have now risen to 6th place on the standings when they have 25 points and are only 1 point away from the top 5 with a distance of 1 point.

On the opposite side, Metz’s performance over the past time is also relatively bad with only 1 victory and 2 defeats in the last 5 matches. With 20 points obtained after 15 rounds, they are currently ranked 12th on the rankings.

In the next match, Rennes  Team is considered the superior team when handicapping the other team.  

→ From the odds by CMD368 bookmaker, the best pick:  Rennes –

Over Under  

Odds: 2.25

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The ability to keep a clean sheet is not a problem against Metz, the last 2 games only conceding once gives peace of mind in defense. However, the performance of 1.3 goals per home game is still quite modest. Light and paced wins were the target for Rennes’ next game.

Metz only lost 2/8 away matches to PSG and Lille, even they just triumphed on the Montpellier Stadium. However, it is undeniable that the poor gameplay in public goods, the reason why they are ranked 12th on the rankings. As a pragmatic team, Metz’s defense is very solid in their journeys, conceding 8 matches exactly 7 times. 

Rennes’ pragmatism often involves strategic battles. In fact, the last 9/10 times the two teams met did not have more than 2 goals. Public goods are not appreciated, making the choice of talent become adventurous. 

Therefore, our expert believes that Under will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Prediction:  Under

Rennes vs Metz Prediction

Final Scores: Rennes vs Metz Prediction 

There is no lack of deliberation and caution from both teams. With Rennes’ pragmatism, it is difficult to expect an open game. Careful entry and a turning point in the second half is the scenario experts commented.

→ Our prediction of the match result Rennes vs Metz:

  • Rennes 1 – 0 Metz  (1st Half).
  • Rennes 2 – 0 Metz (Full Time)

1×2 Odds Betting

  • Odds from CMD368: 1.64 * 4.95 * 3.80
  • Select: Rennes to win (Full Time)

Rennes are dominating when they meet Metz in the domestic league when they have 2 wins and have to lose 1 defeat in the last 5 times the two teams meet. Currently, while Rennes is slowly regaining its form with 2 consecutive victories, Metz has just ended his winless series in the last 15. With his home advantage, it can be said that, despite the difficulties, Rennes will have what he wants is to win this match.

The European Odds from CMD368 shows 1.64 * 4.95 * 3.80. The above rate corresponds to the results of winning and losing Rennes.

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