Reveal experience football betting prediction online at the betting sites!

Football is the current king sport with the attention of a large number of fans all over the world. With each attractive football match, players often participate in predicting the score at reputable bookmakers to increase the drama when watching the match. Therefore, the experience of betting prediction the following ratio will help players greatly in increasing the chances of winning.

Reveal experience football betting prediction online at the betting sites

1. Refer to reputable football betting pages

In addition to self-research and betting prediction analysis, you can refer to the comments of experts, betting players on prestigious football betting forums or pages. These are articles that share their views on the game, although you can not apply 100% to your play, but you will certainly learn a lot of experience and good matchmaking skills from them.

There are many reputable newspaper websites, websites and forums that have a lot of expertise in making predictions; sharing experience rafter. So update these pages to improve your football score prediction level.

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The reputation of the house Cmd368 has spread beyond the continent and spread around the world. As one of the veteran houses, it has made a good reputation during the years of operation.

CMD368 is becoming a name that many gamblers have chosen in recent years. This online betting channel has gradually asserted itself in the market thanks to the technology and attractive promotional campaigns. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you will be attracted to this house the first time you visit.

The advantages of CMD368:

  • Licensed and guaranteed by the Philippine government
  • Diverse types of entertainment betting games such as eSports, sports betting, casino, poker, lottery, etc.
  • Simple, fast and time saving/withdrawing money
  • Can be used on phones via website or app
  • Many attractive promotions
  • 24-hour support staff

2. Find lots of information related to the match.

In order to predict the correct betting prediction score, you definitely need to understand the two teams, the more accurate information you collect the better for you. It contains important information such as:

  • Confrontation history of the two teams
  • Recent performances, how the nature of the match, the injury situation of the pillar players.
  • Team play, coach tactics 
  • Current performance
  • How is the information on the media
Invest time and investigation to have the desire results
Invest time and investigation to have the desire results

3. Learn about football betting odds

Football betting odds are the numbers that the house gives to players to predict the outcome of the match. The process of players participating in predicting the score before the match takes place is called football matchmaking.

There are many different football markets for players to choose from the house such as handicap betting; European truss; talent fainting; vibrating bets; corner bets.

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These betting rates will be updated continuously by the house, from the time the match takes place to the ongoing time. To be able to predict accurately, players need to understand the odds of football betting and then have a logical betting prediction.

4. Analysis of the house deal table

The house is the place where many experts focus with a strong team; Regularly update the rafters from many accurate sources of information; so the players understand and analyze the dealer table is the advantage to win.

5. Choose a match

The choice of the match is also important in letting players for the sake of betting prediction score. Not all matches are available for betting; Absolutely should not be greedy playing all games; even the ones that I didn’t know much about.

A wise gambler should only choose matches with his favorite team; because that’s the match the player knows best. Information that must be captured and understood as a player; coach; offensive ways; Game experience. These will help you make a better betting prediction.

There are many cases when the time to start the game, the dealer changes the contract. Therefore, players should update regularly to avoid false predictions.  Also need to access the link to the fastest CMD368 to be able to update the contract more accurately.

6. Select the betting type to bet

The dealer provides a lot of betting types to choose from; plus running contracts, the number of contracts that can participate is very large. Obviously, players can not understand and play well all types of betting; so selecting the rafter that I know best to play will increase the player’s chances of betting prediction winning.

If you are new to football betting, start with the team to the handicap 1 handicap to minimize the risk of losing bets.

1- Handicap

Handicap betting is the most popular type of betting on football. This type of rafters made the brand of CMD368 because the odds are high compared to the market. At CMD368, handicaps are divided into 4 types:

  • European handicap
  • Handicap Indo
  • Asian Handicap (Malaysia)
  • Hong Kong handicap

In which the Asian handicap rate is the most popular in Vietnam. Because only 2 doors should eat 50/50 probability. However, you can raise the percentage by winning the match before placing a bet. 

2- Over/Under 

The most popular O/U match is based on the total number of goals in the first half or the whole match to determine the winner. You can completely rely on experience, knowledge about football to predict the total number of goals. Types of O/U possible in a match:

  • Handicap goals (1st half, all match)
  • The referee O/U a yellow card
  • Overshoot penalty corner (1st half, all match)
  • Throw-in (this type of contract is usually only available in big matches)

A few small experiences when playing O/U  at CMD368:

  • Limiting the playing ability to fainting goals in matches between the two big teams, because the score is difficult to predict.
  • The handicap of a corner and throw a throw-in can be used in the play of the teams to predict. For example, a team playing a head-on or ball-on-ball deployment has a greater number of corners and throws
  • You should learn the method of rafting when betting this kind of bet.
Odds and Betting Types for Basketball
Odds and Betting Types for Basketball

3- Odds 1 × 2

Odds 1X2 is a popular bet type in Europe, the bet is very simple, the odds are high, so the bet is very popular. You can bet on the winning team, home team wins or draw match. You can bet the following:

1. Betting Home Winners


2. Bets on Away Winners

  • For example: match: ENGLISH: Chelsea – M.U
  • 1X2 of the dealer CMD368 is 2.10 3.10 3.75,
  • If the wager on (1) the $ 100 bet the house will pay 100 $ x 2.10 = 210 if the Chelsea wins, if the guest of (X) the $ 100 bet the house will pay 100 $ x 3.10 = 310 $ if both teams draw, if the customer bet on (2) the amount of $ 100 then the house will pay $ 100 x 3.75 = 375 $ if MU wins.

7. Gather as much information as possible

The updated information around the match; will help players have more basis in making betting prediction of match results; like the recent performance of two teams; confrontation history; team rankings; main striker; away situation.

Investigate thoroughly
Investigate thoroughly


Football betting prediction is one of the methods to help players betting on football betting to win. Therefore, more and more methods of rafters are widely shared to join the football betting system. Even, many experienced gamblers have concluded the formula to have  alogic betting prediction – the betting bet always wins for players.

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