Romania U23 vs New Zealand U23 Prediction – Olympic 2020 – 07/28

Romania U23 vs New Zealand U23 prediction on July 28, 2021. Romania U23 will face New Zealand U23 in the final match of the group stage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic men’s football, their goal is to win to be able to almost secure a ticket to the next round.

Romania U23 Overview

Romania U23 could not continue to make a surprise in the second round of the group stage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic men’s football when it was defeated 0-4 by Korea U23. Although this loss has not made Romania U23 lose the right to self-determination in competing for the next ticket, things will obviously be more difficult for them in the context that the opportunity is being divided equally among all opponents.

New Zealand U23 Overview

New Zealand U23 unexpectedly won against U23 Korea in the opening match. They were still able to maintain their prosperity for most of the time against Honduras U23 and even continuously took the lead twice. However, the lack of concentration made New Zealand U23 experience a traumatic recovery and could not bring back any points after the match ended. The last loss will definitely make New Zealand U23 play more carefully to preserve the net.

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Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Romania U23 vs New Zealand U23 prediction

Romania U23 can be said to be bad in the 0-4 defeat against Korea U23, weak spirit, and a red card because of a cold error. Both matches have passed, they are inferior in terms of the game and quite monotonous in gameplay. 

In the opposite direction, New Zealand U23 showed a clear identity, excellently overtaking South Korea and leading Honduras for most of the game. New Zealand U23 is also very fond of the counter-attack, the danger is shown by 3 goals after 2 matches. It is not surprising if they continue to punish the mistake of Romania U23 and bring back 3 valuable points.

Romania U23 vs New Zealand U23 Prediction: Choose New Zealand U23 +0.5

European Bet

European odds highly appreciate the chance of Romania to win. However, with the recent performance of the two teams, New Zealand shows that they are the team that deserves to be trusted. Romania is very easy to continue to receive bitter fruit before the opponent’s counterattack.

Choose New Zealand U23 (FT)

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Over/Under Bet – Romania U23 vs New Zealand U23 prediction

New Zealand also got 3 points from the victory against Korea. Although they just lost 2-3 against Honduras, the representative of Oceania played very well and took the lead until 78 minutes. Speed ​​counter-attacking style, 3 goals after 2 matches showed the effectiveness of the team’s strikers. 

However, the limitations of New Zealand were revealed in the recent defeat, the defense lacked concentration in the decisive moment. New Zealand will do everything to win all 3 points, but the ability to keep a clean sheet is not appreciated.

Romania U23 vs New Zealand U23 Prediction: Choose Over 2.25


Romania U23: Aioani, Ciobanu, Stefan, Ghita, Pascanu, Ratiu, Marin, Dulca, Gheorghe, Dobre, Ganea.

New Zealand U23: Woud, Lewis, Just, Ingham, Pijnaker, Reid, Cacace, Stensness, Bell, McCowatt, Wood.