Round Robin Betting Role in Sports Betting?

On the off chance that you need the gigantic payouts of parlays (yet are loath to their inalienable hazard), building a Round Robin bet is a savvy move. When Round Robin bet is incorporated with a wagering procedure, you can accomplish the greatest ROI with an insignificant hazard.

Round Robin bet

What is Round Robin Bet?

A Round Robin bet is a simple method to bet numerous parlays with a single wager. They make it simple for bettors to put parlays that comprise of 3-8 lines and 2-6 groups.

Bettors can cover their bases and bet every single imaginable blend by utilizing a Round Robin bet numerous parlays on the double.

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The drawback to these bets is that card sharks wager such a large number of legs or utilize an excessive number of determinations in their parlay blends. You can discover Round Robin bet at pretty much every online sportsbook, however, they’re not frequently utilized by most game players. 

Round Robin Parlays 

In the event that there are various wagering lines (Moneyline wagers, spread wagers, total wager, and so on.), you have two choices: 

  1. Build a single, enormous parlay that inseparably integrates the result all things considered. 
  1. Develop various littler parlays to incorporate every single imaginable blend of occasions. 

Choice 1 portrayed above is a customary parlay, while Option 2 is a Round Robineffort. 

You’ll have to incorporate at any rate three parlays in your Round Robin bet, however in fact, there is no most extreme. Everything relies upon the blends you need to wager on, and the size of the parlays you wish to make. 

Round Robin bet will influence your payout, however it additionally expands your odds of achievement. 

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Here is a case of how Round Robin bet parlays functions utilizing NFL wagering lines. Let’s assume we needed to wager a Round Robineffort with the three choices underneath: 

  • Pittsburgh Steelers – 3(- 110) 
  • Dallas Cowboys +3.5(- 110) 
  • Detroit Lions +7(- 110) 

Rather than parlaying every one of the three groups in a 3-group parlay, which would offer more terrible odds than singular 2-group parlays, we can make every single imaginable mix of 2-group parlays utilizing a Round Robin bet


  • Pittsburgh Steelers – 3(- 110) 
  • Dallas Cowboys +3.5(- 110) 


  • Pittsburgh Steelers – 3(- 110) 
  • Detroit Lions +7(- 110) 


  • Detroit Lions +7(- 110) 
  • Dallas Cowboys +3.5(- 110) 

Parlay odds don’t change when utilizing a Round Robineffort. 2-group parlays with each side recorded at – 110, the odds will be +264 or around that number, which is the standard odds for most online sportsbooks. It’s imperative to take note of that Round Robineffort won’t appear on wager slips as Round Robin bet. Rather, they will appear as individual parlays. 

How to Construct a Round Robin Bet

Round Robin bet expect you to make in any event three separate parlays within any event three distinct lines. This can be a touch befuddling, so we should separate a model. 

Suppose you truly like the accompanying three lines: 

  • Brooklyn Nets +7.5 (- 110) 
  • Dallas Cowboys – 3.5 (- 110) 
  • New York Rangers +1.5 (- 110) 

On the off chance that you were going to develop one normal parlay, you’d need every one of the three of these groups to cover the spread. 

Round Robin bet permits you to make a security strategy – you stay beneficial regardless of whether one leg of the parlay comes up short. Rather than making a parlay where each of the three occasions would should be effective to get a payout, you’d build three diverse two-group parlays.

Round Robin bet

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Three options like this: 

  • In the event that the New York Rangers don’t cover the spread, your parlay including the Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Cowboys (#1) will at present be effective. 
  • In the event that lone Nets neglected to cover the spread, parlay #2 (including just the Cowboys and the Rangers) would be a champ. 
  • On the off chance that the Cowboys neglect to cover the spread and both different occasions succeed, your parlay (#3) with the Nets and Rangers would net you some money. 
  • In round robin, each parlay you build is its own, free occasion. Obviously, it’s feasible for all the parlays inside your Round Robin bet to succeed. In the event that this occurs, you’ll get a much greater payout!

How is Round Robin Bet Payouts Like?

Round Robin bet

A standard two-group parlay with the two groups recorded at (- 110), would pay out at +260. Note: A +260 payout for a two-group parlay at standard – 110 odds is standard over all the online sportsbooks we survey. 

Suppose that you bet $5 on every one of the three parlays. On the off chance that everything goes in a perfect world and each of the three groups secured, you win $39 in unadulterated benefit and get each of the three $5 stakes back. If you somehow managed to bet $15, you’d leave away with $54. 

In the event that one occasion in our Round Robinoccasion fizzled, we’d in any case win $13 and recover our $5 stake. One fruitful parlay would return us $18, including our $5 stake. 

You despite everything earn back the original investment with a Round Robin bet, regardless of whether one leg comes up short. Obviously, if two groups don’t cover, you will lose each parlay in your Round Robin bet

State that you wager the equivalent $15 and made a single three-group parlay that highlighted the Nets, Rangers, and Cowboys covering the spread. In the event that it was fruitful, we’d win $90. Notwithstanding, if an individual leg of our parlay fizzled, we’d lose our whole wagered. 

In the event that you need a portion of the remunerating payouts that a parlay offers yet need some additional security, Round Robin bet is a wagering methodology to consider.

“Number of Ways” Option in Action

State the four lines you chose were all moneyline wagers on NFL Sunday Football. You picked the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Seattle Seahawks to dominate their matches. 

In the event that you needed to develop a two-occasion parlay, the six mixes would look as follows: 

  1. Dallas, New York 
  1. Dallas, Philadelphia 
  1. Dallas, Seattle 
  1. New York, Philadelphia 
  1. New York, Seattle 
  1. Seattle, Philadelphia 

On the off chance that you needed to develop a three-occasion parlay with the four distinctive money lines, it would look as follows: 

  1. Dallas, New York, Philadelphia 
  1. Dallas, New York, Seattle 
  1. Philadelphia, New York, Seattle
  1. Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia

Round RobinBetting Strategy 

Round Robin effort is infrequently used by bettors, and to be perfectly honest, they’re not given enough ink. They’re effectively the quickest method to wager various parlays with various key choices. In the event that there are worries about a line being moved, there is no quicker method to wager various parlays at that point utilizing a Round Robin effort.

In any case, how about we not overlook that despite the fact that we can pick between any quantities of parlays with any number of groups, that is not the ideal method to use these bets. The following are two incredible techniques while wagering on a Round Robin. 


Staying with 2-group parlays and not wagering parlays with a high number of groups is the best approach. You can achieve this by: Choose your wagers for your Round Robin bet from the sportsbook lines. Regardless of whether you’re wagering various parlays, stick to two-group parlays to diminish the sportsbook’s preferred position. 


Parlay procedure doesn’t change when wagering Round Robin effort. These bets are best used to consider every contingency with straight bets that bettors feel unequivocally about and need to parlay together.

Search for productive or +EV bets that wager the market to remember for your parlays. Put down your Round Robin bet, yet stick to parlays of 2-3 groups for each parlay and don’t go any higher. Keep in mind, stick to 2-group parlays and as usual, line search for the best odds. 


Since Round Robin bet are parlays – they can likewise be utilized for clearing rewards. Parlays are a superb method to clear rewards, particularly when the reward is as freeplay, since it doesn’t work a similar path as a money reward.

Round Robin bet is basically equivalent to clearing a reward utilizing parlays. All things considered, stick to 2 or 3 group parlays to keep the sportsbook’s edge lower when clearing rewards with Round Robin bet.