San Marino vs England Prediction | WC 2022 Qualif. UEFA | 11/15

San Marino vs England prediction: San Marino and England will face each other early next week in the final round of World Cup qualifying. The Three Lions quickly proved their level as a name with a bright opportunity to win a ticket to the next round of Group I. The upcoming trip will be an opportunity for the visitors to accumulate Accumulating the final important points through which to officially continue as the top team, surely with their seniority, the Three Lions will not let any even the smallest mistake appear.

San Marino vs England Prediction


  • Match date: 07:45 p.m – 2021/11/15
  • Event: World Cup 2022 Qualif. UEFA
  • Stage: Matchday 9th



San Marino is considered the team that paved the way in this group and it is not surprising that their performance is really weak. After 8 matches, the home team could not get any points and ranked in the last position on the table. Not only was it bad in Group I, but San Marino also showed their very low level when going through 50 matches without knowing the joy of victory. The lack of depth and lackluster gameplay are what coach Franco Varrella’s team has to face, which will be the harbinger of a thorny welcome for San Marino in the final match.

On the other side of the front line, England showed the superiority and class of a big name in the world. They are unbeaten in the last 8 matches, including 6 victories, currently holding the top position with 20 points in hand. The pragmatic gameplay and star-studded lineup are helping the Three Lions crush any opponent that threatens to stop their advance. Coach Gareth Southgate has more than enough power to arrange two squads of the same level with each other when the substitutions on the bench do not seem to be inferior to the main squad, which allows England to use a lot of tactics in each match without the opponent picking up cards. With the current situation, it seems that it is difficult to find a brave name in Group I that can stop the Three Lions.

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Although representing the away team, with superiority and superiority, there is no reason for England not to enter the game with an attacking style full of speed and overwhelming opponents. In the 7 matches that the two teams faced before, the audience often enjoyed goal parties created by white shirt players. With the current situation, it is likely to be a rain of goals for the Three Lions to close the sweet group stage of coach Gareth Southgate’s team.

Select: Over FT.


A match where England seems to have absolutely every advantage and certainly the away disadvantage will not too affect the play and deployment of the Three Lions squad. On the FIFA rankings, England is in 4th place while San Marino is at 208th, the penultimate position of the rankings. In terms of strength and battle experience, the Three Lions is completely at a too great level. Statistics show that in the last 18 matches, in addition to the defeat against Italy in the Euro round, this team was unbeaten in the remaining 17 matches, including 14 victories.

San Marino vs England Prediction

In addition, England showed that they possessed a destructive attack when bringing in 24 goals after only 8 matches, the efficiency of scoring 3 goals per game is an extremely impressive number and can help the away team easily. Complete the task of scoring in the upcoming trip. In a match where England has a complete advantage, it is difficult for them to lose a win.

Select: England FT.

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England’s odds in European rafters will certainly be much lower than San Marino’s. Experts do not put any faith that the home team can keep the score. The difference in qualifications and experience is too great, the chance for San Marino to think about victory seems to be zero when England certainly won’t let a weak name end its sublimation streak.

San Marino vs England Prediction

Select: England FT.

San Marino vs England Prediction:​​ San Marino 0 – 7 England FT (0-3 H1).


San Marino: Simoncini, Battistini, Addario, Mularoni, Censoni, Brolli, Golinucci, Berardi, Giardi, Gasperoni, Nanni.

England: Pickford, Alexander-Arnold, Trippier, Foden, Dier, Gomez, Rice, Sancho, Kane, Ward-Prowse, Foden.

Above is the information about San Marino vs England prediction in the 9th match of World Cup 2022 Qualif. UEFA on 2021/11/15 of the CMD368 bookie.