Sao Paulo vs Fortaleza Prediction – Série A – 07/17

Sao Paulo vs Fortaleza prediction on July 17, 2021. Round 12, Fortaleza visited Sao Paulo with 2 consecutive victories. Sao Paulo’s series of only draws and losses has just ended, but having to play in Libertadores makes them not have the strongest force. Fortaleza’s chance to score is very bright if it continues to maintain stability.

Sao Paulo Overview

Sao Paulo vs Fortaleza Prediction

Sao Paulo finished in the top four last season but is off to a disappointing start. It was not until the 10th round that Crespo teachers and students knew the feeling of victory. Conceded 11 times but only got 8 goals, Sao Paulo’s average game only 1.8 goals. The gameplay is definitely still maintained, but the attack is clearly disappointing and often falls into a deadlock. 

Not only that, Sao Paulo often loses focus when playing at home, even lower-level teams like Cuiaba or Chapecoense can also concede a goal and have a point to leave. 3 days later is the second leg of the Libertadores on the very important Racing field, Crespo can hardly take the risk at this time. Caution is essential when Fortaleza is in extremely high form.

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Fortaleza Overview

Fortaleza won 21 points after the first 11 rounds with 6 victories, 4th place is an impressive breakthrough. This year’s season witnessed the makeover of Moreira’s teachers and students, diverse and very dangerous gameplay with counter-attacks. Success is built on a solid defense, the last 2 matches kept a clean sheet. 

Since the beginning of the season, Fortaleza has received the second-fewest goals conceded in the tournament with only 9 times in the net to pick up the ball. Away from 5 matches, Fortaleza received only 2 close defeats against the champion candidates Flamengo and Paranaense, reliable performance. The tight match and willingness to punish the opponent’s mistakes will still be the face of Fortaleza in the upcoming march.


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Sao Paulo vs Fortaleza Prediction

Asian Bet – Sao Paulo vs Fortaleza prediction

Fortaleza’s form has nothing to complain about with 3 wins in the last 4 matches, their victims include Corinthians. On the Sao Paulo side, they have just got 2 consecutive victories, but the previous 9-match series of only draws and losses is still a big question mark. Not to mention that Sao Paulo has to spread its forces in the Libertadores arena, specifically the trip to Argentina after 3 days.

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Despite having the home-field advantage, it is difficult to hope for an overwhelming game for Sao Paulo. With the stability in this season, at least 1 point for the away team is a wise choice.

Sao Paulo vs Fortaleza Prediction: Choose Fortaleza +0.5

European Bet

Sao Paulo vs Fortaleza Prediction

European odds appreciate the homeowner’s chance of winning, but the risk of this option is not small. Sao Paulo’s form this season is very erratic while Fortaleza is flying high in the rankings. Coach Even Crespo and the team will have to be very careful if they don’t want to go empty-handed on the home field.

Choose Draw (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Sao Paulo vs Fortaleza prediction

The past period can confirm that Fortaleza’s strength and ambition are not inferior to Sao Paulo. On the other hand, pragmatism is bringing success to Moreira’s men, there is no reason to change. This is the time when Sao Paulo has problems with the attack, the last 3 matches have Under score.

Sao Paulo vs Fortaleza Prediction: Choose Under 2.25


Sao Paulo:  Shaylon, Volpi, Alves, Miranda, Leo, Reinaldo, Sara, Rodrigo, Vinicius, Luciano, Rojas.

Fortaleza: Rodrigues, Crispim, Raymundo, Tinga, Marcelo, Titi, Pikachu, Lourenco, Vargas, Wellington, Fonseca.