Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann Prediction | 02/07/2020 | Tippeligaen of Norway

The match review to the football Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann prediction in the Tippeligaen of Norway about the 2 competing teams’ recent performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming H2H matches, goal stats, qualities, table standings ranking and match possible match outcome.

The prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann Prediction


NorwayNorway: Tippeligaen

2020-07-02 20:30 SARPSBORG 08 FF – SK BRANN




HEAD-to-HEAD (H2H): 

Recorded from 2015 up to now
Recorded from 2015 up to now



Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann Prediction



  • All losing in the first 4 rounds this season and the last position in the current rankings makes Sarpsborg 08 FF is in the position of a team that has nothing to lose before the confrontation at home to Player is rated “on a par” with them is Brann.
  • Therefore, the home team Sarpsborg Stadion should choose the attacking kick in this match to find a victory, thereby improving the current situation.
Possible Result  prediction for Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann
Possible Result  prediction for Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann 


  • Brann will have a trip to Sarpsborg Stadion in the fifth round of the Norwegian league to host the Sarpsborg 08 team in the context that both teams have not achieved the expected results in the recent round.
  • While Brann went blank against Rosenborg, Sarpsborg 08 also had a rather unfortunate defeat with a 1-2 score against Bodo Glimt.
  • However, compared to the performance in the past, Brann is still rated better.

Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann prediction TIP:

ASIAN HANDICAP Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann prediction

  • Sarpsborg 08 is starting this season in a way that can’t be worse. They all lost in past 4 matches and are monopolizing the position at the bottom of the rankings. The home field certainly cannot be a reliable fulcrum for the ability of Mikael Stahre teachers and teachers to win in the next 90 minutes, especially in the past, Brann has never been an opponent who is easily bullied.
  • In the last 4 times receiving the opponent at home, Sarpsborg 08 only had 1 triumph song before Brann. This is certainly not enough statistics to bring them a victory.

Our Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann prediction for this match is:

  • Brann +¼ orr 1/2


  • Brann +0
Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann Prediction

OVER / UNDER Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann prediction

  • The last 3/4 meeting between the two teams at Sarpsborg Stadion ended with no more than 2 goals scored. Overshoot is set at 2.5. The ratio for UNDER is only 0.88 also shows that investors highly appreciate a solid and tight game from the two teams.
  • Given what’s going on recently by both teams, the information the two teams of Super Dealers recommend choosing UNDER.

Our prediction for full time:

  • OVER 1 (H1)
  • OVER 2.5 FT

EUROPEAN Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann prediction

  • Can be seen on all angles the Brann visitors always have the advantage over the home team Sarpsborg.
  • The history of confrontation is not an exception when in the last 10 matches, the Brann team had 5 wins and 3 draws and lost 2 matches.
  • In the upcoming match, all things are supporting the visitors Brann the ability to win the away team in the upcoming match is predictable.
  • CHOOSE: Brann (Full Time) to win 

FINAL SCORE Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann Prediction

With the good performance in the current season, the Brann team is showing how good the team is in the scoring performance after the last 4 rounds, the Brann team has got 8 goals and only to fall 5 goals to the home team is like a poor team, the home team only got 2 goals and lost 8 goals. The upcoming match will be extremely easy for the visitors.

  • Sarpsborg 08 0 – 0 Brann (H1).
  • Sarpsborg 08 1 – 1 Brann (Full Time)


  • Sarpsborg: Nilsson; Bojang; Horm; Lindseth; Odegaard; Seletros; Soltvedt; Thomassen; Utvik; Vetti; Larsen.
  • Brann: Ali; Bamba; Barmen; Forren; Kolskogen; Koomson; Ordagic; Pedersen; Strand; Taylor.