Sarpsborg 08 vs Viking Prediction | Veikkausliiga | 06/24

Sarpsborg 08 vs Viking prediction: Both Sarpsborg 08 and Viking are teams that are not really impressive in recent times. They are gradually losing their advantage in the top race in the rankings at the moment. Therefore, both will have to aim for victory in the next round to be able to somewhat improve their performance. It will be a relatively tight and dramatic competition.

Sarpsborg 08 vs Viking Prediction


  • Match date: 04:00 pm on 2021/06/24
  • Event: Veikkausliiga
  • Stage: Matchday 9th
  • Location: Sarpsborg Stadion




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2 defeats received in the last 3 rounds, making a position in the top group of Viking’s rankings very seriously threatened with 12 points in possession after 8 rounds. They are 3 points behind the top 3 area right now. In addition, the fact that they can also fall into the middle group. The distance is not too far will force them to have more focus. This is the time when Viking needs to quickly find his joy again.

Sarpsborg 08 vs Viking Prediction

Meanwhile, with Sarpsborg 08, only 2 victories in the past 6 rounds also marked a rather large decline in the performance that the home team is showing. Obviously, this brings a lot of disadvantages when with 9 points in possession after 7 rounds. They are still 3 to 8 points behind the top 3 to 8 points on the table at the moment. Having to host a Viking who is eager to return in the next round. It will still be a challenge for Sarpsborg 08. This will be a competition with a relatively tight game and the possibility of many goals appearing.

Select: Over FT.


With the home-field advantage, Sarpsborg 08 will not suffer much loss compared to Viking in this match. In general, this match will be relatively unpredictable. Because both teams are not playing really well at the moment. Viking has been playing extremely superficially recently. When the lack of focus in both attack and defense is causing them to lose many opportunities to rise back to the top 3. This is also the problem that Sarpsborg 08 is having. It’s leading to the home team is also losing many opportunities to squeeze to compete for the top positions. 

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However, the ability to take advantage of Sarpsborg 08’s home ground is still very good. They only lost 1 of the 7 matches played here before, which is an extremely convincing number. It will make Viking really shy when the away team has had to receive 3 defeats in 4 trips away from home in the past time. But the opportunity to get points for Viking is not without when they still have a quality squad and are having a big desire to return. Viking has more than enough class to not suffer too much loss against Sarpsborg 08 in the next match.

Select: Viking FT.


It will be a relatively tight match when both teams will be willing to play fair against each other to find the outcome in their favor. Not excluding the possibility of invincibility between the two teams.

Select: Draw FT.


Viking got 4 victories and only had to taste bitter fruit once against Sarpsborg 08 in the previous 6 encounters. So the away team will still have the basis to be confident in this rematch. The fact that Sarpsborg 08 is under great pressure along with the recent decline in performance. It will be a favorable opportunity for Viking to find a result with at least a point for themselves.

Sarpsborg 08 vs Viking prediction: Sarpsborg 08 2-2 Viking FT (1-1 H1).

Sarpsborg 08 vs Viking Prediction


Sarpsborg 08: Kristiansen, Odegaard, Wichne, Naess, Utvik, Dyrestam, Palsson, Jonsson, Kone, Thomassen, Soltvedt

Viking: Austbo, Sebulonsen, Vevatne, Torsteinbo, Heggheim, Hove, Bell, Tangen, Berisha, Fridjonsson, Kabran.

Above is information about the Sarpsborg 08 vs Viking prediction – the match in the 9th round of Veikkausliiga taking place on 2021/06/24 of the leading Asian bookie CMD368.