Sassuolo vs Parma Prediction | 17/01/2021 | Serie A

Sassuolo vs Parma will have an encounter in the next round of Italia Serie A 2020/21. Let’s follow Sassuolo vs Parma Prediction.

An easy match is seen as an opportunity for the home team to find important points, thereby improving the current position on the standings when the opponent is just a team with extremely good performance and performance. bad at the last time. Waiting for the performance of Sassuolo players in this confrontation.

Sassuolo vs Parma Prediction
Sassuolo vs Parma Prediction


  • Match date: 2:00pm on Sunday 17th January 2021
  • Event: Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 18th


Sassuolo currently has 29 points and is ranked 7th in the standings, a good achievement for the home team in the last time of the tournament. Statistics show that Sassuolo has 2 wins and has to receive 3 defeats in the last 5 matches, the lack of outstanding and stable performance at the present time makes the home team players encounter a pair Some pressure at the upcoming reception.

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In contrast to the home team, Parma currently has 12 points and is ranked 19th, the penultimate position on the standings. Statistics show that Parma has never won a single victory in the last 5 matches, the possession of a patchwork squad and the constant serious mistakes that make the away team players suffer. countless difficulties in the march away from home this weekend.

Sassuolo vs Parma Prediction:

Asian handicap Sassuolo vs Parma Prediction:

Handicap Odds: 0.75

With so many advantages, Sassuolo knows that they are the team that has the right to decide the situation as well as win all 3 points in this match. With only having to welcome a weak opponent, enter confidently and deploy an overwhelming stance right from the first minute of rolling, along with making good use of dangerous opportunities to approach the opponent’s goal to Finding valuable goals will help Sassuolo players win in this fairly easy reception.

In the next match, Sassuolo Team is considered the superior team when handicapping the other team.  

→ From the odds by CMD368 bookmaker, the best pick:  Sassuolo –

Over Under  

Odds: 3.0

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Although there has not been a very good performance in the past, but just having to welcome a team that is in the near last position of the standings, there is no reason for Sassuolo not to choose a fast game. and overwhelm the opponent. Creating an effective game stance and mastering the situation will help home players easily find early goals to take the lead from clearly dangerous situations. Predictably will be a rain of goals created by Sassuolo in this confrontation quite different in level.

Therefore, our expert believes that Over will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Prediction: Over

Sassuolo vs Parma Prediction

Final Scores: Sassuolo vs Parma Prediction 

Parma showed a weakness with only 2 wins after 17 rounds of the tournament, proving that the visitors not only possessed a patchy squad but the morale of the players during the game was extremely bad, constantly making unnecessary mistakes and if they keep their attitude like this, they don’t seem to have any hope of any points in this match. A good signal for the home team, just having to welcome such a weak team, finding goals to decide this match is not too difficult anymore, playing sublimation and keeping the Highly concentrated, believing that ultimate joy will still call the names of the Sassuolo players and home team fans.

→ Our prediction of the match result:

  • Sassuolo 2 – 0 Parma (1st Half).
  • Sassuolo 4 – 1 Parma (Full Time)

1×2 Odds Betting

  • Odds from CMD368: 1.73*4.25*4.05
  • Select: Sassuolo to win (Full Time)

The European bookie CMD368 set the odds for the next match to be  1.73*4.25*4.0 corresponding to Sassuolo’s win rate, Parma’s win rate, and draw. 

A victory in this match helps Sassuolo improve 2 places on the standings and have a great opportunity to reach the top 4 when the distance created by the teams is not really safe, at the same time helping The home team has improved their performance so that they can have better performances in the upcoming matches, which they have not done too much in the past time.

A good opportunity and Sassuolo will not be easily missed, playing sublimation and making the most of the opportunities available, believes that the victory will still belong to the home players and fans.

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