Sassuolo vs Verona Prediction, June 28 – Serie A

Sassuolo vs Verona, June 29, 2020: In the next round, Sassuolo will be back home to welcome the Verona players. At the moment, both teams are standing in the middle of the standings. However, all bad scenarios can still happen to Sassuolo when the distance between them and the group holding the red light is only 7 points.

Sassuolo vs Verona Prediction

Asian odds of Sassuolo vs Verona

Asian handicap odds: 0: 0

Over 13 matches played at home, Sassuolo only got 19/39 points. Mapei’s performance on the pitch is 6 wins, 1 draw with 6 defeats. In the last 5 matches, Sassuolo got 9 points.

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Meanwhile, Verona is also having problems when being guests. They have not won 5 matches in a row on the opponents. The number of points that this team won after 13 matches is only 14. They have 3 wins, 5 draws and 5 defeats.

On February 16, Sassuolo was playing at home and had Parma players beat with a minimum of 1-0. Meanwhile, Verona only got a 0-0 draw on Udinese’s away field recently.

Asian Handicap Odds for this match is 0: 0. With a field, players will win the bet if the team they believe in wins. If the two teams draw, the player draws. The odds of home and away teams are 1.84-1.92.

Sassuolo vs Verona prediction: Select the home team – Sassuolo 

Over/Under odds of Sassuolo vs Verona

Over/Under odds: 2.75

The home team strikers have not played badly in recent times. In the last 5 rounds, this team has 10 goals. Since the beginning of the season, Sassuolo has 42 times put the ball into the opponent’s net. Meanwhile,  Verona has only 31 goals.

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However, the defense is the “Achilles heel” of the home team. Over the course of 26 matches played, Sassuolo had 43 times to the net to pick up the ball. This number on the Brescia side is much smaller. The number of goals conceded by the visitors so far is 27.

Francesco Caputo is the name leading the list of Sassuolo goals. The Italian striker has scored 13 goals so far. Striker Domenico Berardi is also in good shape. The player born in 1994 contributed 14 prints of the team. At that time, the leading player of  Verona’s scoring list was Giampaolo Pazzini with 4 goals.

The Sassuolo vs Verona prediction gives the odds of Over/Under on this match is 2.75. Odds on Over and Under are 1.83 -1.90. If the match has 4 or more goals, the player that places the Over wins. If there are 3 goals, the player wins half the amount. With less than 3, the player loses the bet.

Sassuolo vs Verona prediction: Select Over

Sassuolo vs Verona Prediction

European odds of Sassuolo vs Verona

European odds: 2.55 * 3.30 * 2.60

In the last 5 encounters, Sassuolo has won 3 times. Meanwhile, Verona has only 1 time to defeat the opponent.

In the first leg, Sassuolo, despite being a guest, had a 1-0 victory thanks to the unique goal of midfielder Filip Djuricic.

2.55 * 3.30 * 2.60 is the odds that European bookies make in this match. These three ratios correspond to the results of Sassuolo winning, drawing and losing.

Sassuolo vs Verona prediction: Select Sassuolo to win