Saudi Arabia U23 vs Brazil U23 Prediction – Olympic 2020 – 07/28

Saudi Arabia U23 vs Brazil U23 prediction on July 28, 2021. Saudi Arabia U23 will face Brazil U23 in the last match of the group stage of the Tokyo Olympic 2020 men’s football, the representative from Asia will still aim to win the first points in group stage 1 of the Olympics, in when Brazil U23 will also aim to win to finish with the top position.

Saudi Arabia U23 Overview

Saudi Arabia U23 played very hard in the first 2 matches of the group stage against Ivory Coast U23 and recently Germany U23. However, they still haven’t got what they need, the first points at an Olympic men’s football. Instead, there were still great regrets even though there were times when the score was very close to them. 

This is explained by the strength of Saudi Arabia U23 is still too weak compared to the rest of the group. The attack of Saudi Arabia U23 has played very strongly in the past matches to continuously equalize for the home team after the defense also continuously conceded a goal.

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Brazil U23 Overview

As much as Brazil U23 played well before Germany U23, it disappointed as much as Ivory Coast U23. The only bright spot of Brazil U23 is that despite playing without people most of the time, they are still the ones who dominate the game, but the lack of efficiency makes Brazil U23 unable to bring more victories to win can soon decide the situation of the group right after the second match. Before a team with a weak defense like Saudi Arabia U23, the attacking style of Brazil U23 will have the opportunity to be effective.

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Saudi Arabia U23 vs Brazil U23 prediction

After 2 consecutive defeats, it can be said that the continental playing field is still too much for Saudi Arabia. More ominous is the number of 5 times to pick up the ball, the defense is very fragile. While Brazil’s attack played sublime in a 4-2 victory over Germany. Brazil also owns a series of 3 wins in the last 4 matches with a performance of 3 goals per game. The force correlation is too different, adding 1 victory difference for Brazil is an undisputed choice.

Saudi Arabia U23 vs Brazil U23 Prediction: Choose Brazil U23 -1.75

European Bet

European odds highly appreciate the ability of Brazil to win. Do not deny the efforts of Saudi Arabia in the return to the Olympic playground, but before a strong opponent, putting their faith in them is a risky choice. 3 points are difficult to escape from Brazil after the recent convincing performance.

Choose Brazil U23 (FT)

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Over/Under Bet – Saudi Arabia U23 vs Brazil U23 prediction

The one-way match is inevitable plus the unstable defense of Saudi makes the talent selection a bright spot. The huge difference is a good condition for the Brazilian attack to show strength. In the last 3/4 matches, Brazilian strikers scored 3 or more goals.

Saudi Arabia U23 vs Brazil U23 Prediction: Choose Over 3


Saudi Arabia U23: Al Faraj, Al Dawsari, Al Rubaie, Al Shahrani, Hindi, Al Amri, Abdulhamid, Al Hassan, Al Najei, Yahya, Al Hamdan.

Brazil U23: Santos, Richarlison, Alves, Marcilio, Diego, Arana, Luiz, Guimaraes, Antony, Claudinho, Cunha.