SFC Opava vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction – Football Tips – June 3

SFC Opava vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction – 5:00 PM on 06/03/2020. The homeowners won the storm.

SFC Opava vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction

Football tips for Opava vs Bohemians 1905

Opava made a not-so-bad return as he just won 1 point in a 1-1 draw against the 13th place ranked MFK Karvina. This is also the third match in a row this team is unbeaten when the previous two matches they won all friendly matches against two teams playing in the second division, Lisen and Vikovice. Currently, the coaches and students of Balcarek have not been able to escape from the first place with a very poor achievement, which is only 18 points after 4 wins, 6 draws and 15 losses, of which 12 home and 6 points away.

Bohemians 1905 just had a 4-0 victory over Teplice in the previous round, this is an opponent that is not appreciated for strength but this victory shows that this team has a great determination since the tournament. Fighting back. In addition, before the tournament returned after more than 2 months of postponement, the army of coach Ludek Klusacek was very hard to train to regain its form, including 5 friendly matches in the last May only. , in which they brought very positive signals when they won 2 and drew 3.

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Asian handicap : Bohemians 1905 ball

Statistics of the SFC Opava vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction achievement are showing that the 1905 Bohemians are completely dominating before this opponent when they have been unbeaten in all 7 encounters, won 5 and drew 2, of which won 1-0 in the first leg of the season. this at home. From what the two teams prepare for the end of the season has shown that the visitors are very determined through the past friendlies, and it seems that good preparation has helped them both win 4 -0. Therefore, choosing visitors is reasonable.

SFC Opava vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction

Opava vs Bohemians 1905: Under 2.1 / 4 goals

Following SFC Opava vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction, the clashes between these two teams took place with a fairly balanced and tight game, as evidenced by the last 5 clashes, up to 2 draws, the remaining 3 matches ended with a score of 1 -0. In addition, Bohemians 1905 is having an effective defense when only receiving 3 goals in 5 recent friendlies and just kept a clean sheet in a 4-0 victory in the previous round. Therefore, it is unlikely that this game will have many goals scored.

SFC Opava vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction:

  • Tip ratio of H1 Opava vs Bohemians 1905: 0 – 1
  • Tip ratio of H2 Opava vs Bohemians 1905: 0 – 2

Tip of the European Opava vs Bohemians 1905: Bohemians 1905 Full-time

The current achievement after 25 rounds of Bohemians 1905 is better than the opponent with more than 12 points. In addition, it seems that they are very charming with this opponent when they are unbeaten in the past 5 meetings. Moreover, defeating Teplice with a score of 4-0 is the clearest evidence for the strong return of Ludek Klusacek’s army. Therefore, that excitement will likely continue to help the visitors to the next victory.

Expected squad

SFC Opava vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction:

Opava: Fendrich, Hrabina, Hosek, Rychly, Djordjic, Zidek, Jursa, Zavadil,Texl, Jurena, Mondek.

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Bohemians 1905: Roman Vales, Hronek, Smid, Bartek, Bederka, Podany, Hulka, Jindrisek, Vacek, Vodhanel, Ibrahim Keita.