Shocking: Liverpool, Real, Juventus lose the throne

The 2020/21 season may see the usurpation in the English, Spanish and Italian leagues when Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Juventus are all not at the top of the table.

European football from the beginning of the season has experienced many surprises, with many shocks coming from the big men of European football. Take a look at the highlights of European football in our series.

Aston Villa and AC Milan are bringing big surprises to European football

The 2019/20 season has an unusual end and the 2020/21 European football season promises to create unexpected developments until the end. In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic which completely disturbed all football activities, we also see the possibility that the major leagues will take the throne.

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Aston Villa and AC Milan are bringing big surprises to European football
Aston Villa and AC Milan are bringing big surprises to European football

Up to this point, only the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 are the two tournaments where the champions are leading the rankings, the strength of Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain is too great compared to the rest. But the same cannot be said about the Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga, no defending team is in second place and even a team has fallen outside the Champions League area.

In the Premier League, Liverpool is actually only 1 point behind the top team Leicester City and they have only lost 1 game against Aston Villa. “The Kop” still possesses a strong attack with top 4 goals in the Premier League, Mohamed Salah is equal to Jamie Vardy and Son Heung Min in the top scorer race, but defensively Having conceded 16 goals this season, just one less than Leeds and West Brom are the two teams that have conceded the most since the start of the tournament.

Real Madrid is ranked 4th in La Liga with 16 points, but if they win the match they will only be 1 point behind Real Sociedad. However, the Real attacker with 14 goals is not impressive when compared to Sociedad and his neighbor Atletico Madrid, and the defense has conceded 9 goals, making them stand in the lower half of the La Liga rankings in terms of the number of goals lost. Apart from Karim Benzema (4 goals), the Real attack has no one to stand out and even Federico Valverde & Sergio Ramos are scoring more than their other strikers.

Real Madrid lost heavily is no longer a surprise this season
Real Madrid lost heavily is no longer a surprise this season

Juventus after 7 rounds of Serie A are temporarily ranked 5th with 13 points, 4 points behind the top team AC Milan. In fact, the number of Juventus draws is more than the number of wins, 3 Juventus wins bring 10 goals, but in the draws, only the match against AS Roma is Juventus scoring more than 1 goal. Their attack line was led by 6 goals from Cristiano Ronaldo, but in 4 draws, the Juventus defense conceded 3 matches, and in the other match (against Lazio), they were equalized in 90 + 4 minutes.

The season is still long, but the possibility that the three champions mentioned above will lose the throne is not small for different reasons.


Liverpool won the 2019/20 season, but from the moment they returned to play after the Covid-19 translation, it has shown a decline in performance, especially in defense. Joe Gomez no longer kicked well, Virgil Van Dijk also made mistakes and the performance of the two full-backs was also sometimes flustered, but it seems that the decline of the defense is also related to the team when the pressing ability is not good. as before.

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Injuries are the biggest threat to Liverpool's chances of holding the throne
Injuries are the biggest threat to Liverpool’s chances of holding the throne

However, Liverpool‘s biggest enemy at the moment will be injury and exhaustion. The dense schedule plus the change of the Premier League substitution rule 5 back to 3 makes the rotation difficult for coach Jurgen Klopp. Alisson, Joel Matip, Fabinho, Trent Alexander-Arnold have all been and are injured while Virgil Van Dijk is determined to be out for the rest of the season.

However, Liverpool‘s potential is still so great that they will still be around in the championship race. The possibility of losing the throne is yes, but they have not completely slumped after losing Van Dijk, not to mention the ‘chaos’ in the Premier League this season when many other big men have fallen more dramatically than Liverpool.

Real Madrid

The lack of a good goalscorer to “divide the fire” with Karim Benzema will be the biggest problem for coach Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid. Luka Jovic, Vinicius, Rodrygo, Asensio and even Eden Hazard will not guarantee a permanent source of goals if Real continues to play in their current form.

Liverpool Karim Benzema has scored 4 goals and 3 assists for Real Madrid in La Liga
Karim Benzema has scored 4 goals and 3 assists for Real Madrid in La Liga

Real is having a big problem this season against weak opponents, they are not mutated in their attacks when facing layered defenders even though they can kick or in big games (El Clasico ). If Real loses the throne, it is likely that a turning point will come in such small matches.


If Cristiano Ronaldo can play regularly for Juventus, the chance to compete for the title of “Old Lady” will still be high, but they definitely have to let him take care of the Champions League matches, so Alvaro Morata, Paulo Dybala, and Dejan Kulusevski and Federico Chiesa will both have to contribute to Juventus’ scoring.

But equally important is the inexperience of head coach Andrea Pirlo, who this season has shown a mismatch in substitution decisions (replacing Kulusevski in Lazio draw is one example) diagrams in some matches. Pirlo has said that he wants to play an active-controlled football, but every time Juventus leads the table, he withdraws defensively as a habit.

It is impossible to mention some formidable usurpers, AC Milan occupies the top spot while AS Roma is still unbeaten in both the league and trophies and Sassuolo makes a big surprise when taking second place. Serie A will probably also be in turmoil “12 warlords” as the Premier League recently and Juventus will be harder to keep the throne.

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