Shonan Bellmare vs FC Tokyo Prediction – J1 League – 07/11

Shonan Bellmare vs FC Tokyo prediction on July 11, 2021. Not only outperforming Shonan Bellmare in recent meetings and once defeated their opponent 4-1 in the 1/8 round of the YBC Levain Cup. But FC Tokyo’s convincing performance with a series of 4 consecutive victories is also the basis. To believe that the men of coach Kenta Hasegawa will have 3 points in the trip to Lemon Gas field in the match of the 22nd round of the J-League this season.

Shonan Bellmare Overview

Shonan Bellmare vs FC Tokyo Prediction

Shonan Bellmare has been doing quite well in the early part of the season, but they are losing focus and letting the defeats reappear. This leaves them in free fall on the leaderboard. Through 21 rounds, they only got 4 wins, 9 draws, and 8 losses. 

Only got 21 points, so they are temporarily standing at 14th place on the rankings. Only 5 points more than a dangerous position right now, making them not feel secure at this time. The next match here, despite having the home advantage, is difficult for the host to hope to win against a strong opponent like Tokyo FC.

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FC Tokyo Overview

FC Tokyo is making great efforts in recent times to help them get promoted quite quickly on the rankings. They are currently 8th in the standings with 31 points and have only played 20 matches. 

However, the distance of FC Tokyo to the Top 3 teams is only 6 points, so the opportunity to break into the top of this team is not over yet. Recently, the away team is having a high level of performance to help them gain a lot of confidence at this time. The opponent in the next match is not appreciated, so 3 points with the away team at this time will not be too difficult.


Past Encounters

Shonan Bellmare vs FC Tokyo Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Shonan Bellmare vs FC Tokyo prediction

All statistics from the past to the present are not on Shonan Bellmare’s side. Statistics in the last 10 meetings show the superiority of the boys from the capital with 7 victories, the two teams drew 2 times and the team of Coach Bin Ukishima only had 1 triumphant song. Experts believe that if they maintain their current performance with a series of 4 consecutive victories, FC Tokyo will have 3 full points after this trip.

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Shonan Bellmare vs FC Tokyo Prediction: Choose FC Tokyo -1/4

European Bet

Shonan Bellmare vs FC Tokyo Prediction

The European odds show that the house assesses the probability of winning of the two teams as not too different. However, with the above analysis, choosing a win for FC Tokyo is still reliable. Especially in the effective play and stability of the capital team in recent times.

Choose FC Tokyo (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Shonan Bellmare vs FC Tokyo prediction

With the current force correlation as well as what the two teams have shown after the past, an open game is very unlikely. Statistics also show that in the last 4 matches away from home in the national championship, only 1 time FC Tokyo’s attack has more than 1 time to find the opponent’s net.

Shonan Bellmare vs FC Tokyo Prediction: Choose Under 2.25


Shonan Bellmare: Masaki Ikeda, Naoki Yamada, Kosei Tani, Koki Tachi, Kazunari Ono, Hirokazu Ishihara, Satoshi Tanaka, Taiga Hata, Ryo Takahashi, Shuto Machino, Wellington.

FC Tokyo: Hirotaka Mita, Kensuke Nagai, Aoki Takuya, Kashifu Bangynagande, Sodai Hasukawa, Tsuyoshi Kodama, Kazuya Konno, Takumi Nakamura, Joan Oumari, Kyosuke Tagawa, Takuya Uchida.