Should You Follow Your Intuition When Betting?

Many players at w88 choose to follow the intuition when betting, a bad approach in this game. So can players with good skills get rid of their intuition when betting football online?

Can intuition help make a decision?

Malcolm Gladwell’s book “In the blink of an eye” is about intuition. Why do conscious decisions, seemingly, unconsciously, seem to rely on so little information but produce more feasible results than decisions based on more information?

Taking the example of a famous tennis coach named Vic Braden, Braden can accurately predict when an athlete is about to make a double serve error, even before the ball touches the ball. Vic did not know thanks to where he had a quick assessment of such feelings.

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When watching the match at Indian Wells, he correctly identified 16/17 errors before that happened.

Should You Follow Your Intuition When Betting

Big data and intuition

Big data can be defined as very large data that require machines to be able to analyze trends, links, especially related to human behavior and interaction.

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz’s “Everybody lies” says that Vic Braden’s ability is a type of data analysis.

Braden has been watching a lot of matches and can unconsciously notice the double ball error before it happens. He was able to calculate the probability of a double ball error by analyzing the player’s hand movement to compare with what he had observed earlier.

Betting sports and intuition

Use the following odds table for a standard La Liga match between Barcelona vs Real Madrid:

Barcelona oddTie oddReal Madrid odd

If you have some sports betting experience, you will immediately notice something out of the ordinary with odds. Unconsciously, a person who judges they can see Barcelona’s chances of winning this match underestimated.

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Anyone who sees this is very accurate. In fact, it is the odds of another match. Betting players know that Barcelona’s chances of winning against Real Madrid will be slightly equal.

Considering the talent of Vic Braden, this ability can be applied to place bets. If a player has a brain that acts as a supercomputer, they themselves can calculate the probability correctly.

There are many successful players, like Lewis Deyong, who also succeed with good intuition.

When players have such a skill level, it will be helpful to follow intuition when betting, but is it practical?

The drawback of intuition

The problem with betting this way is that there are many things to monitor and there are many events that need to be wagered to ensure long-term profitability. Usually, the odds will not have a problem as obvious as the example above.

Should You Follow Your Intuition When Betting

Having knowledge or experience is extremely important for Vic Braden to be able to predict double serve errors accurately immediately.

Braden’s intuition may be accurate in a given game, but he will be overwhelmed by analyzing too many matches.

For example, former American football coach Bob Bradley said his intuition could say a goal’s scoring ability was better than the data was available.

However, “Bob’s eye cannot judge every ball touch in all 27 tournaments.” While Bradley’s intuition can be more accurate than data, it cannot be used on a large scale and competes with big data.

Is the sample size important?

One drawback of intuition when betting is that you can’t test those judgments. The data approach can be applied to each previous match and try on many different matches. In the meantime, the intuition of a player’s sample size will not be able to reach the point where they can confidently assert that this method can be profitable.

Should intuition be used in sports betting?

Many advice that intuitive assessment is not recommended, but there are many people disagree and that intuition when betting should be applied.

Imagine having data that should bet Real Madrid selection above. If you cannot find a model problem, you cannot guarantee the accuracy of your selection. And in doing so, players have applied their intuition to make decisions.


Completely eliminating the possibility of intuition when betting will cause you to lose a large amount of data. Similarly, if intuitional dependence is also very dangerous if the player knows the combination of both approaches will have the best tactics to succeed in betting.

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