Slaven Koprivnica vs HNK Gorica Prediction, 06/06/2020

Both Slaven Belupo Koprivnica and Gorica are teams that do not really leave much impression in the first half of this season and are worth in the middle group at the moment. So surely both will look forward to winning the upcoming Slaven Koprivnica vs HNK Gorica match to be able to somewhat improve their achievements. It will be a relatively dramatic and attractive match.

Two teams’ current position

Home team Slaven Belupo Koprivnica currently has 31 points ranked 7th place in the Croatian football league table when winning 8 draws 7 losses 14. Away team HNK Gorica before this game has 37 points when winning 10 draws 7 lost 9th ranked 6th on the rankings.

Slaven Koprivnica vs HNK Gorica Prediction

Statistics confronting in the Croatian football tournament

Confrontation history shows that in the last 3 away games at the City Stadium, the coach’s team won 1 lose 2, counting the past 6 confrontations, the Slaven Belupo Koprivnica won 2 draws 1 lost 3, 4 / 6 matches with fewer than 3 goals scored.

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Form of goals scored in the Croatian football tournament 2019-2020 season

29 rounds have passed, Slaven Belupo Koprivnica scored 25 goals to concede 44 goals, 17/29 matches have less than 3 goals scored. Calculating 14 matches at home, the team of coach Tomislav Ivkovic won 6 draws 3 lost 5, scored 13 goals to concede 16 goals, 8/14 matches had a maximum of 2 goals scored.

The visitors HNK Gorica scored 35 goals to concede 38 goals, 13/26 matches have more than 2 goals scored. Counting 12 away matches, HNK Gorica won 3 draws 2 lost 7, scored 13 goals to concede 28 goals, 9/12 matches had at least 3 goals scored.

Over/Under odds of Slaven Koprivnica vs HNK Gorica

O/U: FT 2.25 (odd 0.91 with Over and 0.95 with Under) HT 0.75 (odd 0.68 with Over and 1.21 with Under)

Only 1 victory has been achieved in the last 7 rounds, Gorica has lost quite a lot of his own opportunities to climb and get a place in the top of the rankings. With only 35 points after 26 rounds, they are temporarily in 6th place and will definitely have to work a lot in the future if they want to have a promotion for themselves. Meanwhile, with Slaven Belupo Koprivnica, the home team is not much better, with only 2 victories in the last 7 rounds played so this team is still quite struggling in the current 7th place with those are 26 points in a possession, the distance with red light is only 7 points and Slaven Belupo Koprivnica will also need to be really careful if you do not want to continue to sink deep. It will be a competition with a relatively tug of war and it is unlikely that many goals will be scored.

Slaven Koprivnica vs HNK Gorica prediction: 

  • Select Over 0.75 HT
  • Select Under 2.25 FT

Asian handicap odds of Slaven Koprivnica vs HNK Gorica

Asian handicap: FT copper (Odd 0.90 with Slaven Belupo Koprivnica and 0.98 with Gorica) HT copper (Odd 0.95 with Slaven Belupo Koprivnica and 0.93 with Gorica)

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The lack of form makes Slaven Belupo Koprivnica even with home advantage, they do not have the initiative before Gorica in this match through the handicap. Obviously this will be a relatively unpredictable match when both teams are playing quite unstable at the present. Slaven Belupo Koprivnica will need to improve a lot in his play, especially in defense when the defense is playing poorly and has conceded 43 goals until this is a relatively bad number. Meanwhile, with Gorica, their problems may be starting to get caught, and they are also struggling with a concentration in the past. Statistics show that Slaven Belupo Koprivnica also could not keep a stable home record in recent times when only 1 victory in the last 5 matches played at his home is a similar number. lack of persuasion. Fortunately for them, Gorica is not a reliable name every time they have to play away from home with only 4 victories in 12 previous trips. However, the opportunity to get all 3 points of Slaven Belupo Koprivnica is not too high.

  • Select Gorica +0 HT
  • Select Gorica +0 FT
Slaven Koprivnica vs HNK Gorica Prediction

European odds of Slaven Koprivnica vs HNK Gorica

European markets are also a certain balance when the food levels are quite similar to 2.43 and 2.53 respectively. This will be a match with a relatively tense position when the two teams are willing to play fair with each other to search for the result that is beneficial to them. There is not any exclusion of an inability to win between the two teams.

  • Select Draw HT
  • Choose Draw FT

Slaven Koprivnica vs HNK Gorica scores prediction

Each team has had 3 wins in their previous 6 encounters. It can be seen that this is a match that does not have too many differences at the moment. Slaven Koprivnica vs HNK Gorica will still look forward to the positive results of their comeback day and a score-sharing result may be something acceptable to them.

Slaven Koprivnica vs HNK Gorica prediction:

  • HT Slaven Belupo Koprivnica 0-0 Gorica
  • FT Slaven Belupo Koprivnica 0-0 Gorica