Slovenia vs Cyprus Prediction | WC 2022 Qualif. UEFA | 11/14

Slovenia vs Cyprus prediction: Slovenia will host Cyprus this weekend in the final round of World Cup qualifying. The recent defeat against Russia officially closed the door to compete for the next ticket of coach Kek Matjaz and his students. The upcoming match has a lot of procedural significance, but surely Slovenia will not let a weak opponent like Cyprus have the opportunity to think about winning at home.

Slovenia vs Cyprus Prediction


  • Match date: 02:00 p.m – 2021/11/14
  • Event: World Cup 2022 Qualif. UEFA
  • Stage: Matchday 9th



Slovenia currently has 10 points and is ranked 4th on the table. The 1-2 defeat against Russia in the 8th match made the army of coach Kek Matjaz say goodbye to this year’s WC. The quality of Slovenia’s squad as well as tactical play is still quite effective, but they are still too different from the two big names in Group H, Russia and Croatia. Not to mention that the home team had to receive a regretful defeat against Cyprus in the previous trip, creating a complete superiority, but they had to leave sadly and leave 3 points. Although the reception is about to bring a lot of procedural nature, with the determination to win at home as well as pay the debt not long ago, Slovenia will have extremely thorough preparations.

Cyprus is a name that is not too prominent in Group H when they are only evaluated as a team lining the road with Malta. After 8 matches, coach Nikos Kostenoglou’s team only got 1 win, 2 draws and 5 defeats. Currently, they have 5 points and are in the last position of the table. In fact, the professional level of Cyprus is really weak compared to the rest of the teams in this group. In addition, the away team’s performance point is extremely bad, they went through 7 matches without knowing the smell of victory, including 6 defeats. The upcoming trip will be a tough test for Cyprus, but the issue of points is no longer so important, so it is likely that they will also have an open position in this match.

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A match at their home ground, so it’s not surprising that Slovenia entered the game with a fast attacking style of play. Although Cyprus is the representative of the away team, with a comfortable mentality when they do not have to put a lot of weight on the score, they will surely play with a fairly open position. It is expected to be an exciting match with many goals appearing.

Select: Over FT.


With a rather large home ground and a higher ranking compared to the opponent, Slovenia will surely be the name evaluated by experts in this match. Statistics according to FIFA rankings, Slovenia is ranked at 65 while Cyprus is at 95, the gap of 30 places also partly shows the difference in level between the two football backgrounds. In the last 5 matches played as the host, coach Kek Matjaz’s army still showed their discomfort, they brought 3 wins, 1 draw and only had to receive 1 defeat with a score of 1-2 against Russia.

Slovenia vs Cyprus Prediction

On the visitor’s side, on the contrary, they completely failed in the last 5 trips, such a weak performance will be a fatal weakness that the away team is likely to be exploited in the upcoming match. Not to mention that Cyprus is having a lot of problems in defense when they have to go into the net to pick up the ball 13 times, a number that makes it difficult for them to stand up to strong attacks from Slovenia. A match at their own home ground with the determination to repay the debt not before, believe that Slovenia will have an effective game and win.

Select: Slovenia FT.

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Not surprisingly, Slovenia is the team with lower European odds than Cyprus. In addition to the home ground, the army of coach Kek Matjaz still has a great deal of superiority in terms of expertise and battle experience. A confrontation where it seems that Slovenia has completely taken the initiative, surely the home team will not let a weak name like Cyprus defeat in their holy place.

Slovenia vs Cyprus Prediction

Select: Slovenia FT.

Slovenia vs Cyprus Prediction:​​ Slovenia 3 – 1 Cyprus FT (2-0 H1).


Slovenia: Oblak, Mevlja, Jurcevic, Kurtic, Stojanovic, Balkovec, Crnigoj, Ilicic, Sporar, Zajc, Bohar.

Cyprus: Demetris Demetriou, Minas Antoniou, Christos Wheeler, Charis Kyriakou, Andreas Karo, Konstantinos Laifis, Kostakis Artymatas, Christos Wheeler, Charis Kyriakou, Grigoris Kastanos, xMarinos Tzionis.

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