Soccer Bet Online 2020 – Reputable Bookmaker with highest winning rates of betting type!

Soccer bet online long time ago has been recognized as a way of living earning by the huge benefits and winning.

CMD368 was voted as the number 1 online football betting site in Asia by professional betting people in 2020.

Some new players wonder why CMD368 is a reliable choice of soccer bet online people. The following article will provide specific information about this house assessment criteria. To new soccer bet online players have a practical overview of this house.

Soccer Bet Online 2020


Soccer bet online Betting House CMD368 is an international betting company, our expertise is not just about putting sports betting and games online, but we are still catching up with special events of the world. We have all kinds of sports betting licenses and the like, we are proud to be a legitimate joint venture providing you the best quality and most favorable bet.

“The joy of all our customers, our commitment” is our service goal. We promise to try to give you the best quality bets in the online sports betting village.

‘Your Pleasure, Our Commitment’ is the motto of our service. We strive to provide you, our premium customer the ultimate leisure in sports betting.

Compact interface, eye-catching

Soccer Bet Online 2020

When you visit the house CMD368, you will be very impressed at first sight. The items and games are arranged very flexibly and beautifully. Commune function buttons are also focused, making it easy to manipulate.

Many promotion events

Before deciding to choose any playground to attach, players will certainly be interested in the promotions that the bookies bring.

And do not make players disappointed this house Cmd368 constantly brings cult events to accompany the needs of users.

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All these events are held regularly throughout the year, so that players can take the initiative to find out the advantages to take all their experiences to a new level.

  • Welcome Bonus Up to 100%
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Attractive Offers
Attractive Offers

Quick deposit and withdrawal 10-15 min

Deposit and withdrawal is quick and easy. Every time you deposit into CMD368, the minimum amount is $5. This is also the minimum when you want to withdraw money at CMD368.

Absolutely confidential customer information

CMD368 does not use the personal information of your gaming account for other purposes that affect you. This information is only used when dealing, providing the requested service and answering questions. All your transaction and contact information is encrypted and protected with the latest technology. Fraud detection accounts are strictly handled by CMD368.

24/7 support and care

CMD368 has more than 200 employees and technical experts, ready to assist you at all times, even during important holidays and New Year. Other contact methods such as Skype, Live Chat and hotline numbers are all applied by CMD368.

CMD368 – extremely attractive football betting playground

CMD368 answers most questions professionally and gives players the ultimate comfort and experience. Any problems you encounter will be solved quickly and effectively.

Virtual Soccer BEt Online and Sportsbook
Virtual Soccer BEt Online and Sportsbook

In a match, CMD368 usually raises a lot of soccer bet online so that players can freely choose and place bets. But there will be 3 basic types indispensable in any match let’s find out.

4 basic soccer bet online types at the house CMD368

1- Handicap

Handicap betting is the most popular type of betting on football. This type of soccer bet online type made the brand of CMD368 because the odds are high compared to the market. At CMD368, handicaps are divided into 4 types:

  • European handicap
  • Handicap Indo
  • Asian Handicap (Malaysia)
  • Hong Kong handicap

In which the Asian handicap rate is the most popular in the betting world. Because only 2 doors should eat 50/50 probability. However, you can raise the percentage by winning the match before placing a bet. Or the simplest method is to go to famous betting forums such as asianbookie, forum cado, etc refer to the easy match from the bosses.

HDC Soccer Bet Online
HDC Soccer Bet Online

2- Over/Under

Overshow is similar to Asian handicap, only 2 doors for you to choose. The most popular O/U soccer bet online match is based on the total number of goals in the first half or the whole match to determine the winner. You can completely rely on experience, knowledge about football to predict the total number of goals. Types of O/U possible in a match:

  • Handicap Under goals (1st half, all match)
  • The referee Under a yellow card
  • Overshoot penalty corner (1st half, all match)
  • Overcoming Under throw (this type of contract is usually only available in big matches)

A few small experiences when playing O/U at CMD368:

  • Limiting the playing ability to Under goals in matches between the two big teams, because the score is difficult to predict.
  • Handicap of a corner and throw a throw-in can be used in the play of the teams to predict. For example, a team playing a head-on or ball-on-ball deployment has a greater number of corners and throws
  • You should learn the method of rafting when betting this kind of bet.

3- Odds 1 × 2

Odds 1X2 is a popular soccer bet online type in Europe, the bet is very simple, the odds are high, so the bet is very popular. You can bet on the winning team, home team wins or draw match. You can bet the following:

  • 1. Betting Home Winners
  • 2. Bets on Away Winners

4. Running Ball

Running ball experience
Running ball experience

Pick a few matches, before kicking in a Small H1 code for all selected matches. When in stone for about 25-30 minutes, fight Tai H1 less. When the match is over, quit. This type is quite safe and beneficial in the long run.

  • – Choose a few Over. eg 2.75 for example. Wait for it to fall to 2 or 2.25 then go to the Over then go play.
  • – Choose a few games, kick in for> 20 minutes, High winning rate for Over, 1.2, 1.3 something, into a code. Wait until it explodes and return to Over as before, I entered a code. The chance of losing is low because of 2-way fighting. Eating line is the main. For example, if you enter a Over code 2.25 $10  to win 1.23, then go back to a Under code 2.25 to win 1.2 again, that’s OK.
  • – Choose a few matches, wait for Over down to about 0.75-1.0 results compared to the original, hit a code Over. When it explodes, the ability to Under high

Above are the 4 basic soccer bet online types at the house CMD368. Besides that, there are:

  • Correct Score
  • Odd/Even
  • HT/FT
  • Mix Parlay

Find out which type of soccer bet online offer the highest win rates

For many people who have never gambled or new players have said that betting the first-word people were looking for to participate in soccer bet online on the internet, but in fact they Search for such words have any benefit or experience to analyze a betting type then everyone said that it is useless after a long time they searched to actually discover. The information is plentiful online but finding the exact information they need to actually find the keywords they think or not is important.

In real games, whether or not a player is profitable depends on a point that the house always catches, determines the match with a fixed result. With every match we participate in a trend that accounts for only 20%, the remaining 80% is for results that the bookies cannot determine. But ultimately, even though the house does not directly capture it, it always ensures revenue for the company based on the profit.

  • Many experienced soccer bet online experts show that handicap 0.5 – 1 left, 1 left – 1 left 5 has more odds than other markets such as 0 – 0.5 left or 1.5 left or more. Why is it like that? Many people say that the handicap of 0-0.5 is usually lower than the handicap of 0.5 – 1.5, the same as the bigger than 1.5.
  • The simple reason is that if the handicap is too low, these teams can be nearly equal in quality to the team, so the team is considered a lower door but really not the bottom can still win easily.
  • With a handicap of 1.5 or more, many people think that this is the king’s sport everything can happen but the odds of 2 or more left are very rare because if the team is assessed weaker but If you kill in front of the goal, it is difficult for even superheroes to break the thick wall, otherwise the strong team will apply aggressive tactics whenever possible until the score is scored and just want to preserve force for the following matches.
  • It can be seen that the handicap of 0.5 – 1 on the left is the most reasonable bet to ensure a win rate of 70 – 80% with the rest of the player’s judgment. With the equalizer, it is easier to win because the probability of winning is almost 50% because the draw is very rare and is removed by many people. But in the end, the betting type analysis is only for the purpose of gaining more experience for players from such soccer bet online that over time he or she can become a professional.


Hope the information above will help you more or less on the path of professional football betting. If interested, please register an account at the link on CMDd368 to join soccer bet online.