Predict The Score of Sparta Praha vs SFC Opava – 06/10

Predict the football match ratio between Sparta Praha vs SFC Opava in the 29th round of the Czech League, taking place at 16:00 on 06/10/2020.

Predict the score of Sparta Praha vs SFC Opava football

Sparta Praha was disappointed when it was just outside the top 3 leading teams in the rankings. However, the distance is not too far. According to experts predicting the football ratio, if the game focuses and recovers the feeling of the ball, the Sparta Praha players can catch up with the opponent to win a ticket to attend the European Cup next season.

Sparta Praha vs SFC Opava

Even in the comeback match after the Covid 19 pandemic, Sparta Praha had to taste defeat at home against Viktoria Plzen. However, they showed an impressive comeback with successive victories right after that. The attack is showing impressive goalscoring ability when there are matches shooting from 3 goals or more. Obviously, this achievement has helped Sparta Prague players relieve a lot of pressure after previous disappointing matches.

On this side of the pitch, SFC Opava is struggling in the relegation battle when it only takes 2nd place from the bottom to the top of the rankings. They face a lot of difficulties, especially when they play away from home with the last 9 matches not knowing what the smell of victory is, including losing 5 matches. The defense is too lacking in focus when the goalie has to pick the ball up to 10 times in the last 4 matches. With this situation, experts predict the football ratio that an extremely difficult match is waiting for them on the pitch of Sparta Praha.

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Experts are highly appreciating the possibility of winning with a difference ratio for Sparta Praha players. The football prediction specialist of finds this to be completely understandable when they are in high form at the moment, along with a lot of effective goalscoring attacks. Moreover, the opponent SFC Opava is playing poorly on the away field with a loose defense. In addition, in terms of ability, Sparta Praha has a team with much better professional quality.

Soccer odds table for Sparta Praha vs SFC Opava:

Sparta Praha vs SFC Opava


Sparta Praha vs SFC Opava prediction:

Sparta Praha: Heca, Hancko, Stetina, Frydek, Dockal, Krejci, Sacek, Kanga, Moberg Karlsson, Hlozek, Tetteh.

SFC Opava: Fendrich, Rychly, Sus, Helesic, Zidek,  Harazim, Soucek, Djordjic,TZavadil, exl, Jurena.

Result of confrontation between Sparta Praha vs SFC Opava:

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November 3, 2019 – SFC Opava 0-1 Sparta Praha (Round 1: 0-0)

April 27, 2019 – SFC Opava 0-3 Sparta Praha slav (Half 1: 0-1)

November 28, 2018 – SFC Opava 0-0 Sparta Praha (Round 1: 0-0)

Sparta Praha vs SFC Opava

Recent Sparta Prague performance (both at home and away):

June 04, 2020 – Sparta Praha 3-0 Teplice (1st Half: 3-0)

May 31, 2020 – MFK Karvina 1-4 Sparta Praha (Half 1: 1-0)

May 28, 2020 – Sparta Praha 1-2 Viktoria Plzen (Half 1: 0-1)

Recent SFC Opava performance (both home and away):

June 03, 2020 – SFC Opava 0-1 Bohemians 1905 (Round 1: 0-0)

May 31, 2020 – Teplice 2-2 SFC Opava (Half 1: 1-1)

May 27, 2020 – SFC Opava 0-0 MFK Kar (Hiepina 1: 0-0)

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