JBO Vietnam is the first online entertainment platform focusing on Esports and Esports Betting on the market today. Recently, JBO was extremely proud to successfully sign an official sponsorship contract for eSports team, VG Dota 2.


JBO VIETNAM is day by day affirming its reputation

The casino house JBO Vietnam is known as a “rookie” in the online entertainment industry. Although it has just appeared in the market since early 2019, it has quickly attracted the attention of sports lovers, especially the Esports community. The ambition of the casino operator JBO Vietnam is to soon become the leading website in the field of electronic sports betting (Esports). In addition, the house also offers sports betting services and online casino.

It can be seen that this sponsorship contract acts as a milestone marking a memorable milestone on the sponsorship of the teams of online entertainment site JBO , the leading eSports product in Asia today. 

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JBO Vietnam bookmaker currently serves players who are passionate about online entertainment through the main product is esports e-sports . Thousands of the most attractive esports events in the world today are invested by JBO for players every day. Recognizing the great mission of promoting the development of the esports community in Asia, the JBO house always strives to connect esports enthusiasts together. JBO Vietnam hopes that the Esports community can join hands to bring Vietnam’s eSports industry to a new level.

JBO Vietnam has only been born for about 1 year, but has shown the dynamism and relentless efforts to build the esports community of Vietnam through valuable sponsorship activities. Over the past year, the JBO entertainment platform has successfully sponsored many esports teams in the region such as KG DOTA2 (Keen Gaming), KA women’s Esports (Killer Angel), 5Power CSGO. , the Vietnamese team 496 Gaming Dota 2 and the last one is the VG Dota 2 team . JBO Vietnam’s partners are the teams with impressive playing history and constantly making efforts to conquer the esports world .

From a starter, with a dream to be a Giant in the Betting World

JBO Vietnam, with impressive performances in the past year, has created absolute trust with the VG Dota 2 team, and has officially started the journey to conquer the world arena with the VG Dota 2 team. The team is expected to break out soon and become one of the formidable factors in the region.

Game and provider

Currently, the JBO Vietnam bookmaker is focusing on 3 main products:

  • Esports: JBO Vietnam bookmaker provides betting on all esports such as Fifa, League of Legends (LOL), Call of Duty, CS, DOTA 2, KOG, Ow, HS, AOV, Rainbow6, SC2 , RL and warcraft 3.
  • Sports: includes 2 halls which are Sports JBO Vietnam and Sport 90 which bring most of the matchups in all subjects: football, basketball, volleyball, badminton table tennis, boxing.
  • Online Casino: Casino JBO Vietnam also offers card games popular with all Vietnamese players such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger (Dragon Tiger), Roulette or Sicbo (dice).

Not good news for those who love Slot Game. Currently, the JBO Vietnam casino does not yet support any Slot Game, but through discussions with the support staff here, the JBO Vietnam bookmaker promises to soon launch the Slot Game type to meet the needs of the not less players.

Security and payment?

JBO Vietnam currently supports 2 convenient and easy trading methods for players, namely: bank transfer and FastPay. In particular, most players prefer the method of transactions via bank cards.

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JBO Vietnam supports deposit/withdrawal via most major banks in Vietnam such as: Vietinbank, BIDV, Techcombank, Vietcombank, Sacombank, ACB and DongA Bank

  • Minimum deposit of $5 – maximum $10
  • Minimum withdrawal of $10- maximum $ 4 thousand.

Through practical experience, Slot assesses the time of deposit/withdrawal of the JBO Vietnam is fast and convenient so players can feel secure when participating here.

Promotional bonus

Because of being a “rookie”, the JBO Vietnam casino is currently offering promotions, incentives that are very attractive and can be said to be the highest in the market. Highlighted programs include:

  • Bonus 100% when registering for Esports up to $300
  • Bonus 100% when registering for Sports up to $300
  • Free $5 for newly registered members.
  • And especially a 1% daily refund WITHOUT LIMITATION on all products.

What is special about the house of JBO Vietnam?

Not being compared with the previous house, JBO Vietnam casino has been bringing excellent advantages, can compete fairly with other players. Let’s take a look at QuaySlot:

  • Attentive customer care, dedicated.
  • Fast deposit/withdrawal.
  • Frequent practical promotions for players.
  • Regular maintenance, upgrade the system to bring the best experience for players.
  • Constantly launching new products.

In addition to the heavily invested esports product, Asia’s No. 1 entertainment platform – JBO also offers a wide range of entertainment products that are of interest to many players such as sports betting, online casino betting. , online slot games and many other interesting games. Players when registering to become a member of the house JBO Vietnam will enjoy all the strong points reviewed by players below:

– High-class interface, well-invested and extremely user friendly

– Diverse, specialized products, from well-known suppliers in the entertainment market

– Player information is 100% confidential with the most advanced software today

– Diverse and quick payment forms. Instant deposit, easy withdrawal without condition.

– Many promotions, special offers for new members and old members. The average reward is not less than $300 / promotion. Besides, the promotion conditions are also extremely simple, any player can complete.

– Professional customer care, 24/7 support extremely enthusiastic, ready to satisfactorily solve any problems that players encounter.


JBO Casino is known as a “rookie” in the online entertainment industry. Of course, it is still too early to conclude whether the JBO Vietnam casino is reputable and reliable so you can put your trust in playing or not.

However, with the experience at JBO casino for nearly 1 year, JBO VN is really a website worthy for you to consider registering, especially those who like esports by the event JBO successfully signed the official sponsorship contract for eSports team eSports VG Dota 2.

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