Stromsgodset vs Bodo Glimt Prediction | 2020/11/22 | Eredivisie

Performing great form, coupled with the great stability of the majority of the season this year is helping Bodo Glimt continue to show his place in the tournament. Let’s follow Stromsgodset vs Bodo Glimt Prediction in Eredivisie on 22/11/2020.

And in the next round, just marching to the field of a Stromsgodset that does not really stand out will continue to be another opportunity for the visitors to show their strength.

Stromsgodset vs Bodo Glimt Prediction

Norway: Tippeligaen


  • Match date: 7:00pm on Sunday 22nd November 2020
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 25th


Match Facts:   

Stromsgodset vs Bodo Glimt Prediction:

Asian handicap Prediction | Stromsgodset vs Bodo Glimt Prediction:

Handicap Odds: 1.25

With the superior level, Bodo Glimt is still a team that is more appreciated than Stromsgodset in this match through the handicap of 1.25. Obviously, the great stability of the visitors will make it really difficult for the homeowner to get a score in the upcoming match. Bodo Glimt is still showing a very effective game this season when the attackers are rich in potential while the defense is always very focused and organized, which is what makes the team strong. 

A task that is too difficult for Stromsgodset especially when the home team has not performed well in the past part of the season.

Moreover, it should be known that Bodo Glimt is also maintaining a very convincing away form with only 2 failures in 12 trips away from home since the beginning of the season. An extremely impressive achievement and will definitely make Stromsgodset wary when the home team has only exactly 2 wins in 11 matches played at the previous home.

The advantage of the spirit of excitement, along with the quality of personnel, allows Bodo Glimt to play proactively and plan against Stromsgodset and it is likely to continue to get 3 points in this confrontation.

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In the next match, the Bodo Glimt team is considered the superior team when handicapping the other team.  

→ From the odds by CMD368 bookmaker, the best pick: Bodo Glimt -0.5 HT, Bodo Glimt -1.25 FT

Over Under Prediction

Odds: 3.5

Having suffered exactly 1 defeat in 24 rounds since the beginning of the season, Bodo Glimt is showing a resolution to reclaim the throne this season. Up to now, 65 points are still helping them to dominate completely on the chart with 18 points difference compared to the chasing group. Everything is still too open and this is the time when Bodo Glimt needs to continue to show his sublimation.

Meanwhile, with Stromsgodset, the home team is going through an extremely precarious period when a series of 10 consecutive rounds of no winning smell makes this team still cheating in the bottom group of the rankings. Only 24 points are owned after 24 games played and Stromsgodset is only 13th at the moment. The fluff of the game is still an issue and having to welcome a Bodo Glimt who is outperforming will continue to be a challenge for Stromsgodset. It is likely to have quite a few goals scored.

Therefore, our expert believes that OVer will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

→ Pick Stromsgodset vs Bodo Glimt Prediction:  Over 

Stromsgodset vs Bodo Glimt Prediction

Prediction of the match result:

Bodo Glimt won all 5 of his previous clashes with Stromsgodset. This will definitely give the away team more bases to be confident in the next rematch. Obviously, the huge volatility of the home team in the past will be an impossible advantage that Bodo Glimt can take advantage of and continue to show his desire to take the throne.

Our prediction of the match result Stromsgodset vs Bodo Glimt:

  • Stromsgodset 0-2 Bodo Glimt (1st half)
  • Stromsgodset 1-3 Bodo Glimt (Full Time)

1×2 Odds Betting: 

  • Odds from CMD368: updating
  • Stromsgodset vs Bodo Glimt Prediction: Bodo Glimt to win (Full Time)

The European odds show an overwhelming for Bodo Glimt when their food is 1.50 while the Stromsgodset figure is already 5.50. There weren’t many chances for Stromsgodset to surprise Bodo Glimt in this match as the visitors were still outperforming. Bodo Glimt is expected to continue to win and consolidate his first place.

Expected Team Stromsgodset vs Bodo Glimt

Stromsgodset:  V. Myhra, P. Mendy, D. Tchamba, J. Glesnes, Vilsvik, M. Maigaard, J. Ipalibo, H. Stengel, Mawa, Salvesen, Tokstad.

Bodo / Glimt:  Berg, Bjorkan, Brunstad Fet, Jens Petter Hauge, Junker, Nikita Haikin, Marius Lode, Mathias Moe, Saltnes, Sampsted, Zinckernagel.

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