Sturm Graz vs Monaco Prediction | Europa League | 12/09

Sturm Graz vs Monaco prediction: Sturm Graz vs Monaco will have a meeting in the final round of the Europa League group stage. With the current score on the table, Group G has closed the book for the next two names and the results in this match will not affect the situation in the group. Will the psychological comfort and nature of the game be innocuous, will the two teams give viewers the goal party?

Sturm Graz vs Monaco Prediction


  • Match date: 05:45 p.m – 2021/12/09
  • Event: UEFA Europa League
  • Stage: Matchday 6th
  • Location: Merkur Arena



Into the net to pick up the ball 9 times and only leave a mark with 2 goals in the last 5 matches in the Europa League, Sturm Graz continues to disappoint with their poor performance. Thereby, they still hold the last position on the table with 1 point obtained after 5 rounds. This bad achievement is not surprising given the poor performance of the team. Obviously, at a somewhat overwhelming playground, Sturm Graz is still quite immature with their play. Experience and qualifications are too big barriers for them to have a say in the C2 Cup. And if there are no surprises, the next catastrophic defeat awaits the team.

Sturm Graz vs Monaco Prediction

In the remaining route, Monaco is still unbeaten in this year’s Europa League campaign. Specifically, teachers and coaches Niko Kovač won 3 draws 2 in the last 5 matches. Thereby helping the team soon rise to the top and be sure for a ticket to the next step. The scoring performance of the representative from Ligue 1 is very impressive with over 1.75 goals per game. Not only that, Monaco also showed the certainty of its defense when only 3 times in the net to pick up the ball. Besides, the victory over Metz in the domestic arena with a score of 4 – 0 is also a very good stepping stone for this team to move towards the next beneficial result. This is the premise for them to hope for a successful season.

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This season also witnessed Monaco’s attacking form with an extremely impressive scoring performance. Meanwhile, Sturm Graz is still having a hard time preserving their net, a weak defense is hard to avoid a disastrous defeat in this match.

Select: Over 3 FT.


Monaco is one of the leading competitors in France, and their achievements at this playground are also extremely impressed with many years in the top 4. Thereby helping to increase the frequency of this team to the European arena. Europe is quite large, obviously the strength and experience of “Les Rouge” cannot be underestimated. Not only that, but this season also witnessed an extremely stable performance of the team. Having not lost any matches, overcoming Real Sociedad with a score of 2 – 1 to rise to the top is the clearest proof of that.

On the other side, Sturm Graz is the sole representative from Austria, it is clear that the performance of this team is not too impressed with the last place in Group B. Poor performance with a somewhat poor play, they are constantly being exploited by their opponents in an absolute way. And the welcome here, obviously, is more or less good for the team.

Select: Monaco FT.

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European odds highly appreciate Monaco’s ability to win. Thanks to the much superior strength and personnel, “Les Rouge” is fully trusted by experts for this fight. Obviously, the performance of the team is still very stable and it should be remembered that Monaco easily defeated Sturm Graz in the first leg. As for the home team, this continues to be a completely failed season for them. From the way the attack is deployed to the defense, Sturm Graz is causing many disappointments. And before the top 1 representative of Group B, failure is predictable for them. 

Sturm Graz vs Monaco Prediction

Select: Monaco FT.

Sturm Graz vs Monaco Prediction:​​ Sturm Graz 1 – 4 Monaco FT (0-2 H1).


Sturm Graz: Siebenhandl, Wuthrich, Dante, Affengruber, Gazibegovic, Kuen, Stankovic, Yeboah, Hierlander, Kiteishvili, Sarkaria.

Monaco: Nubel, Aguilar, Disasi, Maripan, Henrique, Martins, Fofana, Ben Yedder, Golovin, Tchouameni, Volland.

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