Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu Prediction | 28/06/2020

The match review to the football Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu prediction in the K-LEAGUE CLASSIC about the 2 teams’ current forms from 2 competing teams and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match H2H matches, goal stats, table standings ranking, qualities, and match possible match result. The Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.




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 Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu prediction


 Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu prediction

HEAD-to-HEAD (H2H): 

 Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu prediction

Recorded from 2017 to now



 Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu prediction



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  • With a poor start, Suwon Bluewings in today’s match is expected to face many difficulties when their opponent is Sangju Sangmu.
  • Currently the home team after 8 rounds only get 8 points. In those 8 rounds, they were only winning 2 draws 2 and losing to 4
 Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu prediction

Possible Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu prediction 

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  • On the side of Sangju Sangmu, the visitors were ranked 3rd in the table with 14 points, with 4 wins and 2 draws, 2 losses against the visitors who were completely confident to reclaim the debt lost to Suwon here.
  • Need to know, Sangju Sangmu currently has 2 consecutive rounds of victory and that will be a stepping stone to help them get 3 points in today’s match.
  • Regarding the debt of the two teams in the past, our experts have listed in the last 9 encounters, Sangju Sangmu only had 1 win against Suwon. The remaining 2 teams have drawn 3 times and Suwon defeated the visitors to 5 matches.
  • Therefore, even if there is a superior position compared to the opponent in the rankings, the visitors Sangju Sangmu is still relatively underrated in today’s match. However, it must be emphasized that the only victory that Sangju had in the series of confrontations was the most recent match. And it was the match that Sangju won with a difference of 3 goals as well as a total of 4-1.

Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu prediction TIP:


  • With the result of the confrontation, maybe today will be an extremely difficult day for the visitors but just keeping the morale of the game, Sangju still has the ability to make the home team empty-handed.
  • In addition, it should be known that Suwon Bluewings won only the last 1/4 home game this season, the rest they lost 2 and drew 1.
  • Meanwhile, Sangju is unbeaten in all 3 times. Consecutive visitors with 2 draws and 1 victory.
  • Having to be a guest before the team is not as formidable as Suwon Bluewings, Sangju Sangmu is expected to continue to win the points to maintain their 3rd place.

Our Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu prediction for this match is:

  • Select Sangju Sangmu +0.5 HT;  Sangju Sangmu +0.5 FT


  • In the last 7 matches played by Sangju Sangmu, 6 times recorded results from 2 goals or less. The fact that Sangju Sangmu has a good position on the table says no exaggeration, there is a huge contribution of tight and disciplined defense.
  • They often play stalking, slowly and wait for opportunities or gaps to appear and make full use of those opportunities to punish opponents
  • Having to play away, maybe Sangju Sangmu will continue to play this style of play.
  • Therefore, it is difficult for a team with an ineffective attack like Suwon Bluewings to score goals against Sangju Sangmu visitors.
  • Therefore, it will be a drought scenario for this encounter.
  • Select: UNDER 2 FT

Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu Prediction | 28/06/2020


  • European trusses show the advantage of Suwon Bluewings with a ratio of 2.47 to 3.2 on the side of Sangju Sangmu. That advantage comes mainly from Suwon Bluewings playing at home.
  • However, given the current situation and situation, Sangju Sangmu will definitely not let Suwon Bluewings’ yard advantages take effect. Even if done as well as the previous match, Sangju Sangmu can completely think of taking 3 points out.
  • Select: Sangju Sangmu Full-time to win

FINAL SCORE Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu PREDICTION: 0-1

In the last 2 encounters, Suwon Bluewings all had adverse results when Sangju Sangmu held 1 match and defeated 1 match. Moreover, the performance of Sangju Sangmu this season is much scarier than previous years. So it is not easy for the home team to retain all 3 points.

Our Suwon Bluewings vs Sangju Sangmu prediction that Sangju Sangmu will win.

  • Suwon Bluewings 0-0 Sangju Sangmu HT
  • Suwon Bluewings 0-1 Sangju Sangmu FT


  • Suwon Bluewings: No Dong Geon, Doneil Henry, Park Dae-Won, Jun-Jae Myung, Sang-min Lee, Seung-Beom Ko, Lee Jong Sung, Hong Chul, Kim Min-Woo, Adam Taggart, Yeom Ki Hun.

Sangju Sangmu: Hwang Byeong Geun, Tae-hyeon Ahn, Kwon Kyung Won, Kim Jin Hyeok; Jae-woo Bae, Kang Sangwoo, Han Suk Jong; Kim Min Hyeok, Yong-uh Park, Song Seung Min, Jin Sung Wook.

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