Suwon FC vs Daegu FC Prediction – K League 1 – 05/01

Suwon FC vs Daegu FC prediction on May 01, 2021. Suwon City FC vs Daegu FC will meet each other within the 13th round of K League 1. Despite the slow start of the season with five consecutive wins at the bottom of the standings, suddenly Daegu FC miraculously accelerated with a series of 3 consecutive wins. Whether this trip will continue to win to bring a beneficial result or not when Suwon City FC is not a strong team at the moment.

Suwon FC Overview

Suwon FC vs Daegu FC Prediction

Suwon FC quickly tasted the rigors of Korea’s highest playing field as a rookie. Although they played extremely hard, it only helped them retain a few wins or draw very little. It can be said that those good results are only enough for Suwon FC to keep a close distance from the opponents above, but not enough to help them escape the position of the table until the present time of the season.

Daegu FC Overview

Suwon FC vs Daegu FC Prediction

Daegu FC had a pretty bad start again, having consistently played and lost throughout the early part of the season. However, things are slowly getting back on track with this team when they only have to lose the only time after the last 7 rounds in K League 1, the rest are 2 draws and 4 wins, including 3. consecutive victories are owned. That achievement brought Daegu FC to the top half of the standings.

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Past Encounters

Suwon FC vs Daegu FC Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Suwon FC vs Daegu FC prediction

In 5 matches against each other, the two teams have a certain balance in the number of wins and losses, but with a bad form of the home team and an unimpressive performance in recent times, it shows that they are even less than against the opponent. On the other hand, the remarkable progress of Daegu FC in the past time makes us feel very reassured, statistically, they have won 3 wins in the last 3 matches.

Suwon FC vs Daegu FC Prediction: Choose Daegu FC

European Bet

As a team that possesses a strict counter-attacking style, Daegu FC is effective in its tactics with 3 recent wins. The performance is very good with the series of days flying high on the charts, experts say that nothing unexpected will happen. A win is inevitable for the away team for this matchup.

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Suwon FC vs Daegu FC Prediction

Choose Daegu FC (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Suwon FC vs Daegu FC prediction

The two teams don’t have really strong playstyle, they are inclined to take a controlling and steady stance. Despite having many victories, but the few goals after 3 matches with the latest 1 – 0 score, shows that Daegu FC did not overwhelm the opponent in this match with a separate score.

Suwon FC vs Daegu FC Prediction: Choose Under 2.25


Suwon City FC: Dong Geon, Hong Chul, Min Sang Gi, Ku Ja Ryoung, Myeong Seok, Sung Geun, Saric, Hyung Jin, Taggart, Waguininho, You Ju An.

Daegu FC: Cho Hyun Woo, Park Byung Hyun, Hong Jung Woon, Kim Woo Seok, Kim Jun Yub, Hwang Soon Min, Nishi, Cesinha, Jin Hyeok, Kim Dae Won, Dario da Silva.

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