SV Mattersburg vs SCR Altach Prediction | Match Preview

SV Mattersburg vs SCR Altach prediction will at long last face each other inside Austria Bundesliga. 02.06.2020 is the day when the insights are vulnerable. Demonstrable skill, tolerance, and want to win are eventually solid in the two groups, so making expectations is getting muddled. Football specialists and fans can’t concur about the conceivable result of the matchup.

The recent encounters of the two groups show high winning possibilities. The battle will be genuine. Try not to pass up on a chance to help your preferred group and make the most of their triumph. 

SV Mattersburg vs SCR Altach Prediction

SV Mattersburg vs SCR Altach pre-match stats

Austria BundesligaSV MattersburgSCR Altach22.02.20200-0
Austria BundesligaSCR AltachSV Mattersburg29.09.20190-2
Austria BundesligaSV MattersburgSCR Altach04.05.20190-0
Austria BundesligaSCR AltachSV Mattersburg30.03.20192-1
Austria BundesligaSV MattersburgSCR Altach27.10.20181-1
Austria BundesligaSCR AltachSV Mattersburg28.07.20182-3
Austria BundesligaSV MattersburgSCR Altach05.05.20180-1
Austria BundesligaSCR AltachSV Mattersburg24.02.20181-1
Austria BundesligaSV MattersburgSCR Altach18.11.20171-0
Austria BundesligaSCR AltachSV Mattersburg27.08.20171-0
Europe FriendliesWolfsberger ACSV Mattersburg26.05.20203-0
Austria BundesligaSV MattersburgLASK Linz08.03.20200-1
Austria BundesligaRapid ViennaSV Mattersburg01.03.20203-1
Austria BundesligaSV MattersburgSCR Altach22.02.20200-0
Austria BundesligaSK Sturm GrazSV Mattersburg16.02.20201-2
Europe FriendliesSV MattersburgSK Lisen08.02.20204-1
Europe FriendliesSV MattersburgSV Kapfenberg05.02.20202-0
Europe FriendliesSV MattersburgCova de Piedade28.01.20201-0
Europe FriendliesSV MattersburgFCM Traiskirchen21.01.20209-0
Europe FriendliesSV MattersburgFK Austria Vienna II17.01.20204-0
Austria BundesligaFC Flyeralarm AdmiraSCR Altach07.03.20202-0
Austria BundesligaSCR AltachFC Salzburg02.03.20203-2
Austria BundesligaSV MattersburgSCR Altach22.02.20200-0
Austria BundesligaSCR AltachFK Austria Vienna15.02.20202-2
Europe FriendliesSCR AltachMFK Ruzomberok30.01.20203-1
Europe FriendliesFC ZurichSCR Altach18.01.20201-0
Austria BundesligaSt PoltenSCR Altach14.12.20190-3
Austria BundesligaSK Sturm GrazSCR Altach08.12.20191-2
Austria BundesligaSCR AltachWolfsberger AC01.12.20192-1
Austria BundesligaHartbergSCR Altach24.11.20192-1

SV Mattersburg vs SCR Altach prediction Trends/Tips


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  • SV Mattersburg has lost 3 games.
  • 4 SV Mattersburg previous matches produced 1 goal.
  • SV Mattersburg has conceded 7 goals in their last 3 fixtures.
  • SV Mattersburg has a big yellow card list: 47 of them.


  • SCR Altach has only 3 losses in 10 matches.
  • SCR Altach is 4 matches unbeaten at home.
  • In every of the last 3 home games, SCR Altach has scored at least 2 times.
  • SCR Altach already has 3 red cards: Martin Kobras, Matthias Maak.
  • SCR Altach already has 40 yellow cards.

Head-to-Head SV Mattersburg vs SCR Altach prediction (H2H):

  1. 2020-02-22 SV MATTERSBURG – SCR ALTACH 0-0
  2. 2019-09-29 SCR ALTACH – SV MATTERSBURG 0-2
  3. 2018-10-27 SV MATTERSBURG – SCR ALTACH 1-1
  4. 2018-07-28 SCR ALTACH – SV MATTERSBURG 2-3
  5. 2018-05-05 SV MATTERSBURG – SCR ALTACH 0-1
  6. 2018-02-24 SCR ALTACH – SV MATTERSBURG 1-1
  7. 2017-11-18 SV MATTERSBURG – SCR ALTACH 1-0
  8. 2017-08-27 SCR ALTACH – SV MATTERSBURG 1-0
  9. 2017-05-20 SV MATTERSBURG – SCR ALTACH 1-0
  10. 2017-03-11 SCR ALTACH – SV MATTERSBURG 3-0

Teams squads SV Mattersburg

Patrick Burger32Forward18785Right33
Nedeljko Malic32Defender19285Right4
Martin Pusic32Forward18580Left19
Florian Hart30Defender17669Right12
Lukas Rath28Defender18380Left18
Patrick Salomon31Midfielder17870Right21
Alois Holler31Midfielder19282Right8
Thorsten Mahrer30Defender19181Right31
Markus Kuster26Guard19482Right1
Fabian Miesenbock26Midfielder17369Left7
Andreas Kuen25Midfielder17574Left30
Philipp Erhardt26Defender18569Right6
Michael Lercher24Defender17769Left5
Marko Kvasina23Forward19482Right9
Tino Casali24Guard19182Right13
Andreas Gruber24Midfielder17470Left11
Julius Ertlthaler23Midfielder16962Right23
Christoph Halper22Midfielder17667Right14
Bernhard Unger21Guardn/an/an/a28
Victor Olatunji20Forwardn/an/an/a20
Michael Steinwender20Defendern/an/an/a3
Stephan Schimandl21Midfieldern/an/an/a24
Manuel Salaba20Guardn/an/an/a22
David Nemeth19Defender191n/an/a2
Nico Pichler22Midfieldern/an/an/a15

SV Mattersburg vs SCR Altach prediction

Teams squads SCR Altach

Philipp Netzer34Midfielder18882Left5
Sidney Sam32Midfielder17468Left10
Florian Jamnig29Midfielder18370Both17
Martin Kobras33Guard18280Right1
Emanuel Schreiner31Defender17974Left16
Alain Wiss29Defender18076Right15
Jan Zwischenbrugger29Defender18780Right18
Marco Meilinger28Midfielder18173Left11
Matthias Maak28Defender19288Right31
Reuf Durakovic26Guard19692Right33
Berkay Dabanli29Defender19080Both2
Christian Gebauer26Midfielder187n/aRight7
Frantz Pangop27Midfielder17975Right27
Emir Karic22Midfielder18670Left19
Manfred Fischer24Midfielder17972Right30
Ousmane Diakite19Forward188n/an/a12
Julio Villalba21Forward17472Rightn/a
Benjamin Ozegovic20Guard18481Right24
Daniel Nussbaumer20Forward18865Right26
Johannes Tartarotti20Midfieldern/an/an/a20
Philipp Schmiedl22Forward187n/aRight6
Manuel Thurnwald21Defender17268Right34
Ogulcan Bekar19Forwardn/an/an/an/a
Lars Nussbaumer19Midfieldern/an/an/a13
Samuel Oum Gouet22Midfielder185n/aRight4
Jakob Odehnal18Guardn/an/an/a32
Aljaz Casar19Midfieldern/an/an/a23
Leo Matzler18Defendern/an/an/a21

SV Mattersburg vs SCR Altach prediction Performance analysis

SV Mattersburg: 

  • Best scorers:, Martin Pusic – 3; Andreas Gruber – 9, Andreas Kuen – 4
  • Best help suppliers: Andreas Kuen – 7, Patrick Salomon – 4, Patrick Burger – 2; 
  • Penalty cards: Patrick Salomon red card x 6, Thorsten Mahrer red card x 6, Fabian Miesenbock red card x 5; 

SCR Altach: 

  • Best scorers: Jan Zwischenbrugger – 4, Sidney Sam – 5, Mergim Berisha – 7; 
  • Best help suppliers: Mergim Berisha – 6, Sidney Sam – 5, Christian Gebauer – 3;
  • Penalty cards: Martin Kobras red card x 2, Matthias Maak red card x 1 red card x 1, Anderson red card x 5;


  • SCR Altach has won 30% of their last 20 home class games and Mattersburg has lost 60% of their last 20 away alliance games. 
  • The last time Mattersburg won away in the class was 1 game prior to Admira. The last time SCR Altach lost a homegroup game was 2 matches prior to SK Sturm Graz. 
  • SCR Altach last kept a spotless sheet at home in their last game, and have kept 2 clean sheets in their last 20 home games. Mattersburg last neglected to score away in the class 2 games back and have missed the net in 5 of their last 20 away group games. 
  • Of the 6 class games SCR Altach has succeeded at home, they scored initial multiple times. Of the 12 away games, Mattersburg has lost, they yielded initial multiple times. 


  • 75% of SCR Altach’s last 20 home class games have finished with Both groups scoring. They won 4, 7 draws and lost 4 of those games. 
  • 60% of Mattersburg’s last 20 away class games finished with the two groups scoring, they won 3, drew 8 and lost 1 of those games. 
  • The last time SCR Altach neglected to score at home in the class was a 0-1 misfortune to Admira in March this year. 
  • The last time Mattersburg fended a clear sheet off in the association was in a 2-0 win against Admira in April this year.