Tenerife vs Malaga Prediction | La Liga 16/06/2020

The match review to the football Tenerife vs Malaga prediction in the Primeira Liga of Segunda Division about the 2 teams’ performance and the most current matches of the teams, the match stats, H2H encounters, goal stats, table standings ranking, qualities, and match possible outcome. The Tenerife vs Malaga prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

Tenerife vs Malaga Prediction


SpainSpain: Segunda Division

2020-06-15 21:30 TENERIFE – MALAGA

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  • Match date: 7:30 pm on Monday 15th June 2020
  • Event: Segunda Division
  • Stage: Matchday 33rd
  • Location: Heliodoro Rodríguez López



Tenerife vs Malaga Prediction






Tenerife vs Malaga Prediction

Goal statistics:

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Goal statistics: TENERIFE

Goal statistics: MALAGA



  • Tenerife is not much better because the home team is only 3 points lower than the relegation group, but the performance of Vegas teachers and teachers is extremely impressive and they are playing at home this match.
  • Tenerife had to taste bitter fruits right after returning to La Liga 2 after the Covid-19 epidemic. At home of Fuenlabrada, they were unable to create really dangerous situations and received defeat with the score 0-1.
  • However, according to experts, rushing to underestimate this collective is very wrong. This is only the 2nd defeat they have to receive after the last 7 matches. On the other hand, Tenerife has not lost in 2 consecutive games since December 15, 2019. They know how to come back after stumbling.
Tenerife vs Malaga Prediction
Tenerife vs Malaga Prediction


  • Not many people dare to believe that a Malaga once “stormed” in La Liga is now diving at the end of the rankings in the 2nd division of bullfighting. Not only that, but the relegation class also has not let go of teachers and coach Garcia when Malaga is more than 2 points with the red light on the group.
  • Malaga is a poor team. They just had to fail 1-3 in a trip to Huesca’s yard. Before that, this group has never been able to extend the victory circuit to exceed the number 3 in this season.

Tenerife vs Malaga Prediction tip:


  • Statistics show that the 4 most recent confrontations took place with a tight posture when Under. Speaking of which, Tenerife also has a series of 5 matches ending without more than 2 goals.
  • On the other side of the battle line, in the last 10 matches, Malaga has exactly 10 goals, an average of 1 goal/game. Since then, today’s expert experts said that the betting population chose this game.
  • Select Malaga and UNDER


  • The home turf is Tenerife’s biggest bright spot this season. They are always ready to make any opponent here. In the last 8 matches, this team won 6 victories. Their only defeat was before a Bilbao who was so different in class.
  • Meanwhile, Malaga’s away record only brings disappointment. 1 win is all they have after the last 10 matches. This team can play not bad but always deadlock when trying to bring the ball close to the opponent’s penalty area.
  • Back to the home team, the balance between defense and defense is an extremely important factor contributing to Tenerife’s current position (12) in the rankings. They respectively have 36 goals in addition to 37 goals (-1), an acceptable achievement for the team.
  • CHOOSE: Tenerife
  • or Tenerife easily got the door with a handicap of 1/4 left before Malaga. And today’s matchmaker experts also said that betting people should choose the home team, Tenerife


  • Malaga’s only fulcrum certainly comes from confrontational history. Remember, however, apart from 2 victories over Tenerife in the 2018 seasons; 2019. All the remaining clashes arrived 10 years ago; 11 even 14 years.
  • Choose Tenerife to win


  • Tenerife:  Perez, Saenz, Ruiz, Hernandez, Milla, Jimenez, Rodriguez, Acosta, , Camille, Malbasic, Naranjo.
  • Malaga: Munir, Hernandez, Torres, Cifu, Ricca, N’Diaye, Recio, Santos, Gonzalez, Juankar, Harper.

Expected Goals Tenerife vs Malaga prediction Prediction

Tenerife vs Malaga Prediction

Tenerife had to taste bitter fruits right after returning to La Liga 2 after the Covid-19 epidemic. At the home of Fuenlabrada, they were unable to create really dangerous situations and received defeat with a score of 0-1.

Experts say Tenerife vs Malaga prediction the final score:

  • 0-0 or 1-1 (H1: 0-0)
  • Tenerife vs Malaga: 1-0
  • Tenerife won 1-0


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