The Best Tips To Play Shooting Fish

You are a person with a deep passion for online shooting fish and daily hard work but the level is not as expected. In fact, besides practicing hard training through each game, you must equip more effective methods. In today’s content, we will share with you guys the experience of playing an easy-to-play fishing game that the high-ranking players apply. Refer now to draw your own secret!

Choose a game to play

Do you agree that among the hundreds of shooting fish games in the market, choosing a game to play a lot of difficulties? Every game is touted with beautiful words, but when you’re playing, you’re bored. The reason may be simply that the game reward given is not attractive enough for you and you are not patient enough to try all the games.

So you should play shooting fish games that are very popular like Cash Fish, Sea Raider, Fishing King … Those are the games with a beautiful interface, lively sound and extremely attractive reward mechanism. Moreover, these are games of famous game publishers. Certainly, the professionalism of the game maker will help you get a good, smooth, no-hassle shooting game.

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The Best Tips To Play Shooting Fish

Choose a playroom

Each shooting fish game has three separate playrooms on a low to a high level. The first and second rooms are for newcomers and inexperienced people. And the third room is for those who have a lot of points, lots of gold and lots of experience.

You need to consider who you are among the player rankings to choose the appropriate playing room. Do not choose a high-class room when you do not have the ability and not confident to win. Stubbornness only makes you lose more money.

Observe the movement speed of the fish

Very, many of you ignore this feature when playing shooting fish. Usually, right after logging into the game you will load bullets, select the bet and then press the gun repeatedly to screen to catch the fish you want. But you do not notice that: although the fish appear on the screen at the same time, not all fish speed is the same.

Usually, the smaller fish will move slower than the average fish. Slow-moving fish will make it easier for you to shoot, fast-moving fish or missed targets that make you shoot over and over again very time-consuming.

However, this rule does not apply to huge bonuses such as sharks or Arowana, because such bosses you will need to take a lot of bullets for once to defeat it.

This situation occurs frequently during the game, not at any time during the fish season or the big fish party.

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Aim at bonus targets

Do not know if you have noticed, the additional bonus targets such as dice bubbles, iridescent fish, pearls … though less likely to appear, it is easy to shoot down every time. You only need to see it move slowly, smoothly moving toward the middle of the screen (moving across the screen) so you can focus on shooting it. The chance of dying is usually 90%.

Because the path is long, the movement speed is slow, the possibility of high death will help you disassemble them easily. In addition, the rewards that they earn for you are not only the normal number of points you receive but also 2-6 times. 

So you should not only pay attention to the fish but also need to pay attention to the additional bonus targets when playing shooting fish.

Do not try to chase hidden fish

The Best Tips To Play Shooting Fish

In online shooting fish games, you will see fish hiding under moss or rocks. According to the rules of the game, when you defeat a fish, the amount of reward you receive will increase from 20% to 30% of the original reward. The prize is so attractive that many players try to shoot bullets to catch that fish. The thing they forgot was that those fish were difficult to catch and had a very low hit rate. The persistence to shoot for it only makes you spend bullets that suppose if you can shoot it is not necessarily capital recovery.

With this fish, you should only shoot it when the following four convergence: cover two-thirds of the body when covered in rocks and moss; Slow swimming speed and little fish screen.


The experience is nothing too difficult to implement, on the contrary, it is quite easy so you should apply them when playing shooting fish. They will help you quickly conquer the screenplay and get the number of bonus points you desire.

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