The fact after CMD368 arrest incident!

Online betting or football betting has become a development field and brings a lot of profits in the betting market. Currently, there is much information about CMD368 arrest, so is this accurate or not? Is the reputation of this bookmaker still maintained after the CMD368 arrest incident? Please follow the following article to clarify.

The fact after CMD368 arrest incident!

1. Where is the truth about Cmd368 being captured?

CMD368 has been registered and licensed to operate by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority), a large company specializing in evaluating and certifying legal bets for bookmakers. CMD368 must accept extremely strict conditions regarding the operation of the games to ensure fairness to the players.

CMD368 has no sign to stop flourish

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After this CMD368 arrest information appears, we investigate to find out that this information is incorrect. Just fabricated facts, the CMD368 arrest information is generated from different competitors’ bookies. The purpose is to compete with other bookmakers and reduce the reputation of the opponent. Therefore, the relevant information about the CMD368 arrest is completely false.

Expanding Services at CMD368
Expanding Services at CMD368

The fact that CMD368 arrest is inaccurate only when confirmed by the player and the longtime players at this house will prove it to be true. Otherwise, other inferences are not accepted.

2. CMD368 Arrest is True?

If this bookmaker cheated and CMD368 arrest, it will not work for long. But the betting house CMD368 has been operating in the world for 6-8 and formed in the Asian market for the next 2 years now. Must comply with the certification from the certification business that transactions between CMD368 and players are monitored and must occur quickly.

3. Mobile version of CMD368

The fact after CMD368 arrest incident!

CMD368 Bookmaker is an internationally reputable online casino and soccer betting. Currently, there are many reputable bookmakers joing in the betting market, In order to make a difference, the betting house CMD68 has created a new style different from the other bookies including CMD368 mobile application to better serve players.

The fact after CMD368 arrest incident!

CMD368 Mobile version supports IOS, Android and Computer Mode

  • CMD368 mobile’s main interface color is blue. Create a sense of comfort, more comfortable when participating in betting.
  • Models of beautiful, young online casinos attract players when visiting this betting house.
  • CMD368 uses animated chibi characters to create a lively and fun game for entertaining. The games offered by Cmd368 are loved by players with very attractive bets for players.
  • CMD368 mobile gets professionally designed, a modern online poker room that allows approximately 150,000 people to entertain and with great payouts. This is a different feature known to some other bookmakers today.
  • Support for phone lines, tablet lines, easy manipulation helps players to update the match information and bet directly very easily.
  • In addition to the eye-catching interface of CMD368, there are also attractive CMD368 promotions that attract a large number of players to participate. With many promotions being marketed. If the player registers to join the house Cmd368, they will receive a reward of up to $900.
  • Eye-catching interface, easy to use, diverse by CMD368 mobile with smartphones today. The betting house CMD368 is attracting a lot of players today.

4.  CMD368 offers in the middle of pandemic season COVID-19

Followed by the CMD368 mobile, before the complicated situation of the epidemic, all sports in the world must be halted. The most affected is football, as all major tournaments around the world are postponed indefinitely. So without football, what will you bet on this season? Actually, there are many options for ae such as online casino (there are affected by the pandemic but not many), slots game, shooting fish, virtual sports, etc.

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And CMD368 has provided a lot of promotions during this codid-19 pandemic season for you to choose, let’s take a look at these super hot promotions.

4.1 Give $5 free at Slotsgame

This is the 2nd free promotion of CMD368. The bonus is $5 free to place bets in the slots game.

Operating time: March 28, 2020, 00:00 to 23:59 April 16, 2020 (GMT + 8)

To receive this promotion, you only need to register for an account then contact the online support on the CMD368 homepage and request a bonus. In addition, ae can also send mail to to receive promotions.

This promotion can be withdrawn up to a maximum of $20. Registration without charge has the opportunity to make money this season.

4.2 Bonus 100% deposit game shooting fish

Load as much reward as much !! The maximum amount of bonus received is $30. Shooting fish game is no stranger to ae. This is a very easy “big bang” game, with this promotion ae can confidently hunt for terrible fish.

Promotion period from: March 28, 2020, to April 28, 2020, 23:59 (GMT + 8)

If you are a hobbyist, do not miss this promotion of CMD368!

4.3 Bonus 200% deposit at online Casino

This is a special promotion for you to play casino at CMD368. The participation policy is also very simple and the offer is divided into 3 phases:

  • Once in 1 brother, it will receive 80% up to $100.
  • Second and third installments were 60% up to $50.
  • Promotion period from: 00:00, March 28, 2020 and ends at 00:00 (GMT + 8) April 28, 2020.
  • The maximum amount of bonus that can be received in this promotion is $200. To receive this promotion, just contact the online support staff on the homepage of CMD368. Then provide your username and deposit amount, the bonus will be added to the Casino wallet within 24 hours.

In addition, CMD368 also offers 2 other promotions:

  • Bonus up to $50 at Poker
  • Bonus 66% deposit up to $200 at Slots game

With these 5 promotions, you don’t need to worry about running out of money when betting at CMD368. Register an account to join now offline !!!

4.4 A few other promotions at CMD368:

  • Free every Friday up to $50
  • Receive a 50% Bonus Up to $100 at the Casino


Those above mentions are just in this pandemic season, apart from those promotions, daily and permanent offers are running into player’s pocket as usual.

5. Conclude

Through this CMD368 arrest article, it was proved that CMD368 arrest rumor is not correct, right. If the house is cheated and CMD368 arrest is true, the present exploding development of this betting site can not stand still up to now. This is not to mention the flourishment of CMD368 and CMD368 mobile still has no signs of stopping and bringing the best experience for players.

Be a smart gambler, should understand and accurately grasp the insights. The betting house CMD368 is always a prestigious and attractive betting site. Hoping that the player will choose for themselves the best house, suitable for themselves and to experience exciting moments. Wishing the players more luck and more success!

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