The fastest FB88 withdrawal instructions

Perhaps after winning the betting house, the first thing that players usually do is withdraw money to their own bank account. But how to withdraw money from the house easily without spending too much time, not everyone knows. Therefore, this article will guide you FB88 withdrawal instructions quickly. With just a few very simple steps below, you can withdraw fb88 money quickly and easily. Please pay close attention to those FB88 withdrawal instructions.

The fastest FB88 withdrawal instructions

Instruction to withdraw money from FB88

First you log in FB88. If you have not logged in fb88, you can use the link below then proceed to access :

Step 1: Transfer money from the secondary account to the main account

One of the first steps in FB88 withdrawal instructions, when players deposit money into an FB88 account, the money will be updated to the player’s Main account, and if they want to play Casino, Sports, Keno, Lottery … then the player must transfer money from the main account to the accounts. that extra. Therefore, when winning, the player must transfer money from the secondary account to the main account to be able to make a withdrawal.

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The transfer is extremely simple, please follow the instructions of the image below.


To transfer FB88, you choose Fund Transfer. Then enter the information according to the following instructions:

  • Transfer from: You choose the game account, the product you want to transfer.
  • Go to: Choose Primary Account
  • Amount: Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

Note: pay close attention to the unit displayed in your country.

EXAMPLE: 1 unit is equivalent to $1, so if you want to withdraw $500, you only need to enter $500.

Step 2: Update bank account information

To be able to withdraw money to your bank account, you first need to fill out your bank account information. You only need to enter it once and the next time you don’t need to do this step.

To update your bank account information, log in to your account.

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Click on the account name => Payment Account. Then, you fill in the information as instructed below:

  • Account name: Enter the name of your bank account holder. You note, the name must coincide with the full name when registering for FB88 account. FB88 does not accept payments for 3rd parties (Recipients are different from subscribers)
  • Bank: You choose the bank to receive money.
  • Account number: Enter your account number here.
  • Bank branch: Enter the name of your bank branch.
  • City: Enter the name of the province or city where you open your account.
  • FB88 account password: You enter your FB88 password here.

After filling out, click on Confirm to update.

Step 3: Make a withdrawal order to a bank account

After you have entered the bank account information and transferred money to the main account. You choose to Withdraw.

Next enter the amount you want to withdraw. Like the money transfer, various units correspond to each country’s currency. 

In the account section, select the bank you added in step 2. After selecting you, click Confirm to send the withdrawal order.

Please note that you must enter all your information correctly as these FB88 withdrawal instructions because if you enter incorrectly on the FB88’s house, the money cannot be transferred to you, they will ask you to confirm your account by sending your ID card and bank statement. The goods will be very complicated. Please refer carefully and follow the instructions as shown below to avoid mistakes.

After you click on Confirm, in the main account the player will see the amount has been deducted and there will be a message telling the player’s withdrawal order is processing.

Now, after the completion of those FB88 withdrawal instructions, just wait for money coming to your pocket.


Through the FB88 withdrawal instructions article about FB88 cash withdrawal instruction that we shared above hopefully, you will be able to manipulate quickly and easily. Just wait a few hours, the money will be transferred immediately to your account and you can withdraw anytime you want.

FB88 – The world’s leading online sports betting and bookmaker with many attractive games such as football betting, online gambling, online lottery, shooting and exchanging online prizes. The advantages of FB88 is to deposit and withdraw money from FB88 when playing betting very quickly and easily, each transaction only takes 2 – 5 minutes with those above FB88 withdrawal instructions.

Good luck!

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