The hottest promotions from the HappyLuke betting site

HappyLuke is a house that attracts a large community of online betting enthusiasts to participate. Not only by the prestige of the house, the diversity of the game but also the attractive promotions – easy to play – easy to win of HappyLuke. Together we go head to the summary of HappyLuke promotion that make players extremely excited.

The hottest promotions from the HappyLuke betting site

New members Bonus up to 500 USD

Just to welcome new players and to attract more people to join the system, the HappyLuke dealer always has promotions, rewards for new accounts registered. Each time, this promotion will be different, however, always bring great value to players.

This is a very nice HappyLuke promotion  when registering a new account

Banner Promotion From TT128

If you register a new account successfully at HappyLuke, you will receive a series of super attractive promotions up to USD 500, specifically as follows:

The hottest promotions from the HappyLuke betting site
  • First deposit: 200% up to 150 USD + 10 free spins of 888 DRAGONS HAPPYLUKE.
  • 2nd deposit: Receive 50% up to USD 200 + 15 free spins of 888 DRAGONS HAPPYLUKE.
  • 3rd deposit: Receive 50% up to USD 150 + 25 free spins of 888 DRAGONS HAPPYLUKE.


1. Offer: 275% bonus up to 450 USD

2. Promo Period: 1 April to 30 April 2020

3. Minimum Deposit Amount: 5 USD 

4. Maximum Bonus Amount: 150 USD 

5. Bonuses are withdrawn through 40 rounds and you must deposit at least 8 USD to receive the promotion

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6. All draw bets, void bets, bets made on both outcomes will not be included in the calculation for any wager and rollover requirement.

7. Eligible Players: new player and non-deposit player

8. Player can use the bonus in all live casino and slot games

9. The bonus is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.

10. This promotion is exclusive for members who haven’t deposited yet in HappyLuke.

11. Deposits from a series of accumulated transactions would not be considered for the First Deposit Bonus. Only the first and single transaction would account for the offer.

12. Players who will receive the bonus, can’t use it with another first deposit related bonus.

13. HappyLuke has the right to amend, cancel, refuse, or reclaim any promotion in its sole discretion and reserves the right to make the final decision.

In addition, new registration accounts are given priority to play free games at the HappyLuke dealer. Compared to other active bookies, HappyLuke’s newcomer promotion is many times more attractive. Sign up today to enjoy super deals, grab the chance to receive more than 200% into your account!

Becoming a VIP member receives countless rewards

The hottest promotions from the HappyLuke betting site

Not only HappyLuke promotion policies to attract newcomers, HappyLuke also takes care of regular play accounts, perennial accounts, VIP accounts with promotions updated monthly.

  • Free birthday promotions for all VIP accounts
  • VIP accounts will receive promotions for their birthdays with levels depending on the VIP rank as follows:
  • VIP: get 50 $ Bonus
  • VIP Silver: Bonus 100 $ Bonus
  • VIP Gold: Bonus 200 $ Bonus
  • Diamond VIP: $ 300 Bonus

From time to time, HappyLuke will adjust the promotion level for VIP accounts. Trends will often increase your chances of getting promotions and benefits for players.

Conditions for VIP accounts to enjoy this HappyLuke promotion

  • VIP birthday bonus will be updated by the system at 12:00 – 15:00 in the player’s birthday
  • This promotion will be received after the program “Birthday get 2 million” of the system
  • The bonus must go through 1 round before it can be withdrawn to a bank account
  • The account must be in accordance with the rules of the house: you only have one account at HappyLuke, do not cheat, do not transfer money to 3rd parties, …

Exchange coins for cash reserved for VIP up to 3000USD

VIP accounts are preferred by the HappyLuke promotion system. The process of accumulating coins when playing the system is converted into cash if the player wants. HappyLuke coins are upgraded with very valuable rewards: up to 50% deposit bonus, free bets, free spins, … for players to use freely.

 3000 USD cash is HappyLuke ready to give VIP with the following conditions:

  • Players must reach level 50 and must be a VIP member in the month to open the item
  • Receiving deposit bonus, the player must complete 3 deposit transactions before
  • Players complete 2 deposits before receiving free spins and free bets
  • Players complete 1 round of betting turnover before withdrawing the cash bonus
  • Note, redeem cash rewards limited.

To hunt for reward coins, players can complete deposit transactions, play games, review games, log in regularly, … all HappyLuke bookmaker system accumulates coins. The more money you deposit, the more times you send it, the more coins you earn. Meanwhile, the player can use coins or coins to exchange for cash.

Birthday rewards for members

The HappyLuke dealer system always knows how to make players happy, such as giving a birthday gift by giving a 50% bonus when recharging on the right birthday. This gift is worth up to USD 100 and can be used on all Slot Games in the system.

The hottest promotions from the HappyLuke betting site

Conditions for receiving prizes are simple:

  • Promotion for players who deposit money from 4th onwards.
  • Loaded correctly on the birthday registered on the system
  • Deposit minimum 50 USD
  • Players must commit not to cheat, only 1 account only at HappyLuke, …

So if you have not completed the previous 3 deposit transactions, recharge now to enjoy promotion for new players and recharge the next time on your birthday to enjoy 50% of this HappyLuke promotion!

Big promotion for sports games

The sports games on the HappyLuke system are rich and varied. Players can participate in all sports games from football, basketball, hockey, boxing, tennis, esports, … without worrying about their wallet or money back.

Refund up to 5000 USD in sports games

Every Thursday, players have a chance to get a 0.3% cashback worth up to 5000 USD cash back to the account. This promotion applies to all accounts on the system from regular accounts to VIP Diamond. Winning or Losing results in the sports betting turnover every week that players registered with HappyLuke can receive a refund.

In addition, unsettled bets, draw bets, void bets, etc. will not count. Refunds are not included in the turnover of the withdrawal if you bet on Slot games, casino, etc.

Many attractive promotions from HappyLuke for sports games

Winning sports continuously receive 1300 USD

Every Monday, from 15:00 to 19:00, players will receive a winning prize in a row if they have registered to receive prizes (from Monday to Sunday). Extremely attractive prizes:

  • 5 consecutive victories will receive 50 USD
  • 6 consecutive victories received 100 USD
  • 7 consecutive wins receive 150 USD immediately
  • 8 consecutive victories received 200 USD
  • 9 consecutive wins to get 300 USD immediately
  • 10 consecutive victories received immediately USD 500

Players only need to comply with the following HappyLuke promotion conditions to receive the above amount of money on their account:

  • Players have completed the first 3 deposits and are still active in HappyLuke
  • The bet amount for each single bet ticket cannot be lower than 3 USD
  • Application of promotions for football and basketball betting
  • Enjoy this promotion for all Sports Betting winnings and send a screenshot of the winning ticket to the system’s customer care email.
  • Must win in a row, any losing or tie bet will count from the beginning
  • Reward for the 30 luckiest people.

Vote game – get genuine “cricket”, Macbook ( Seasonal)

This is probably the most awaited promotion of the year on the HappyLuke system. Every year there will be 2 rounds of game votes – taking this terrible result of the house. Is the opportunity to change “cricket” hottest in the present time or the latest Macbook.

This second round, voted for the game, players will receive the hottest iPhone 11 Pro Max phones today. Players will vote for the game group: Slot games, card games, online casino, with bet tickets for only 1 USD . Actually for betting, this is a great bargain divided among all players. The results of the top 5 favorite games of the year are announced at the end of December. At the end of the voting, the top 3 most voted games will become the favorite games of the year.

Players who have voted for these 3 games will automatically receive rewards from the HappyLuke bookmaker system with the rewards:

  • Get a free 12 month bet up to 100 USD
  • Handing an Iphone 11 Pro Max
  • Other consolation prizes from the house.

How to vote for favorite games of the year and conditions to receive this promotion on the house system HappyLuke:

– Voting time:

  • November 1, 2019 – November 10, 2019: vote for a game in the Slot game list
  • November 11, 2019 – November 20, 2019: Voting game cards have the list attached
  • November 21, 2019 – November 30, 2019: Voting for online casino has the list attached.
  • November 30, 2019: Announced the Top 5 favorite games among the three groups of games above and conducted to vote for the three most favorite games on the system in those 15 games.

– Conditions for receiving prizes:

  • Minimum bet ticket 1 USD / bet
  • At each round of voting, the system will select 50 – 100 lucky winners
  • Players complete 40 betting rounds before drawing free bets on their account
  • HappyLuke reserves the right to publish the winners’ information on the announcement channels of the house system.

For more details of HappyLuke prizes in this promotion, players access the promotion, and read more promotions Vote game – get Iphone 11 Pro Max now!

In addition to the HappyLuke promotion updated above, players also enjoy many other promotions such as: introduce friends to receive bonus coins, promotions in specific games, receive rewards each day

Refer A Friend and Get an iPhone 11!

Refer a friend, get 250 coins and win an iPhone 11! How cool is that, right?

Only this April, every refer a deposit friend gets a chance with raffle to get iPhone 11 in total 6 iPhones.

Take you time and send the invitation now!

At each time, HappyLuke promotion will be updated with super huge rewards for players. Those who have participated in this house are interested in the valuable cash prizes at HappyLuke. What are you waiting for without registering to join this online betting house!

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