The Reason For You To participate In Football Betting At 138BET?

Football betting at 138BET was voted as the number 1 online football betting site in Vietnam. Some new players wonder why Football betting at 138BET is a reliable choice of online football betting people. The following article will provide specific information about this house assessment criteria. The new players have a practical overview of this bookie.

1. The ratio of football betting at 138BET is high and prestigious

In 2020, it will continue to raise one more level in Football betting at 138BET. Currently, 138BET has the highest high betting rate in the area.

The Reason For You To participate In Football Betting At 138BET

Currently, the trend of football betting through intermediaries has become obsolete. Due to the tendency of the contractors most often run away when the customer wins the big deal. So, rafting at prestigious international online bookies is the choice of the majority of players. Football betting at 138BET is an international activity, 138BET is a multinational company with a large market at the top of Asia. So when you rake out, the odds you choose will be the highest feed rate, not through any intermediary contractors.

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During 11 years of 138BET operating in Asia. Most players rated 138BET to do business properly, pay fair and long term bets. Being at the top of prestigious bookies in 2020 in Asia today.

2. Quick money withdrawal

  • Pay money: 5p
  • Cash withdrawal: 30p

When winning the bet, of course, the player wants to withdraw money early. Understanding this, 138BET Payment Division always prioritizes finding solutions to accelerate payment of winnings to customers. If you’ve ever played in many other bookies, they normally make a withdrawal order between 12 and 24 hours. But at 138BET, the money will lie in your account from only 30 minutes. The longest is 2 hours after the game ends.

138BET supports sending and withdrawing money via major banks and local banks

3. Online support staff ready to assist you 24/7

An advantage of 138BET that Admin feels like. It’s a team of 138BET online chat staff who are very enthusiastic, polite and extremely professional. Therefore, you can contact online chat for advice, support or ask any questions. All questions such as how to see the odds, how to bet, how to deposit, withdraw money, … and you will be answered thoughtfully.

It should be noted that only international bookmakers can operate in a methodical, organized and thoughtful customer care system. So if you notice any abnormal house, the website does not support at least 2 languages, no customer service staff. Then you should pay attention to stop playing at the house itself.

4. In addition to betting on football, 138BET has all the casino gambling

Online football betting at 138BET is the strength of this bookie, in addition to the array of gambling cards at 138BET is equally attractive. The online casino games all have real dealers, which are the beautiful dealers dealing live cards directly from the casino. Most of you choose to play online because the feeling of playing like real is not much different but also very profitable and safe.

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Playing real money casino cards at 138BET is quite popular with games like:

  • Baccarat scratch card with real dealer:
The Reason For You To participate In Football Betting At 138BET
  • Poker
  • Traditional online Sic bo
The Reason For You To participate In Football Betting At 138BET

And other online casino card games like:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette roulette
  • Slot games


Above is a detailed review of football betting at 138BET and other games. This is the shared experience information to help new players have an objective view of the 138BET bookie. And from there give players an address to play football betting or gambling real money online reputation. Hope the article will be useful for you!

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