The Secret To Win When Playing Sicbo Online

Previously, players had to meet each other to play Sicbo. But now, playing Sicbo is much simpler when you can play with an online form. Just have the internet anywhere, anytime you can play Sicbo online.

However, if you do not know the secret to play Sicbo online, the player is hard to win. Therefore, everyone, please refer to how to play Sicbo to play is won in the article below.

Summary of the game Sicbo

Sicbo is actually an international name. Because this subject has also been put into public competition in many parts of the world. In fact, Sicbo is the fainting game that almost all of us know how to play.

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This game originated in China with the tool played and determined to win or lose the three dice. Each dice consists of 6 faces with the lowest corresponding buttons is 1 and the highest is 6. Thus, who knows how to count, knows the numbers, of course, he can play.

The Secret To Win When Playing Sicbo Online

What is Sicbo online?

As society grows, people begin to focus on convenience, more quickly. So instead of going to casino venues, now we can play Sicbo online.

To play the game online, players need to have an electronic device connected to the internet. We can use smartphones, laptops, iPads, etc. to play Sicbo with online dealers. Do not forget to equip yourself with a set of tips to play Sicbo online to play and receive a great reward.

The secret to playing Sicbo online first needs to know the rules

The rules of Sicbo online in general

It can be said that shaking dice is well known, but not everyone knows about Sicbo. We need to know the rules of the game to be able to easily win. Despite saying that, players should not find it hard to get discouraged. Playing Sicbo online is like shaking traditional dice just more conveniently.

First, the player needs to predict the number of dice to hit after shaking. Next, you will bet on the corresponding box or faint. The amount of bets depends on the rules of each game or the player’s pocket.

After everyone has made a deposit, the dice will be opened. Based on the number of points displayed on each dice, the player knows whether he or she won or lost.

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The Secret To Win When Playing Sicbo Online

Sicbo online betting selections

Sicbo online has two basic and mandatory play levels that are available everywhere: under, over

  • Over when the total score of 3 dice falls between 11 and 17 points is called Tai.
  • Under when the total dice score ranges from 4 to 10 points.

Depending on the rules in each place, there are other betting rooms. Players need to know these additional selections to apply Sicbo online tips to play:

  • Triple selection: that is, all 3 dice have the same dial. For example, all 3 are present 1 button, then called the trio.
  • Double selections: that is, 2 of the 3 dice have the same point.
  • Dice cardboard selection: this door has a high hit rate. That is, the player bets the total points in pairs that appear on the dice. The rule will be that the lowest point goes along with the highest point and so on.
  • Thus, the pairs will be 4 or 17, 5 or 16, … until the end: 10 or 11.
  • Quartet betting: players will predict 4 possible dice numbers. The Player needs 3 out of 4 correct numbers to win.

Revealing secrets about the team playing Sicbo online for players

Luck is only necessary when playing bad luck. Nobody can be lucky forever so we need to have the conditions. Yes, when you are on the table you can confidently bet.

The tips to play Sicbo online synthesized from the masters

Initially playing, we should only choose over or under. About 3 games to know where your luck is.

If so confused, the player should split the bet and place it into many different doors.

If we are beginners, we should avoid high payouts. Because the player’s win rate is inversely proportional to the payout ratio. So the higher the payout is, the smaller the win rate.

Avoid gates with the same or same ratio: win or lose. Should apply the way dice cardboard door mentioned above to easily win.

You need to change your tactics often. Do not apply forever a strategy in a ring.

Because it is a game of chance, believe in your own hunch.


Pocket a few tips to play Sicbo online above will help you feel more confident when playing. In addition, you also need to find a reliable bookie to place a bet. Thus, we can easily make money from these games.

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