The truth of football betting online!

Football betting online is the hottest game on social networks, many prestigious football bookies have opened a lot. However, it is inevitable that the house dealers deceive the players in many ways.

How to determine a reliable bookmaker?

To know which is a reputable bookmaker, we have based on the reviews, comments of other players and voted a reputable dealer for your reference. When participating in football betting online or online gambling, it is normal to win or lose. When you win the bet, you get on the elephant or in other words, get rich.

As for sour betting, when the dog is called, you lose all the money in the account of some house. To participate in gambling, you should know that is black and red. Because you know you have lost a certain amount of money, but it is not the same as removing the money you lose, the more people bet, the more you lose, the more deeply involved in the bet, the darker the loss and vice versa if you have a little luck then you can only draw capital or a small amount of money from the house. And we want to tell you about the secrets of this online football betting.

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1. Football betting is a special addictive, more than drugs!

Few people pay attention that betting football is also addictive, no less harmful than heroin. Football betting online has a mechanism on the human nerve like a stimulant or addictive substance.

When winning the bet is similar to the feeling of being drugged, the player feels excited and passionate for a long time. Conversely, when losing the level, the player is bored, depressed, panicked, resembles an addict who is not satisfied with the drug. Even there are many cases of suicide because of losing football

The truth of football betting online!

2. The more you understand football, the easier it is to bet

It sounds ridiculous, but for football betting online it is absolutely right. This is evidenced by the survey of two Israeli professors – Dannon and Ronen Huberfeld. They selected 3 target groups:

Group I includes 53 professional bettors

Group II consists of 34 football fans who are very knowledgeable about sports but have never gambled.

Group III consists of 78 people who never gamble nor have any knowledge of sports or football at all.

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All must bet for the results of the Champions League round of 16 matches from 2012 to 2013 and the surprising result is that the soccer savvy team has no higher win rate than the other two groups. Even the two biggest winners in the survey were from the team who didn’t understand football and gambling.

The truth of football betting online!

3. Players will have a hard time winning online football betting houses

The reason for the fact that the house cannot be won is by the 11-10 betting method that the bookies often apply. Accordingly, when betting, if you want to win 10, the player must bet 11 dong. With this method, players can win once, twice and think that they can make money from betting. But in the long run, to break even, they must have a winning rate of at least 11/21 (equivalent to 52.38%).

In contrast, in every bet case, the house always has at least 1 “commission” in the 11-player bet line. Therefore, in the long run, the house is always the winner.

The truth of football betting online!

4. When you are losing a bet, you will lose more

When losing money because of betting on football, most of the players feel regret, a heavy mentality that raises the problem of losing bets, annoying people and wants to play betting to get back the bet. lost. When you want to get back the money you lost, you can not remove because the mentality of losing your initial bet weighs on and makes you uncomfortable when taking bets and losing more in the beginning. 

Conversely, when winning a bet, the player always has more careful thinking, so the probability of winning is increasing. Meanwhile, people who lose bets tend to be risky and reckless, so they should engage in debunking matches to try their luck so they are more at risk and fail.

The truth of football betting online!

The danger of online football betting, gambling online is that it is directly linked to the passion of the betting participants. It is known that football betting online players are mostly lovers of the sport of the king.

5. Conclude

According to many studies show that, when participating in these betting games, the majority of participants are addicted, more addictive than traditional football betting in real life. So the best way to not get addicted is to avoid these worthless gambling games.

Instead, you just play an entertaining mind or participate in football bidding of the prestigious house today. And please note that you should consult the football betting online bookmakers before you enter the betting world. Namely, they are international bookmakers in the market, such as CMD368, W88, Fun88, Letou, JBO ect. They are reputable bookmakers today, specializing in providing sports betting types and football betting online in European and Asian markets. Their odds are always very competitive in some tournaments. Many promotions offer 94% payout on average but nearly 98% on Asian routes for major tournaments.

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