Tokyo Verdy vs FC Machida Zelvia Prediction On 06/27

Tokyo Verdy vs FC Machida Zelvia match: Although rated higher than the opponent, but retaining 3 points is not an easy task for Tokyo Verdy.

Asian odds of Tokyo Verdy vs FC Machida Zelvia

This season, J-League 2 just started a round, they have to stop because of the global pandemic. In the opening round 4 months ago, Tokyo Verdy lost 3 goals to Tokushima Vortis, and Machida Zelvia drew Ventforet Kofu 0-0.

Tokyo Verdy vs FC Machida Zelvia

Meeting in this second round, Tokyo Verdy is arranged to play the upper door. However, the handicap for them only stopped at 0: 1/4 with -0.94 points to win. That partly shows that the house is quite reluctant to arrange Tokyo Verdy sitting “on the tray”. Of course, this is an opportunity for those who intend to put their faith in Machida Zelvia.

In the past, Tokyo Verdy vs FC Machida have met 11 times. The balance of achievement is somewhat in favor of Machida Zelvia, with 5 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses. Of the five guests of Tokyo Verdy, Machida Zelvia once tasted a bitter cup when playing the role of the lower door, the rest won 2, drew 1, thereby reaching 75% Asian win rate.

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Last season, Tokyo Verdy won only 9/21 home games, 7 draws again, lost 5. In 4 matches to give guests a quarter of a goal, the capital team only once successfully triumphed. Meanwhile, Machida Zelvia are unbeaten in both their last home away games, which are underestimated. In that situation, you should put your trust in the away team.

Over/Under odds

The last 3 matches between Tokyo Verdy vs FC Machida Zelvia have the same scenario as the total goal is no more than 2, with an average of 1.33 goals/match. In the opening round, both Tokyo Verdy vs FC Machida Zelvia did not score, which partly shows that the strikers on both sides are not really sharp. With the above landmark food mark has reached -0.95, so bravely choose the lower mold.

Tokyo Verdy vs FC Machida Zelvia

Head to head history:

Tokyo Verdy vs FC Machida have met 11 times, Tokyo Verdy won 4, drew 2, lost 5.

– At home, Tokyo Verdy won 2, drew 1, lost 2.

Best choice: Machida Zelvia +1/4 all match

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Score prediction: 0-0