Top 10 Most Prestigious Bookies In Vietnam And Asia

Currently, all top sports leagues have to be retired for several weeks until further notice due to the pandemic. However, don’t worry, you can still play attractive casino games at the following prestigious bookies:

Top 10 Most Prestigious Bookies In Vietnam And Asia

Top 10 General bookies

Top 10 Most Prestigious Bookies In Vietnam And Asia

Based on detailed research from leading betting experts, we have collected and selected the top of the most popular, satisfied and prestigious bookies to recommend to you.

In the list below, we list 10 names of football bookies that have been proven to ensure the prestige of integrity, integrity, safety, plus security, easy-to-play and trading criteria. , The most competitive odds, the most promotions for players and especially the wide range of bets with attractive rates for the new season 2019/2020 of the C1 Cup and the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and coming here is Euro 2020.

Banner Promotion From TT128

W88 promotion: Get a big bonus at 6-star Casino

Super promotions and attractive promotions for members participating in 6-star Casino.

Top 10 Most Prestigious Bookies In Vietnam And Asia

Promotion objects

For W88 members participating in the program at CLUB W GRAND, CLUB W PREMIER & CLUB W GOLD


Super-promotions will be calculated based on the most accumulated bets, from there to rank in the top and will give a bonus corresponding to each member level.

– Top 1: players will receive a free bet of 10,000 VND

– Top 2-3: players will receive a free bet of 5,000 VND

– Top 4- 10: players will receive 1,000 VND free bet

Banner Promotion From TT128

– Top 11 -100: players will receive 200 VND free bet

How to join

To participate in the promotion, players need to enter the “PROMOTION” and confirm before the promotion period ends.

How to receive the award

Free bets will be added directly to W88’s account right after the promotion ends.


– The bonus must go through at least 10 betting rounds before being returned to the player’s account

– Results will be announced publicly after 3 days from the end of the promotion

– W88 reserves the right to cancel or suspend the promotion at any time if any signs of violations or non-transparency occur.

– Players must comply with the terms of W88.

Fun88 promotion: Fun games get attractive prizes

Super promotion from the Fun88 bookie for all players when participating in Vietnamese games with super huge and super attractive bonuses.

Promotion period

April 9, 2020 – April 30, 2020


1,000 members playing with VND


Super promotions for Fun88 members to join the program will receive 100% of the bonus registered at the Vietnamese Game. The bonus will be credited directly to the player’s account with a minimum deposit of 200,000 VND.

How to join

To participate in this super promotion, players need to transfer money to the Vietnamese Game account. Then visit the Promotion / New Members page / Choose Promotion “100% BONUS REGISTRATION OF VIETNAMESE GAME”.


– Bonuses received from promotions must be made at least 1 time before betting on the main account of the player and can be withdrawn

– Within 30 days, if the bonus is not used, this bonus will be canceled and not refundable in any form.

– Players must meet the required turnover level to join the program

– Fun88 is one of the prestigious bookies reserves the right to cancel or suspend the promotion at any time without prior notice to the player if it detects any non-transparent or obvious signs.

– Players must ensure compliance with the requirements and regulations that Fun88 has set before.

M88 Promotion: countless attractive offers

Super promotions are applied on the occasion of April anniversary for players who join the M88 bookie.

Promotion period

April 01, 2020 – April 30, 2020.

Subjects of application

For all members with accounts at M88.


The super promotion for M88 members will have different bonus levels depending on the two big holidays in April as follows:

– On the occasion April anniversary, with a total deposit of ≥ 25,555 VND, players will receive a 10% deposit bonus with a minimum bonus of 100 VND and a maximum of 2,555 VND

– On the day of winning 30/4, players with a total deposit of ≥ 85,555 VND, players will receive a refund of 30% of the losing bet, with a minimum of 155 VND and a maximum of 7,555 VND.

How to join the program

Players who want to participate in the program, need to log in and click the CHOOSE and JOIN button before the promotion ends.


– Players who have entered the game cannot cancel their status.

– The bonus must go through at least 8 previous bets that are returned to your main account.

– Bonus will be updated within 7 days from the end of the promotion.

– M88 reserves the right to cancel or suspend this promotion without having to notify the participating members if signs of violation are detected.

– Players must ensure compliance with the regulations that M88 set out earlier.

Letou bookie’s customer engagement, customer care programs

In addition to promotions loaded for the first time, the program attracts users to bet on the new season of the league such as the Premier League, Serie A, … Letou users when reaching certain deposits here will be upgraded. VIP member account level (divided into many different levels of VIP) enjoy special promotions, special offers for VIP members. All are clearly displayed in the VIP membership information page on the Letou homepage for users to know, know their rights or decide whether to aim to become a VIP member, or VIP level is higher than zero if you are already a VIP member.

FB88 bookie promotions

In addition to the regular promotions, FB88 – one of the prestigious bookies also has a rewards program – Redeem your favorite products: Samsung S9, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone X, MacBook, GoPro, jerseys of teams large, etc. The rewards are attractive enough to attract players to the program, but even if you do not actively participate in the program, the points are also earned when you participate in betting, using the services of FB88, from there, there are Points can be converted into artifacts when they have accumulated enough points as prescribed. In addition to gifts, you can exchange your points for a free bet that you can bet instead of in kind.

FB88 also has a VIP membership program with many VIP levels, each with different benefits attached, built into a very detailed and easy to understand information page.

12BET promotions

In terms of promotions, 12BET has programs with new content on a weekly, monthly basis, from a new member welcome program, along with a new season of popular sports tournaments, especially the Premier League to special programs such as Happy Birthday Promotions … in the form of cashback, top-up bonus.

There are also contests like the Quiz, Predictions, Draws, etc. that also attract a lot of interest from users, especially those who are familiar with this Prestigious Bookies.

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