Top 4 Free Bookies When Registering For 2020

At the present time, the market for bets is increasingly attractive, vibrant attracting many players. The bookies grow like “mushrooms”, along with the development of football. Here are the top 4 free bookies when registering for 2020, players can refer.

1. The LETOU bookie

The LETOU is one of the free bookies is having a promotion of $4 for customers registering to play sports and Casino bets. $2 for customers to play Slot, Jackpot and shooting fish game. You just need to register your personal information and phone number according to the link below.

Top 4 Free Bookies When Registering For 2020

The required information must be entered correctly and accurately. Because LETOU will collate this information to verify accounts and verify transactions later. If during the import process, you see a red box, it means you entered the wrong rule you need to check and retype it correctly.

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Phone Number: Must be the personal phone number you are using. The phone number will be used to retrieve your password if you forget your password and LETOU will contact you via this phone number to confirm some personal information.

Once you have a member account you register to receive a $4 free bet as follows: After registering the account, customers will wait for LETOU to call to verify the account via phone.

Bonus will be updated after 24 hours from the time the phone call customer verifies successful information. Especially, LETOU is having a promotion offering a 120% bonus up to $286.

2. W88 Bookie

Subjects of promotion:

When it comes to the bookie that gives away free bets when registering for 2020, we can’t help but mention the W88 bookie. For new members, you have received an additional $4 after registering for free wagers successfully on W88. This money you can bet quite a lot of games at one of the free bookies.

All members at W88 will receive an attractive bonus of up to $12 for betting on sports accounts such as I Sports, A Sports, X Sports, Casino Club W & Club W Premier, … or even lottery.

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Conditions to receive prizes:

This is considered as one of the 4 free bookies in 2020. In order to receive the bonus from the W88 bookie, members need to confirm full information such as full name, address, date of birth, phone number phone, bank information, email, … You have to choose the currency, must have at least $3.

In addition, the bonus is only withdrawn if you have wagered at least 3 rounds. You need to know that some types of bets will not be applied by W88 to reward such as HK bets with small odds of 0.5 or less, void bets, two-side bets, tie bets, canceled bets, etc.

3. The 188BET bookie

The 188bet bookie has a 100% promotion bonus for customers who make the first deposit. 188bet will randomly select any account, players can get $8 if lucky, from which can join the bookie’s betting system. The attractive promotion level from the bookmaker giving the bet when registering is indeed a good condition for you to bet.

After successful account registration, players will receive a notice of rewards and promotions from the 188bet system. First-time depositors can receive promotions up to $65.

Conditions for receiving the promotion at the bookie of 188bet:

In order to receive the promotion at the 188bet bookie, the player is allowed to register only one account during the time the bookie applies for the promotion. You need to select the currency, need to fill out all information before registering. Promotion time is only counted on the first transaction and must be successful.

Top 4 Free Bookies When Registering For 2020

4. Fun88 bookie

Fun88 implements a series of extremely terrible programs and policies to attract the participation of players. Remarkably, Fun88 is considered as the bookmaker giving away money to new players quite a lot of free promotions with extremely attractive prizes.

Promotional object:

New members joining here will not need to deposit immediately but still receive a free amount of $2. In addition, you can participate in 10 free spins at all Betsoft – BSG slots.

New players joining for the first time making a deposit of $42 will receive a 10% bonus along with a meaningful gift of a T-shirt for the World Cup season.

For members with a total turnover in June 2019, they will have the opportunity to receive $8 in free bets.

In the New Year 2020, the Fun88 bookie will offer a betting promotion of up to $37 free bet for the luckiest customer.

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