Top 5 biggest Starcraft 2 Esports Tournaments today (Biggest prize)

StarCraft 2 is a game that has been around for a long time and is also one of the most esports titles available today. If you are looking for information about the largest Esports tournaments in the world.

CMD368 will collect and reveal to you the Top 5 biggest StarCraft 2 esports tournaments today.

Top 5 biggest Starcraft 2 Esports Tournaments today (Biggest prize)

1. StarCraft 2 – IEM Katowice

Ranked in first place is the Starcraft 2 Esports tournaments– IEM Katowice. The full name of the tournament is Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), which is held every year, with a prize pool of more than $ 400,000 for the winner. Therefore, the players will have to compete together through a series of knockout rounds.

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To watch the progress of the tournament, you can watch it directly on Twitch channel. In addition, when you follow the event, you will have the opportunity to receive more attractive gifts from the organizers of the tournament.

With the largest tournament in StarCraft 2 history, the number of professional players attending the tournament reached 76 people. Of course, they had to compete for the ESL rank to win a ticket to the biggest StarCraft 2 tournament of the year.

Top 5 biggest Starcraft 2 Esports Tournaments today (Biggest prize)

Coming to the finals of StarCraft 2 – IEM, we will have the opportunity to witness the classic matches, the demolition phase of the Pro Player like Dark, Reynor, Stats, Elazer, Maru, Serral, Cure , Zest, Rogue, …

In addition to the cash reward, the best players in the top 8 will also have accumulated EPT scores in the Circuit Standings and Korea Standings rankings.

2.Tournament StarCraft 2 – WESG FINAL

Among the large and professional Esports tournaments,  there is definitely the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG for short). This is an e-sports tournament held annually in China, including sports such as CSGO, Dota2, Starcraft 2, etc.

To make it to the WESG finals, Starcraft 2 players need to go through an online qualifier. The excellent candidates who qualify for the qualifying round will get a ticket to the WESG finals held in China in March.

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This is a very attractive tournament for professional Esport players, with the prize money for StarCraft 2 being $ 240,000.

Top 5 biggest Starcraft 2 Esports Tournaments today (Biggest prize)

In addition, this tournament also has the sponsorship from U Can Company – Therefore, the competition rules will have a slight change, each region has a maximum of 2 slots to participate in the WESG final. This makes this tournament more exciting and exciting than before.

To participate in the knockout round, teams need to meet the conditions set out by the BTC to be eligible to apply.

After the full list of candidates competing for the WESG CK round, the Organizers will divide the pair to take place.

3. StarCraft 2 – WCS Global Finals

Next is an international tournament and the publisher of Blizzard game organized the tournament, which is the StarCraft 2 World Champion Series – Global Finals.

This is a top professional tournament, with the participation of a series of famous StarCraft 2 players such as Dark, Reynor, Maru, Rouge, Serral, Classic, …

Surely this will be a fierce arena because the level of the players seems to be equivalent, everyone is very talented. However, the championship is the only one, players who honor to step on the podium will have the opportunity to receive huge bonuses.

Top 5 biggest Starcraft 2 Esports Tournaments today (Biggest prize)

Coming to the WCS World Championship, the players from Korea have always been quite strong in all aspects. Almost every WCS Global Finals – StarCraft 2 season takes place, the championship is held by the Korean players.

Admittedly, the esports game scene in Korea is growing and the teams from the Korean region have always been a very powerful force throughout the years. Any professional esports tournament takes place, the representative of Korea is always in the TOP of the strongest teams in the world.

4. StarCraft 2 Tournament – GSL Korea

This is a StarCraft Esports tournaments exclusively for players in Korea. The full name of this tournament is Global StarCraft 2 League Korea – The abbreviation is GSL tournament. 

An extremely exciting and exciting tournament, with fierce competition from the top players at the Korean server. In particular, Korean players will be placed separately in the WCS Korea rankings (World Championship Series Korea). In addition, the top 8 players in the WCS Korea rankings also get tickets to the StarCraft 2 World – WCS Global Finals.

Currently, the top 8 strongest StarCraft 2 players are Dark, Trap, Classic, Maru, SoO, Rogue, HerO and Stats.

The Korean players will compete with GSL (Global StarCraft 2 League Korea) in 3 seasons to earn points in WCS Korea rankings. In addition, at some major Esports tournaments in the WCS, if the player wins the high position, the rankings of the players will also be significantly improved.

In addition, in Korea also held another StarCraft 2 tournament is also very interesting and equally attractive. That is the GSL vs Global tournament – That is a StarCraft 2 tournament between the top TOP in the GSL Korea rankings with the TOP worldwide.

5. StarCraft 2 Tournament – WCS Circuit

Finally, there is a tournament system for the rest of the world. This tournament usually has 4 seasons.

For the WCS Winter season, the winning team will receive $ 120,000 in prize money immediately. The remaining 3 seasons will have a reward of US $ 100,000 (WCS Spring, WCS Summer, WCS Fall)

Players who enter this tournament will be counted in a separate ranking different from the Korean region, which is the WCS Circuit.

In addition to the 4 WCS seasons, the players from the Circuit area also have the opportunity to participate in the WCS Challenger tournament (3 times / 1 year), with a prize amount of up to US $ 10,000. At the same time, 8 StarCraft 2 players in the top of the WCS Circuit rankings also received tickets to attend the WCS Global Finals.

The organizers of major WCS Esports tournaments have also adjusted the number of WCS Circuit participants from Korea. Ie divided into 2 separate areas, one is for WCS Korea and the other is for WCS Circuit. As such, this will contribute to giving StarCraft 2 players around the world the opportunity to win a spot in the TOP 8 strongest teams in each region.


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It can be seen that StarCraft 2 is a very attractive electronic sports game and is loved by the world’s gamers. Most of the StarCraft 2 Esports tournaments are also held quite majestic, not inferior to other electronic sports such as LOL, Dota 2, CSGO, etc. 

Above are the top 5 biggest StarCraft 2 tournaments today that cmd368vn refer to from the players. Hope it helps you earn a lot of money from the prestigious house CMD368.

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