Top Best Australian Betting Sites 2020

Welcome to the expert guide to the best Australian betting sites on the betting market today. Currently, online betting games are very popular and selected to entertain after tiring working hours. That’s why the Australian betting sites and world-famous ones also appear in turn to meet the demand of players.

Choosing which betting sites to play betting is a question many people wonder, which criteria to choose when the bookies increasingly compete with each other, in addition to the prestige is put on the top, The betting sites also compete with each other in the form of promotions to attract.

This is completely beneficial for players, when starting online football betting, if you choose the right house with both prestige and high promotion, you have a better initial capital than when playing. 

So, in this article, together with us evaluate and find our recommendations for the Best Australian Betting Sites.

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Top Best Australian Betting Sites 2020

Sports Betting Laws in Australia

Online sports betting is entirely legal in Australia under the provisions of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. However, the prohibition of Australian companies from offering online casino games was introduced and poker to players in the country, while sports betting and race betting are legal and regulated in Australia.

However, Australian betting sites also face a handful of restrictions of what they can offer to players. One of the most notable issues is that in-play, live sports betting is not allowed over the internet.

Interestingly, this is not a complete ban, and Aussie bookmakers have found ways around this restriction. In-play betting is allowed over the phone and in person. So while this prevents placing live sports bets through a website or app, you do have the option of calling the bookmaker to place bets at any time using the money in your account.

Top Australian betting sites

1. BET365

As a leading prestige in Europe – Bet365 has affirmed its position in the world market and Australian betting sites for customers. Of course, each house has its own advantages and disadvantages, so let’s review and comment on the Bet365 in this article.

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Top Best Australian Betting Sites 2020

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1. Who is BET365?

  • BET365 is a family member of the Coates family. They started with a betting store chain that opened in the UK in 1974. Co-founder of BET365, Peter Coates, is also the president of the Stoke City football club.
  • In 2001, Bet365 entered the field of online betting. Since then, it has grown at a dizzying pace to become one of the largest global online betting firms today.
  • Each year this house receives tens of billions of dollars of betting money. If you follow the English Premier League, you will often see ads of bet365 flooded the field. Thereby, we can see the popularity of this house.

Professional interface, bringing a high experience

  • Interface is the fatal weakness of the small and medium bookmakers. Do not believe you try on a few pages. Interface betting, their bets are often very “leprous”. Design is confusing, use is uncomfortable. It is generally a bad experience.
  • Did you know that the betting interface system looks simple but consumes a lot of resources? That’s why only the big bookies get a good interface. In this regard, bet365 excels, even among the top bookies. The website interface in general and the betting interface both before and in the match of bet365 are designed very scientifically, easy to use.
  • Bet365 engineers always seem to know what users need. Even if you have just come to bet365 for the first time, you will not be confused and always find what you are looking for. About operation is very smooth, fast.

Diverse betting products

  • Among the global Australian betting sites like Bet365 will provide you with all types of rafters in all sports. From king sports is football to other subjects such as tennis, basketball, baseball, badminton, snooker, volleyball, horse racing, etc.All are present at this house. You can freely bet both before the game (Pre-Match) and in the game (In-Play). You can bet with the minimum amount of only 0.20 USD.
  • It is sports betting. In addition, at bet365 you can also play poker, casino, games, bingo, etc.
Sports betting, Casino and other betting types
Sports betting, Casino and other betting types

Advanced betting technology and constantly bringing in new features

  • BET365 always optimizes the technology for their system to be able to receive customer bets quickly. When betting latency almost no. Don’t underestimate, this is very important. I still remember playing tennis live at a house which was also very famous, met a delicious rafter so hit “place bet” that it kept spinning. 
  • When playing live betting, especially with fast-moving subjects such as tennis, it is a few seconds late to lose food. So the house system needs to be able to handle immediately. This bet365 did very well.
  • In addition to computers, experience with bet365 on mobile devices is also constantly being improved. They also added many new features that are highly appreciated by betting players. Such as: Cash out – feature money anytime you want; Auto-cashout – automatically returns money when a threshold is set by you; Edit bet – edit bets, exchange bets, run the door.

Live betting bosses (betting on matches)

  • Bet365 is the most powerful bookmaker in the live betting (In-Play) segment that our people call running or shaking betting. This is positive. You can’t find a vibrant and professional In-Play area like bet365. Even at this house, live betting accounts for more than 70% of the total bet.
  • Any sports match taking place on the planet, though very small, can be covered at In365’s In-Play to bet people.
  • In addition, many matches here also broadcast live stream for you to watch and catch. A lot of matches can’t be seen on TV, you can watch it in the In-Play area of ​​bet365.

Quick money withdrawal, great support

  • Quick withdrawals are always a spot of interest to the bookmaker. It is also something that bookmakers often advertise to attract customers. Particularly at bet365 that is not advertised, but actually!
  • The match ends at midnight and you withdraw money. Usually in the morning, when you are still asleep, the money has reached your e-wallet. I must say that feeling is very exciting. With bet365, you never have to wait long to receive your winnings!
  • As for customer support, bet365 is also great. They are supporting international laguage, English and other languages, you can chat live with the support staff anytime 24/7 and get the service that makes you satisfied.

Overall review Bet365

  • Advantages
  • World-leading reputation Australian betting sites.
  • Strong financial.
  • Professional website interface and many features for players.
  • There are many types of betting products to serve all needs of players.
  • BET356 has many annual promotions and attractive promotions for customers.
  • Counselors and customer care are always available to support the player. Besides, they are all people with high experience and expertise in betting.
  • Good odds are updated regularly.
  • BET356 is among the Australian betting sites to gather many talented people in the field of football matchmaking and accurate judgment.
  • High odds make players extremely excited and excited.
  • Is a reputable house and operates nearly 50 years in the field of sports betting and football.
  • Disadvantages of the bookmaker BET356
  • Too many service, customers who are new may be confused and get time to be familiar with
  • Some languages are not supported 

These disadvantages are being gradually overcome by BET356 to be able to serve the best players. However, compared to the bookmakers currently operating on the gaming market,  BET356 dealer is still the hottest name and has the most popularity.

2. 1XBET

1XBET background

  • 1XBET is exactly an Eastern European betting company, but is currently based in Curacao (Netherlands) and has offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
  • 1XBET was established in 2007, and officially operated online since 2011. This house has had a rapid growth when it has dominated the regional betting market in just 5 years. Currently the 1XBET dealer is very popular in Eastern Europe with over 1,000 betting shops besides online services.
  • Non-stop, in recent years 1XBET is stepping up expansion in international markets including Asian countries like Vietnam. When you visit, you can see that they support over 40 languages.
  • Currently 1XBET is listed in Australian betting sites, also a partner/sponsor for many famous clubs, including FC Barcelona.
1XBET is Barcelona's global partner.
1XBET is Barcelona’s global partner.

With a huge investment, it can be seen that the brand 1XBET will develop even more in the future.

Australian Betting Sites
1xBET Products

Why choose the house 1xBet?

  • Friendly website interface easy to use
  • With online betting in general and at the 1xBet dealer, betting becomes easy and popular. You only need an Internet connection on devices such as computers, phones or laptops, etc. to join any online casino game.
  • 1xBet’s interface is extremely easy on the eyes, eye-catching, supports multiple languages ​​for members and players to easily use.

Absolute privacy policy

  • For online betting games, the privacy policy is extremely important. Being aware of this problem, 1xBet always tries its best to bring players many security policies with many outstanding advantages.
  • 1xBet collects customer information via the registration form that the player needs to fill out. Then set up a betting account including some information such as full name, year of birth, phone number, email, etc. This information is only collected by the dealer to serve the playing process but not made public. out.
  • At the 1xBet house, the information is strictly confidential with leading advanced technology so you can be assured.

Policies of support and dedicated customer care 24/7

  • The staff of the house is professional, high level ready to take care of customers anytime, anywhere. You can contact to answer questions about the dealer in many ways such as online chatting, calling, email.
  • All questions will be received and processed immediately by 1xBet for contact to receive a funny answer. most pleasing.

The most attractive promotions

  • The 1xBet bookmaker is rated as one of the top Australian betting sites with the most attractive promotions.
  • When participating in the house you will experience, participate in receiving prizes from promotions held weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually. Including special occasions too.

3. CMD368

The reputation of the house Cmd368 has spread beyond the Asian continent to Europe and spread around the world. CMD368 operates legally under a license issued by First Cagayan, Philippines.

Australian Betting Sites
CMD368 Modern Interface

As one of the best Australian betting sites, it has made a good reputation during the years of operation. The following information about the Cmd368 dealer reviews will certainly not disappoint you, even help you feel confident to find yourself the best choice.

Why choose the dealer CMD368 to bet

  • Enduring investment capital, being licensed internationally.
  • Quick deposit and withdrawal convenient, high security and security.
  • Simple betting interface easy to use, rich betting products.
  • Varied betting odds with high feed rates.
  • Bet anytime anywhere in the world without stopping the world.
  • Attractive promotion including free free bet wager.

The program of attracting customers, customer care of CMD368

  • CMD368 has promotions for each type of game, the service they provide. 
  • Information about these programs is displayed in order and detail on the Promotion page, which you can easily see on the main menu of the home page of this house.
  • Seasonal/Event offers programs are absolutely engaging enough to appeal to both new and returning players of the site.
  • 100% sports bonus 
  • Free 50% casino
  • Welcome new members who receive 50% of sports 
  • 120% slot game
  • Unlimited refunds for sports, casino and other games.
  • Others seasonal ones
Australian Betting Sites
CMD368 Promotions for new and existing members: Always-offers, Events, Product’s offers

Experience CMD368 on mobile devices

  • CMD368 Android app is currently better than the iOS version: At the present time, the Android app version of CMD368 has many more games and services than the iOS version.
  • This is reasonable for those who usually only visit the site and join a type of service but it is quite inconvenient if you want to use many services, play many different types of games.
Australian Betting Sites
CMD368 Mobile version 

Products of CMD368

Betting at cmd368 is always assured by a wide range of betting products:

  • Sports betting, such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton
  • Sportsbook; Virtual Sports, ESPorts, Sportsbook
  • Online casino: baccarat, plate shock, sicbo, dragon tiger 
  • Slot games, keno, lottery. 
  • Poker
  • Fishing
  • Games

Odds ratio

  • CMD368 produces a wide range of different types of rafts so that customers can freely choose such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Europe.
  • In addition, customers can experience a few features and bet types. especially at CMD368. Mixed bets or parlay bets are the ones that attract the most customers and are even more superior in-game bets. Features (selling bet tickets) are unique to CMD368, commercial betting features (also called the bet ticket feature), this is one of the special features posted at CMD368 to give customers a sense of security.

This feature allows players to resell bet tickets, on the business side.

Privacy Policy

  • When you come to the online dealer CMD368, the personal information you use to register for an account will be completely confidential.
  • The house has invested in a strict network security system, with many layers of network security, different layers of encryption to ensure information for customers. If you have forgotten your password or lost your account, please notify our customer service team so that you can recover your account as quickly as possible.

Support policy and player advice

  • The Australian betting sites are very concerned about customer service, currently, the company’s consulting staff has reached 200 employees. The house care system is available 24 hours a day. You can contact the call center via the hotline of the dealer, email, Facebook, direct messaging on the betting website
  • Professional staff, always ready to guide you to troubleshoot any problems. Staff support and guide you in many other languages ​​such as English, Mandarin, Khmer, Chinese, etc.


On the betting market today there are many online bookmakers betting. But only a few really high-quality bookmakers can survive for long. You can choose a betting site or online bookmaker reputation. Avoid the unfortunate risks brought to your pocket. Above are 3 reputable Australian betting sites 2020 for you to consider choosing!

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