Top Online Fish Shooting Game Should Play Once

Online fish shooting game is one of the game genres that attracted a large number of players. To meet the tastes of the players, the bookie offers a variety of online fish shooting game. Specifically, the games do let’s find out in detail in the article below of w88 bookie.

Momo fishing – online fish shooting games online for real money

Momo fishing is a genre of online fish shooting games exclusively at W88. With an extremely eye-catching interface design, this game can give players a lifelike experience. Not only that, participating in playing Momo fishing at W88, but players can also bring themselves great bonuses in the form of gameplay in exchange for real money.

Momo fishing - Online online fish shooting game at the W88 house
Momo fishing – Online online fish shooting game at the W88 house

With many advantages easy to play, easy to hit, easy to release stress game Momo fishing promises to give players the most interesting experience. Quickly register an account now to experience the vivid world in Momo fishing. Guaranteed not to disappoint.

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Cash Fish W88 – Online fish shooting game at the house W88

Cash Fish W88 is one of the online fish shooting game genres that attracts the largest number of players in W88. In this way, players will be betting on different levels of money, but this amount will correspond to the type of gun used to hunt fish. The more money you deposit, the bigger the gun will be. That means you have the opportunity to receive bigger rewards.

Cash Fish W88 - Online fish shooting game at the W88 bookie
Cash Fish W88 – Online fish shooting game at the W88 bookie

Join playing Cash Fish W88 players will be tempted by the eye-catching images most vivid sound will be immersed in the vast ocean.

Fishing master w88

Fishing master w88
Fishing master w88

Fishing master W88 – an extremely attractive game type. It is known for its eye-catching interface and vivid, realistic images. This is a game that is quite suitable for girls because the context is built through lovely and cute fish at the bottom of the ocean. It also belongs to the 3D game series, but you will increase the ability to focus higher up thanks to the interface to reduce the rudimentary and not eye-catching context so that players and teammates can observe the opponent easily.

Fishing card game – Game online redeem

Fishing cards along with Cash Fish and Momo fishing at W88 have rained and stormed the online shooting game market. Although now there are many other types of online fish shooting game born, still difficult to compete with fishing games.

Fishing card game - Game online redeem
Fishing card game – Game online redeem

It can be said that fishing can reach the most perfect level with many vivid images and sounds. The fish are distributed very reasonably so players will feel like they are fishing really. Fishing is well worth the experience and will definitely not disappoint you. 

Lucky Fishing – A top online fish shooting game at the W88 bookie

Lucky Fishing – a game in the genre of online fish shooting game that players appreciate and nicknamed the “brightest pearl” at the W88 bookie. Unlike fishing game master w88, Lucky Fishing can only be downloaded and played on computers without applications running on mobile phones or tablets.

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However, it is also very attractive to users to participate in this game. Because it possesses an extremely eye-catching, attractive 3D visual interface, creating shimmer and fanciful in the extremely mysterious ocean world is equally authentic from the “millimeter”.

Another special thing in Lucky Fishing is the redemption feature when completing a level, you will receive a corresponding reward according to promotions or share the game will receive a gift code issued by the distributor.

How to play the game Lucky fishing like?

To play the Lucky Fishing game, first, download it to your computer. However, this real money fish shooting game only supports playing on computers. This is considered a disadvantage of this game.

After you have successfully downloaded, then select the fund> transfer. Continue to click on the item Bank to change coins. Once it has been successfully exchanged, you can start playing Lucky Fishing.

How to play the game Lucky fishing
How to play the game Lucky fishing

You can choose the room you like, as soon as you have identified the location to start playing.

The number of fish in Lucky Fishing is also very diverse and rich in many different types and colors. Each type of fish will have different levels of reward.

When participating in Lucky Fishing, your account will automatically accumulate bonus points to level up. The higher the level, the more you will experience more attractive and beautiful tables with abundant fish.

Tips to play Lucky fishing game at the w88 bookie

To be able to play the game to increase the probability of winning, you can use some tips that W88 offers the following:

  • Take advantage of artillery types such as normal artillery, reload cannon, locking bolt, electric power, time-limited cannon and drill cannon to increase the catch rate to higher with each different level.
  • Or you can use lightning or tornado skills to catch fish automatically or to gather all the fish in the whirlpool to catch them.
  • In addition, it is impossible to ignore the skill of using bombed crabs, magnet crabs and drill bits to catch a lot of fish along the way.


Above are some of the most popular online fish shooting games today that hope to help people choose the most suitable game genre for themselves. Wishing you luck and success always bring you great rewards!

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