Top Sportsbook Bookie: Sports Betting, Virtual and Esports Betting

CMD368 is a bookmaker specializing in providing online betting services in Asian markets, especially China and Southeast Asian countries. Currently, this house is quite popular and trusted by many enthusiasts playing sportsbook online betting including Sports betting Virtual Sports, and Esports betting types.

So is this house really reputable? How is the sportsbook service and products at this house? Let’s find out in this article.

Top Sportsbook Bookie

Introducing the sportsbook house CMD368

CMD368 is an international bookmaker company, focusing on sportsbook with 3 main types: Sports betting, Virtual Sports and Esports betting, as well as online live betting for various sports and games of any events, including special world events. They have obtained a full sportsbook betting license, taking pride in being a legal venture, while providing you with a quality degree of entertainment.

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Cmd368 is an international bookmaker brand with the slogan “The joy of our customers, our commitment” always brings absolute satisfaction to all customers. When joining the website of the house, players will be satisfied with countless popular games such as sportsbook, casino, games, fishing, lottery, poker.

Reasons why your experience at CMD368 is not boring

Easy-to-see interface design

  • The website of the house CMD368 is designed to be very simple and easy to see with gentle colors, friendly to the players.
  • Support interface images suitable for different types of browsers on computers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc and even on mobile phones so players can easily manage their account and security Personal information in the safest way.
  • The reasonable distribution of applications on the interface also makes an impression for the player, important content items are arranged in a visible place, enough font to create a comfortable space for the viewer.

Diverse betting games

  • The diversity of the number of betting games of CMD368 is shown by the betting forms for each different sport. Not only football betting but the house CMD 368 also offers many games in other areas such as baseball, basketball, racing, tennis, horse racing, volleyball.
  • In addition, the house CMD 368 also offers online casino games with poker, sicbo, poker, poker, soldiers etc. to depending on different preferences and needs that players can choose.
Sportsbook Products: Sports, Virtual Sports, Esports Betting
Sportsbook Products: Sports, Virtual Sports, Esports Betting

Extremely attractive promotion

  • The best way to get more players to join a house is to offer great promotions and CMD368 has been successful in this campaign.
  • CMD368 regularly applies promotions to new players joining with the promotion card for the first time, and long-term customers will be grateful for other attractive period betting incentives.
  • Promotion of top-up 100% with a value up to $100
  • Promotion program to refund up to 0.25% commission for all official members of CMD368 when playing sports without limitation
  • Playing Baccarat can receive a 0.8% commission rebate applicable to all members.
Sportsbook Promotion at CMD368
Sportsbook Promotion at CMD368

3 main sportsbook CMD368 Offers:

  1. Permanent Offers
  1. Major Product Offers
  1. Seasonal, Event Offers

Convenient payment methods

  • Customers are always interested in deposit/withdrawal payment transactions at the house, but you are assured because CMD368 meets all the requirements of most customers.
  • CMD368 links to 6 popular banks in Vietnam for players to more conveniently deposit.
  • The transactions at CMD368 are carried out quickly, simple procedures bring a sense of comfort to players when depositing as well as withdrawing bets from the account. Withdrawals are processed within 7 to 10 minutes, while deposits take between 3 and 5 minutes.
  • All customer transaction information is confidential, absolutely safe.
  • In addition to depositing money at the counter, players can perform via internet banking, at ATMs. 24-hour trading time, so you can recharge your account whenever you want.

Good customer support service

  • The House CMD368 owns a team of experienced professionals who are always ready to support customers when needed.
  • Players can contact the dealer CMD368 in many ways such as calling the operator, texting via online chat, skype, or phone messages.
  • Each bet made by customers is supported by the dealer and is responsible for ensuring safety and transparency. CMD368 is equipped with a modern system of equipment that monitors the player’s behaviors and forms of betting to prevent social evils, so the player can rest assured when investing money in CMD368.

Player experience

The bookmaker CMD368 operates transparently, so it is not afraid to provide sharing of customer experience so that new players who are still hesitating have more evaluation basis.

  • Mr.Wan Qiang (China) said: “Every day I spend time in the house CMD 368 playing a few times as a habit not to be missed, also at CMD368 offers many games with attractive promotions so I can not hold back. hearts ”.
  • Mr. Charathon  Anurak 9Thailand) shared: “CMD 368 is wonderful! No waste of time and money investing here. Everyone, believe me, CMD’s house doesn’t make people disappointed ”.
  • Mr. Wu Fong (China): “I am really overwhelmed with the game system here, there are many games I like. I wish the house CMD368 to develop more strongly so that people who are interested in betting can play safely. ”

1. Sportsbook: Sports Betting

Live matches

We offer you, valued customer and registered members, a wide range of choices; with over 2000 live games for each week, and over 200 staff at your service.

Great Bet types

From the most common, to the most popular, we have them all here for your selection. Our best bet types and most popular types include Asian Handicaps, Over & Under, Odd & Even, 1×2 Fixed Odds, Correct Score, Total Goal, Mix Parlay, and Special Outright Betting.

Sports Selection

Aside from Soccer, we also offer you a wide selection of sports and games: basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, Motorsports, Snooker, Olympic Games and many more.

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Most of the sports are offered by CMD368, from soccer to Cycling
Most of the sports are offered by CMD368, from soccer to Cycling

All of the betting steps are taken easily and quickly with full instructions as following steps in the house.

2. Sportsbook Virtual Sports Betting: 

Virtual betting at CMD368 is sometimes considered a game for serious sports bettors, who tend to accept a rather sarcastic attitude towards the whole fantasy world.

However, bookmakers will not offer bets without profit to earn on both sides. Therefore, bets on virtual sports should not be eliminated.

Here are some advantages of virtual sports betting at CMD368:

  • When clicked, customers can participate in various sports with races and events every 90 seconds on most websites and last for 3 minutes. This means more chances of winning and having more fun.
  • It’s easy to play and anyone can win or join without the faintest idea of ​​sports betting
  • For beginners to play sports betting, should practice sports betting strategies with virtual sports
  • Virtual football betting is a good place to start because football has been such a popular bet that the learning curve is reduced.
  • Matches and events are streamed with a high-quality video and you can bet twenty-four hours a day, giving players an endless source of gambling opportunities.

Although virtual sports betting is different from regular sports betting in regards to the length of an event and the frequency there are some similarities. For example, in virtual sports, if a player is injured in the real world, he will be injured in the virtual world as well.

This makes it interesting for betting veterans because betting on virtual teams means having to watch individuals online and off to ensure victory.

Moreover, with virtual betting, you often have to give up the knowledge of the teams that you have accumulated in research on real sports and focus only on the player profile provided by the dealer. Additional reward elements from virtual sports.

Football, Basketball, Tennis, Horses, Greyhounds Sportsbook
Football, Basketball, Tennis, Horses, Greyhounds Sportsbook

3. Sportsbook Esports

Currently, the tournament takes place with an increasing scale, the prize is getting higher and higher, attracting much attention of fans. The esports betting market is also growing faster, with many reputable betting addresses like CMD368.

Esports Sportsbook
Esports Sportsbook

With extensive experience in the online betting industry, CMD368 has shown its strong potential in the housing market by accepting huge bets from players and participating in major tournament sponsorships. At the same time, the house also has a lot of great promotions for new betting players. The dealer also optimizes the esports betting interface on mobile devices to be compatible with many different models and screens.

E-sports betting odds come in a variety of forms, giving players the freedom to choose based on their experience and strategy. It can be a handicap or map based on the progress of each match.

Esport Sportsbook leagues at CMD368
Esport Sportsbook leagues at CMD368

The total number of CMD368 esports games is 8 in all. In particular, there are some outstanding games that attract a large number of players including LOL, Dota 2, CS: GO, Rainbow6 and RL. LOL

In addition, there are some quite famous regional tournaments in LOL like:

  • League of Legends Championship Series: LCS for short, this is the highest level, most prestigious tournament in North America and Europe.
  • League of Legends Champions Korea: LCK stands for LOL championship of Korea.
  • Vietnam Championship Series is referred to by players as VCS. This is a LOL tournament of its own in Vietnam.
  • League of Legends Pro League is the official and famous LOL tournament of China.
  • The League of Legends Master Series is also the LOL tournament in Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong.
  • Garena Premier League is the most prestigious tournament in Southeast Asia.


Above are the Sportsbook product that often appears in the CMD368- one of the reputable bookmakers. Sports, Virtual Esports bettings are growing and CMD368 is a sportsbook bookie that can meet up all of the most difficult customers from various requirements.

What else are you worried about without creating an account here to experience a variety of games and enjoy great promotions with the house. We firmly believe that the house CMD368 will prove to you that the decision to choose the house is the right decision. Happy successful players!

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