Top ten gambling sites for players 2020

Focus on the top ten gambling sites below to better benefit your gambling experiences and get the highest gain recommended by CMD368.

Online gambling is an entertaining game for players worldwide, regardless of a lot of money or not. We often play online gambling but rarely find the desired address of quality and reputation. 

With nearly ten years of establishment CMD368 always advises that new players place gambling bets need to be alert. To choose a reputable football betting house, do not listen to ads that offer up to millions of free bets, and pay 1 to 10 – 20 times the original payout. It’s all a scam. You should be careful.

Top ten gambling sites for players 2020

Criteria for evaluating the top ten gambling sites for selection.

CMD368 will then guide in detail the criteria for evaluating a reputable website for the top ten gambling sites of selection. Percentage of hearing without seeing the eyes, after our analysis you will find many useful pieces of information based on the top ten gambling sites. The effective way to play online not everyone knows and understands, it is easy to lose and lose money. Our main purpose is to make money by money, so why not find a website that we find can make a lot of money from the top ten gambling sites. The following reviews will make you more eye-catching:

  1. Web load is fast, no lag will play when playing
  2. The easy-to-use interface is not too complicated for players
Top ten gambling sites for players 2020
CMD368 user-friendly display 
  1. Support withdraw money to account as quickly as possible

Log into your CMD368 account, with ONE account for all kinds of games, then fill in the form with the amount of money (within the amount allowed) you want to withdraw and submit. It will be transferred the amount of money to your account in 5 to 15 minutes according to the bank information you filled in when you registered. to avoid any unnecessary trouble please make sure the accuracy of the information you provide.

With each country, payment methods will be different
With each country, payment methods will be different
  1. Websites that are not rated by others as fraudulent appropriations of previous customers
  2. Crowded and influential players online, don’t risk too much money
  3. Focus on the game you are the best at, so you shouldn’t play it yet
  4. Other factors …

Top ten gambling sites, Reputable websites 2020 

1. CMD368

CMD368 is an international bookmaker company, focusing on gambling as well as online live betting for various sports and games of any events, including special world events. We have obtained full sports betting license, taking pride in being a legal venture, while providing you with a quality degree of entertainment.

CMD368’s Services

‘Your Pleasure, Our Commitment’ is the motto of our service. We strive to provide you, our premium customer the ultimate leisure in sports betting.

Live matches

We offer you, valued customer and registered members, a wide range of choices; with over 2000 live games for each week, and over 200 staff at your service.

Top ten gambling sites for players 2020
Casino Games

Great Bet types

From the most common, to the most popular, CMD368 has provided players all here for your selection. Our best bet types and most popular types include Asian Handicaps, Over & Under, Odd & Even, 1×2 Fixed Odds, Correct Score, Total Goal, Mix Parlay and Special Outright Betting.

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Frequently-released promotions
Frequently-released promotions
Gambling promotions
Gambling promotions
Clear Explanations
Clear Explanations

Sports Selection

Aside from Soccer, we also offer you a wide selection of sports and games: basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, Motorsports, Snooker, Olympic Games and many more.

Sportsbook, E-sports, and Virtual Sports
Sportsbook, E-sports, and Virtual Sports

Competitive Odds

For the best quality entertainment, we only offer you the most competitive odds, especially for major leagues and matches. We guarantee the best value in whatever game you bet.

Players are provided with a number of quality bankers
Players are provided with a number of quality bankers
Inside a banker, various gambling types offered
Inside a banker, various gambling types offered

All the while, we are constantly improving our choices and selections, to better serve your better needs and entertainment quality.

Customer Care

With more than 200 staff and qualified experts, we are more than ready to be at your service. Available 24/7, we can be contacted via phone, Skype or Live chat to attend to your comments and queries. Ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction is our top priority.


All personal information and details are protected with strict confidentiality. CMD368 has taken serious measures n securing online systems and transactions, providing you with the safest online betting environment.

Full Instructions
Full Instructions

Responsible Gambling

CMD368 is committed to being a leading top ten gambling sites. Before registration, we require all our customers to declare that they are of legal age in their respective jurisdiction and at are least 18 years old, against compulsive gambling.

Banking Transparency
Banking Transparency

CMD368 maintains the highest level of operational integrity to your assurance of satisfaction and confidence while using CMD368’s service.

2. W88

W88 is an international bookmaker that has been over a decade now. For betting players, almost everyone has heard of this house already. With a long-standing reputation, W88 is now considered by most players to be the number one online football betting reputation for playing online football betting or online casino gambling.


Quality of football betting products:

  1. Full Asian handicap table (HDP), Europe (1 × 2), Sic Bo (O / U) for football betting players can choose
  2. Full of matches/tournaments. Most of the football matches are opened by W88 whether it is a national or regional international tournament such as the World Cup, English Premier League, La Liga, Asian AFC, Southeast Asia Seagames.
  3. W88’s high odds are among the best in the market using the original odds table. 


  1. W88 still lacks some popular betting types.
  2. Not much promotion.

3. Fun88

In addition to CMD368, Fun88 is also highly appreciated by players among the top ten gambling sites. In addition to good product quality, Fun88 offers a lot of promotions that benefit players.

Fun88’s money transfer is also quite fast within 30 minutes to 2 hours, while at CMD368 only 15 minutes.

4. M88

M88 is a name that is well known not only in Asia but also in Europe with the image of a standard house, through being a shirt sponsor and partner of football clubs, AFC Bournemouth or Crystal Palace, the teams are currently playing in the English Premier League.

5. 188BET

188bet is a reputable online betting brand owned by Cube Limited, United Kingdom (United Kingdom). After more than 10 years of establishment and development, 188Bet has in hand the staff, leading experts in the betting field worldwide.

6. Letou

7. FB88

8. 12BET

9. HappyLuke

10. Vwin


We have spent a lot of time identifying the latest trends of online casinos and we have realized that there are many categories that would otherwise make a very bad website and that is the reason why we recommend the top ten gambling sites. Here are some of the CMD368 and other reliable top ten gambling sites features that need to be included: Huge participation bonus, 128-bit encryption software, full licensing and regulation, award-winning customer service and fast checkout with banking options reputable.

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