Tottenham vs Wolfsberger Prediction | 24/02/2021 | C2 Cup

Welcoming opponents in the second leg at their home field, perhaps it will not be too difficult for Tottenham to win. Let’s follow Tottenham vs Wolfsberger Prediction

Tottenham vs Wolfsberger Prediction


  • Match date: 5:00pm on Wednesday 24th February 2021
  • Event: UEFA Europa League
  • Stage: 1/16 finals
  • Location: Tottenham Stadium


Tottenham vs Wolfsberger Prediction

Tottenham vs Wolfsberger Prediction:

Asian handicap Tottenham vs Wolfsberger Prediction:

Handicap Odds:  

  • Tottenham vs Wolfsberger AC handicap for the whole game: -2.01 / 1.75 / 1.81
  • Tottenham vs Wolfsberger AC handicap in the first half: -1.97 / 0.75 / 1.78

Tottenham are still on a quest to find the Europa League title this season, while Wolfsberger AC is also trying to show themselves after a shattered first leg defeat.

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After a series of bad matches before, Tottenham had a jubilant victory in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Europa League with a score of 4 – 1. This victory allowed them to put a foot in the next round when they got Playing at their home field and even failing with the minimum score they will have a ticket to continue.

Meanwhile, Wolfsberger AC has been in a relatively erratic form over the past time when he got 2 wins and also received 2 defeats in the last 5 matches. Failure to score a difference in the first leg at home makes their chances of continuing this season almost lost.

In the next match,  Tottenham Team is considered the superior team when handicapping the other team.  

→ From the odds by CMD368 bookmaker, the best pick:  Tottenham –

Over Under  

Odds: 3.25

The difference between the two teams makes this a place where Tottenham can flaunt their strength. Although the Spur’s attack has not been very smooth this season, they are still the ones who can put the ball in the net. Four goals scored against Wolfsberger in the first leg proved that. It is not surprising if Mourinho’s students repeat the above achievements.

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Therefore, our expert believes that OVER will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Prediction: OVER

Tottenham vs Wolfsberger Prediction

Final Scores: Tottenham vs Wolfsberger Prediction 

→ Our prediction of the match result:

  • First half: Tottenham 1 – 1 Wolfsberger AC
  • Full match: Tottenham 3 – 2 Wolfsberger AC

1×2 Odds Betting

  • Odds from CMD368: 1.25 * 8.25 * 5.75
  • Select: Tottenham to win (Full Time)

The European bookie CMD368 set the odds for the next match to be according to Tottenham’s win, loss and draw results respectively 1.25, 8.25 and 5.75. 

Jubilantly winning at the opponent’s home field helps Tottenham relax in this return leg when playing at its home field. Just not losing, even failing with the minimum score also helps Tottenham get tickets to continue. 

But with their superior level, perhaps winning is not too difficult for Tottenham, although they will only play with their second team.

Team expected  

Tottenham (4-2-3-1):  Lloris – Aurier, Rodon, Dier, Reguilon – Hojbjerg, Sissoko – Son, Ndombele, Bergwijn – Kane

Coach: José Mourinho

Wolfsberger (3-4-1-2):  Kofler (GK) – Novak – Baumgartner – Henriksson – Giobelidze – Tafener – Sprangler – Pavelic – Vizinger – Rocher – Joveljic.

Head coach: Ferdinand Feldhofer

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