Trapani vs Livorno Prediction On July 3rd, 2020

Trapani vs Livorno prediction on July 3rd, 2020 – Italia 2.

Trapani vs Livorno Prediction

Trapani’s last matches

Livorno’s last matches

Trapani vs Livorno Prediction


Trapani vs Livorno prediction

Trapani is playing extremely poorly in this year’s football season. After 31 rounds, they only won 6 victories, along with 12 draws and 13 defeats, only got 30 points and are standing at the penultimate position in the rankings.

The recent performance of this team has not shown signs of improvement when only 1 time to win 3 points in the last 8 matches. Poor performance has caused Trapani to dive in the red-light group all the time and if not quickly find stability, coach Alessandro Calori and his team will have to play in the third division next season.

Livorno is the team that has left the most disappointment in the 2nd league last time. From a mid-sized team, they are now a good candidate for relegation next season.

So far, Livorno hasn’t shown much 30 times passed, they only got 21 points and ranked last in the rankings. It is worth mentioning, the distance between them and the team above is 9 points. That meant that even if they won the next Trapani vs Livorno match, they could not escape the lower ranking.

Trapani vs Livorno prediction, O/U bet

Welcoming Livorno at home in the match in round 32 of the Italian 2nd Division here, 3 points is a completely practical goal with Trapani. This will be a better opportunity for the home team to get the current 3 points.

Trapani’s attack is in good shape. After 31 rounds, they have an impressive average performance of 1.2 goals / game. With the current home advantage, the Livorno away team is proved too weak compared to the home team. However, there is not much confidence in an explosive game from the home team when their attack is not very good.

What people remember Livorno up to now is a weak attack. Only 26 names have been posted on the standing after 31 rounds have passed, but looking at the defense of the visitors, no one can trust the guests can leave home when they let 51 table after the last 31 rounds

In 3/4 of recent matches of Trapani all ended with no more than 2 times the net vibrated. With the ability of the attack on both sides at the present time, there is no reason to believe they will bring a match of dedication. The dealer will recommend you to choose Under in the next Trapani vs Livorno match.

Trapani vs Livorno prediction, Asian bet

Trapani vs Livorno Prediction

Playing is not really impressive after the period has passed but getting points against Trapani is not an easy challenge for any team.

Along with the history of the recent 3 confrontations on the home ground, there is a recent unbeaten record. Trapani’s fans clearly have reason to believe in a satisfactory result for the home team in the next 90 minutes.

On the other side of the battle line, Livorno are in possession of 3 defeats, 1 draw and 1 victory in the last 5 matches.

However, with the disadvantage of playing away from home, it is probably enough to say that the chance of having their points on this trip is almost without any facilities.

Asian Handicap odds are set at 0.25. Obviously, you should not put your faith in a team that is in a downturn like Livorno in this Trapani vs Livorno confrontation. Asian handicap choose Trapani.

Trapani vs Livorno prediction, European bet

The European odds offered in this Trapani vs Livorno match by the house is 1.96 * 3.80 * 3.25, which corresponds to the home win or loss ratio.

The fact that investors appreciate Trapani’s ability to win is completely understandable. The numbers say the team standing at the bottom of the table has almost no chance of making a surprise on this trip.

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