Tromso vs Stjordals Blink Prediction | 2020/07/31| Norway Division 1

The reviews to the football Tromso vs Stjordals Blink prediction in Norway Division 1 about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Tromso vs Stjordals Blink Prediction


  • Match date: 4:00 pm on Friday 31st July 2020
  • Event: 1st Divisjon
  • Stage: Matchday 6th
  • Location: Alfheim


Tromso vs Stjordals Blink Prediction


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Stjørdals / Blink

Tromso vs Stjordals Blink Prediction recommendation:

H1 Prediction: 

  • The victory was the result of the last 3 games of the Stjordals Blink, if this team had a better start in the first 2 rounds of the Norwegian 2nd Division, then maybe their position is now in Top 2. But nonetheless, with what is shown, the opportunity to chase the 2 strongest teams is still when the gap is only 2 points.
  • Therefore, if you can win on Tromso’s field in round 6, the army of coach Roar Vikvang will have a great opportunity to get at least 2nd place in the rankings. However, with having to play away from an opponent who is in very high form like Tromso, this goal is really very difficult for the home team Nye Blinkbanen.

The best Tromso vs Stjordals Blink Prediction:  

  • Goals in the first half: Tromso 2-0 Stjordals Blink  
  • Asian first half match: Tromso -1/2
  • O/U half round 1: O

H2 Tromso vs Stjordals Blink Prediction: 

  • Tromso is having a better start in the Norwegian 2nd Division this season with a record of all wins after the first 5 rounds. The Alfheim team will host Stjordals Blink at Alfheim at home in the 8th round of Norwegian 2nd Division.
  • Leading Norway’s No. 2 league, Gaute Helstrup’s team desperately needs a victory to widen the gap with the pursuing teams, including rival Stjordals Blink in the upcoming match.

Best  Tromso vs Stjordals Blink Prediction:   

  • Goals for the second half: Tromso 3-1 Stjordals Blink  
  • Asian half match 2: Tromso -1.1 / 4 
  • O/U second half: O

European Odds Tromso vs Stjordals Blink Prediction: 

  • The European rate remained at 1.33 * 8.10 * 4.90 which showed great optimism of the experts in a victory for Tromso in this match. That is completely grounded, when the Alfheim team brought joy to investors in their last 5 matches.
  • Tromso Full-time to win  

Despite the recent high performance, having to be a guest on the field of the top team – Tromso is still a huge challenge for Stjordals Blink. Therefore, it will not be surprising if the visiting team has to leave empty-handed and must end the game of victory after the end of the upcoming match.

Predict the match score:

  • H1 Tromso 2-0 Stjordals Blink  
  • Tromso 3-1 Stjordals Blink FullTime

Line-up Tromso vs Stjordals Blink

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Tromso: Berger Espen Hammer, Grodem Magnus Retsius, Bogdanovic Jasmin, Jablinski Kevin, Godoy Johannes, Salte Tord, Hansen Christer, Landu-Landu Christian, Eriksen Kent, Jonsson Ari

Stjordals Blink: Hestad Tobias, Hjelmset Patrik, Bjornholm-Jatta Robin, Frenderup Nicklas, Fiske Vegard, Holter Arne, Sherif Oumar, Augdal Marius, Lillebo Mats, Olufsen Joachim

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