TT128 300% promotion Slot games and Tons of Enormous Offers

Recently, the TT128 bookie has a new incentive program for new players. In which, you just need to join the slot game here, you will receive TT128 300% promotion Slot games. Please refer to the instructions below to easily join and win great rewards.

TT128 300% promotion Slot games 

Currently, tTT128 300% promotion Slot games bonus for new members. The prize value this time is up to 4,000 VND and applies until October 2020 00:00 (GMT+8).

To receive the reward, you need to know the following conditions:

Banner Promotion From TT128
  •  Brothers can only withdraw when the deposit and bonus has passed 20 rounds.
  •  You need to enter the correct bonus code for each different game slot.
  •  For cheating members, the dealer has the right to cancel the promotion.
  •  This bonus is only applicable to slot games and is not valid for live casinos.
  •  If the bonus and deposit do not meet the requirements within 30 days, the promotion will also be canceled.


To join, you only need to deposit at least 200 VND into the slot fund of your account. Next, you will receive the bonus 1 time only for the first time. After that, you can comfortably enjoy the great bounty games and hunting ưith bonus TT128 300% promotion Slot games.

1.  Offer TT128 300% promotion Slot games is valid for those members who make their First Deposit at Slot Games wallet,  and will start effective on October 2020 00:00 (GMT+8), until further notice.

2.  This offer is valid for members whose registered currency as VND.

3. The requirement for this bonus have illustrated as below:

TT128 300% promotion Slot games

Note: This promotion is invalid PLAYTECH wallet.

4. To claim this promotion, just simply contact Customer Services by email or Live Chat and quote : ” Welcome Bonus Slot Games  300% “, please provide your TT128 username, the Deposit amount and the Slot Games Wallet you wish make deposit to, bonus will be credited to your selected Live Casino Wallet within 24 hours.  

Banner Promotion From TT128

5. Prior to the withdrawal of any winnings, the FULL deposit + bonus must be rolled over 33 times (33x) in the Slot Games.


  • Deposit amount: VND 400,000
  • Bonus amount: VND 1,200,000 (300%)
  • Rollover Requirement: (400,000 + 1,200,000) x 33 = VND 52,800,000

6. This bonus can be used to place bets within Slot Games accounts upon successful application.

7. TT128 reserves the right to reject the withdrawal of the deposit amount qualified for the promotion plus the bonus and any winnings attributed unless the rollover requirements are met.

8. If the stake rollover requirement for this bonus has not been met within 30 days of the first qualifying deposit, any funds held in  the bonus balance will be forfeited.

9. Subjected to terms of use of TT128 Standard Promotion Terms and Conditions.

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Every promotion at the home brings great benefits to players. Please pay attention to carefully refer to the content and the terms of the promotion.

TT128 300% promotion Slot games

Slot games diversity at TT128 – TT128 300% promotion Slot games 

When participating in the game, giving money to new players, players will receive bonuses immediately. And players must comply with the rules of the promotion as well as the required number of betting rounds. Upon completing the agreed elements upon receiving the promotion, players are entitled to withdraw their money.

For inquiries or complaints about promotions, please use the contact form at: Contact page. In addition to the membership programs for members playing slot games, there are also many other game offers.

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Please note that with welcome promotions, your account must be new to register and make your first trade. If there is any obstacle in the joining process, don’t hesitate to inbox directly to the support. Wish you have fun and win big with membership packages from!