TT128 Bookie – Promotions of TT128

Normally, in order to attract players to bet, the bookmakers often give themselves promotional, free bets to enhance their competitiveness and gratitude to players, who have been attached for a long time along with. The following article is about the promotions of TT128, one of the bookmakers with extremely attractive promotions.

Promotions of TT128

Promotions of TT128 – daily promotions, free bets

The betting market is increasingly expanding and becoming active, attracting the majority of players to participate. Thereby, to attract more members to join is what most bookmakers want, including promotions of TT128 – one of the reputable bookmakers on the market today with many promotions, offer free bets to players in many different ways.

Join TT128 – Get free bonus

Are you a new person, just created an account at the TT128 dealer? Join CQ9 and Microgaming now to receive free bets every day when you are a member registered with currency unit is VND. The free currency and bonus, and the required turnover and maximum withdrawal amount are illustrated by the example below:

Banner Promotion From TT128
CurrencyMaximum BonusRequired TurnoverMax Withdrawal

* This bonus, once added to the Slot Games Wallet, cannot be changed. This Free Bet requires 20 rounds of betting before a withdrawal can be made.

To receive this promotion, you just need to join 1 of 2 Slot games, CQ9 and Microgaming, then contact the support via Live chat with the quote “Join TT128 – Get free bet bonus”, the free bonus will be added to your wallet within 48 hours of the request being successfully approved.

Weekly Keno Unlimited Rebate up to 1.3%

One of the promotions of TT128 is Weekly Keno Unlimited Rebate up to 1.3% to bring satisfaction to players when playing at this dealer.

Like other promotions, this program is also applicable to accounts registered in VND currency and top-up when participating in KENO at TT128.

Promotions of TT128

This Unlimited Rebate will be paid out based on the player’s last 7-day turnover when participating in the KENO wager and will be refunded directly to the KENO wallet after 14:00 (GMT +8) every Monday and without any pre-withdrawal conditions. The refund percentage will be based on your account’s VIP level as shown below:

Membership LevelRebate

Conclude – Promotions of TT128

Above is one of the information about promotions of TT128 about the current programs at this bookie, this will definitely be a time of experience for you to have the full joy when participating in leagues, games, as well as sports betting, … Register for an account today to receive this super cool bookmaker!

Banner Promotion From TT128