UD Almeria vs Rayo Vallecano prediction on July 14th, 2020

UD Almeria vs Rayo Vallecano prediction on July 14th, 2020. Another promising match is extremely attractive in this round of 40 when both Almeria and Rayo Vallecano are not sure to attend the promotion playoffs this season. The pressure from the opponents below is huge and just taking one defeat, the situation in the top 6 can change dramatically.

UD Almeria vs Rayo Vallecano prediction

UD Almeria’s last matches

Rayo Vallecano’s last matches


UD Almeria vs Rayo Vallecano prediction

For Rayo Vallecano, the visitors are not too inferior to host Almeria. Because now Vallecano has got 6th place on the standing with 56 points. In this position and score, Vallecano’s task now is not to raise their rank but to protect their 6th place in the safest way. Because as we know, the 6th place is the last position that the teams can still participate in the playoffs.

And remember that the rear of Vallecano is Elche now with 55 points in hand. So the only task for the away team from now until the end of the season is to protect their 6th place from the pursuers.

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With such a clear goal, the only thing that Vallecano needs to do is to try its best. Being able to be the away team in Almeria’s field is a very difficult task, but Vallecano is still confident of being able to complete his task with at least 1 point when leaving.

Because in the recent confrontation of the two teams, not Almeria, but Vallecano was the one who overwhelmed the opponent. The evidence is given that in the last 5 encounters, Vallecano has owned up to 4 victories and 1 match left in the two teams. So having a point and securing your position safe after the match against Almeria is something the away team can do.

UD Almeria vs Rayo Vallecano prediction, O/U bet

UD Almeria vs Rayo Vallecano prediction

In the second round of the Spanish second round, Almeria welcomed Rayo Vallecano at home when both teams desperately needed 3 points for their own goals.

The home side is temporarily in 4th place in the rankings, almost certainly having a play-off spot this season. But with only 4 points against Huesca, a position to go straight to La Liga is what Almeria towards. Meanwhile, like the UD Almeria vs Rayo Vallecano prediction, Rayo Vallecano is also doing everything to keep in the top 6. They are only 1 point ahead of Elche.

  • Choose Under 1 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2 1/4 (FT)

UD Almeria vs Rayo Vallecano prediction, Asian bet

The balance of this match is showing right from the way of contracting the ball in both halves of the house. But we still have a safer option in the sup-bet when Rayo Vallecano is slightly accepted. As UD Almeria vs Rayo Vallecano prediction, the away team has 3 consecutive unbeaten matches, including 2 wins.

Almeria, meanwhile, is playing quite unconvincingly, losing in the last two rounds to Tenerife and Girona.

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  • Choose Rayo Vallecano +1/4 (HT)
  • Choose Rayo Vallecano +1/4 (FT)

European bet

UD Almeria vs Rayo Vallecano prediction

However, a draw will still be an acceptable scenario for both teams. Remember in the first leg of this season, Rayo Vallecano also let Almeria hold 1-1 at home. In September 2016, they also had an unhappy memory when they lost to 3 opponents.

  • Choose Draw (FT)

Expected line-up

  • Almeria: Petrović – César de la Hoz – Fernando Martínez – Romera – Maraš – David Costas – Iván Martos – Vada – José Carlos Lazo – Fran Villalba – Núñez
  • Rayo Vallecano: Dimitrievski – Advíncula – Velázquez – Saúl García – Catena – Mario Suárez – Álvaro García – Óscar Valentín – Juan Villar – Qasmi – Jorge de Frutos

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