Udinese vs Atalanta Prediction, June 28 – Serie A

Udinese vs Atalanta, June 29, 2020: Atalanta’s goal towards the rest of the season is a top 4 position. To do that, Gian Piero Gasperini’s teachers and students need to save each score. and avoid mistakes, starting from a duel with Udinese on June 29.

Udinese vs Atalanta Prediction

Asian odds of Udinese vs Atalanta

Asian handicap odds: 0: 1

If counting 13 matches played at Udinese’s Friuli home field this season, the results are not very impressive. Udinese had to receive 4 defeats, corresponding to a defeat rate of 35.33%. In contrast, Zebras give themselves 5 victories and 4 draws. Udinese owns 19 points, an average of 1.51 points/game.

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On the opposite side, Atalanta is the team ranked third in the guest achievement. “Queen” got 28 points after 13 matches must play on the opponent’s field. They won 8 victories, 4 draws and only 1 defeat.

In the last match played at home, Udinese split points with Fiorentina with a match without goals. Meanwhile, Atalanta excelled at Valencia with a score of 4-3 on the last away trip, thereby participating in the Champions League quarter-final for the first time attending.

The house gives a handicap for the Udinese vs Atalanta match of 0: 1. Udinese’s odds are 2.00, Atalanta is 1.77. If the Atalanta team wins with a difference of 2 or more goals, the player who places the bet on the bet wins. In the case of Udinese getting points, the player loses the bet.

Udinese vs Atalanta prediction: Choose Atalanta

Over/Under odds of Udinese vs Atalanta

Over/Under odds: 2.75

Udinese’s strikers in the attack were disappointing fans for their poor performance. Up to this time of the season, they have only 21 times sent the ball into the opponent’s net. On the opposite side, Atalanta still owns the best goal in Serie A. The number of goals they have scored so far is 74.

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The defense of the home team is always a good bait for the opponent strikers. They played loose and uncertain, leading to 37 goals. The visitors’ defense was also not good. Evidence that they have to 35 times to the net pick the ball.

This was truly the most explosive season of Josip Ilicic’s career. The Slovenian midfielder has got 15 goals and 5 passes into goals. Meanwhile, the achievement of striker Rodrigo De Paul on the Udinese side is 5 goals.

The odds of the Over/Under market set by the house owner are 2.75. Odds for Over are 1.85, Under is 1.88. If the match has 4 or more goals, the player that places the Over wins. If there are 3 goals, the player wins half the amount. With less than 3, the player loses the bet.

Udinese vs Atalanta prediction: Select Over

Udinese vs Atalanta Prediction

European odds

European odds: 5.70 * 4.10 * 1.52

Atalanta has won in the last 4 times against Udinese in the highest tournament in the country of pasta. Meanwhile, the last time the home team beat the opponent was in October 2017.

In the first leg, Atalanta was played at home and had a destructive victory of 7-1. This is also the match with the most goals in Serie A this season.

5.70 * 4.10 * 1.52 is the odds that European bookies make at this match. These three ratios correspond to the results that Udinese win, draw and lose.

Udinese vs Atalanta prediction: Choose Atalanta to win