Ukraine vs Northern Ireland Prediction – Int. Friendly Games – 06/03

Ukraine vs Northern Ireland prediction on June 03, 2021. Ukraine and Northern Ireland will have a clash to prepare for the UEFA Euro 2020 Finals which will take place in more than a week, this will almost be the last test of Ukraine before they enter the real battle, as for North Ireland is just a pointless game.

Ukraine Overview

Ukraine played with an extremely destructive form in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying journey, which took place mainly in 2019. There, they easily joined Portugal to win the ticket to continue with outstanding performance. with consecutive wins. 

However, after the Covid-19 pandemic brought with it the consequences of football, Ukraine has also shown a clear decline, even in their hands now is a series of 7 consecutive draws and losses against all opponents. Ukraine’s strikers have lost their inherent explosiveness, although it has been firing quite regularly recently, the efficiency is only 1 goal per game.

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The performance that Ukraine has shown over the past 1 year is difficult to accept compared to what they did in 2019, even now it is very difficult to win a victory for them, even if they met Kazakhstan or Bahrain.

Northern Ireland Overview

Northern Ireland’s football scene has weakened significantly since the last time they attended a major tournament, the UEFA Euro 2016 Finals. Since then, they have not been able to qualify for the official tournaments, even the official tournaments. 

In a fairly moderate playing field like the UEFA Nations League, Northern Ireland did not perform too well and had not good results at all. Northern Ireland in general did not set many goals in this match, so their spirit promises to be quite comfortable to close an unsuccessful season. Northern Ireland’s offensive ability is also rated as extremely poor.

Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Asian Bet –  Ukraine vs Northern Ireland prediction

Ukraine’s recent form can be completely trusted with 4 consecutive unbeaten matches, including a draw with France. More broadly, in the last two important tournaments, they were unbeaten in 9 matches and brought home 6 victories, the statistics are convincing enough. 

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Northern Ireland does not have such stability, in the last 4 matches, they suffered 2 defeats against Italy and the US. Obviously, Northern Ireland’s qualification gap compared to the general level is still very significant. With active preparation, victory for Shevchenko’s men is the reliable choice.

Ukraine vs Northern Ireland Prediction: Choose Ukraine -0.5

European Bet

European odds appreciate the homeowner’s chances of winning. Ukraine’s stability makes this option worthy of trust. Northern Ireland does not have much motivation to hope to make things happen.

Choose Ukraina (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Ukraine vs Northern Ireland prediction

The pragmatic gameplay is quite similar to the fact that Ukraine has to calculate for the upcoming tournament, it is difficult to hope for an open game. 3 times met in the past, this match ended with Under results, 2 matches had a score of 0-0. The defense is highly appreciated, making the choice of Over even riskier.

Ukraine vs Northern Ireland Prediction: Choose Under 2


Ukraina: Shaparenko, Stepanenko, Trubin, Mykolenko, Matviienko, Kryvtsov, Tymchyk, Makarenko, Zubkov, Besiedin, Marlos.

North Ireland: McNair, Thompson, Whyte, Peacock-Farrell, Cathcart, Dallas, Brown, McGinn, McCann, Magennis, Jones.